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  1. Find what works for you as @RickyBobby_PR says. I’ve always been solid with fairway woods, back to the days when they were actually made of wood. Course conditions should also come into it, and how you will be playing it, of a tee or off the deck? I find that for me committing to a solid swing is the key. Trying to hit it hard doesn’t work, equally, trying to guide it is equally as bad. I went 5 wood over 3 iron, similar distance but more height and consistency with the 5 wood. Now carry a 7 wood which has replaced 4 iron/hybrid.
  2. I’d entered my location when the map was first put up, when I looked today I was no longer on it. Had to put it on again. Not sure how widespread this is, but from memory there used to be a lot more members on the map than there is now.
  3. Peaksy68


  4. I think it may have some problems, I’m no longer listed. I had put my location and course on when it first started, but neither show up now. Perhaps @GolfSpy_APH may have some information.
  5. Congrats @RickpPleased that I didn’t stink, more pleased that someone I “know” won it.
  6. 8 over in really tough conditions. Wind was blowing at 25mph, lots of shots across the wind. Drove the ball well, chipped the ball much better than I have been recently 7 up and downs. Made a few mistakes by over thinking things, luckily managed to dig myself out of the hole I’d made. Exhausted by the time I finished.
  7. Scrappy 12 over. Started double,triple and threw another triple in on the 10th. Pretty much my usual start after being on call overnight Course was very wet after lots of overnight rain, soft greens took a bit of time to adjust to. Highlights were a 6 iron to 4 feet and a 50 yard pitch over a bunker onto a moderate downslope that landed next to the hole, bounced forward 3 feet then spun back up the slope to tap in distance.
  8. Perhaps you could add “How to change themes (appearance of site)” to the FAQs. Themes as a tiny inconspicuous item at the bottom is hard to find and not intuitive. I’ve changed to the grey background, perhaps a description or screenshot of each theme could be in the FAQ post
  9. Sorry to hear about your losses, thanks for the update
  10. Has this new content been posted elsewhere? Or has this just fallen aside?
  11. Looking at second hand Titleist TS2 5 woods to replace my current gamer, which has turned into a hook monster. Really like my TS2 7 wood, and love the fact that loft adjustments can be achieved without changing the lie angle
  12. No need to apologise, fully understand and appreciate that you are trying your hardest.
  13. I've played 3, Royal Melbourne West (4), Cape Wickham (12) and Metropolitan (58) Playing Barnbougle Dunes (16) and Lost Farm (37) in November.
  14. I really hope the reviews aren't going to be left to "wither on the vine" by HQ. Now half way through the year and 1 fairway review, 1 putter review and 1 wedge review. I know there has been an "explanation" given, but it really is a massive drop off compared to all the time I've been on the forum. I have real concerns that the entire forum might meet the same fate if HQ continues to have little interest in it.
  15. 8 over 79 in 10-20 mph wind. Very even performance through the bag. Putted well apart from a couple of total misreads of pace. Had 3 extremely slick downhill putts finish a total of 1 foot from the hole. Misjudged the wind a couple of times ending in dropped shots, but I’d rather that than poor swings.
  16. Please don’t take this as pontificating, but I’m actually able to comment from a personal perspective about turning down Saudi money. About 25 years ago I was offered huge money to work in Saudi Arabia. About 50% more than I was earning at the time, but tax free, accommodation covered, return flights to Australia and multiple flights to Europe. They even were going to find a solid job for my wife. I turned it down, as I personally didn’t want to put my wife in a position where she was basically going to be locked up in the expat compound unless she went outside with me or another male, along with other issues around the treatment of women. Would my life be easier financially now if I’d taken the job? Maybe, but I made an informed decision. I wonder how many of those who have signed with LIV have actually had a look at the big picture or thought only of them selves (obviously it’s they’re right to do that) I just wish that they’d drop the “growing the game” bullsh1t, be honest, it’s about the cash. Steph Curry is doing more to grow the game of golf than most of these guys.
  17. Late to this so most of my thoughts have already been covered. I came to the site to read reviews, joined when I saw a testing opportunity, engaged in the forum and was chosen. At this stage I thought you returned the review item once you were finished with the review. I stayed for the community and the information. Being able to read reviews that were relevant to my game is what separates MGS Forum from most other reviews. Unfortunately the forum has definitely gone backwards over the last couple of years for me. I’m not sure if it’s personnel changes or structural changes or a combination of both. The interaction with the moderators seems to have dropped off significantly, it looks like it all falls on APH and semi retired Rob to do the heavy lifting. It seems like the sense of community has diminished since the appointment of a community manager. At least recently there has been a response to direct questions. Obviously lots going on in the background, but the foreground is where people interact. I really like @jlukes suggestion that equipment threads be renamed and reviews be located in the sub sections. For example it’s time to rename “Shiny metal” With the increase in black iron offerings it’s an even more patently ridiculous title. The totally inaccurate social media posts about “like and share to test xxx” are frustrating and don’t do anything to grow the forum, they probably just increase frustration for active members and those who follow the social media instructions and have no chance of being chosen. Perhaps the HQ staff could be shown this https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/49045-2022-how-to-become-a-mgs-forum-tester/page/8/#comment-845545 Hopefully the sense of community can be reinvigorated
  18. I have and it was good for me. At the very least it narrows the field and saves a lot of time. One of my top 3 matches felt awful, fitter told me that shaft was either love or hate. Next 2 were very close, consistency won the day. Interestingly, the 2 options were PX LZ 5.5 (probably firmish regular) and Nippon NS Pro Modus 105 in XS. Weight of these 2 is almost identical. I’m very happy with the LZ 5.5’s
  19. More about the recovery than the hole as a whole 16th hole playing into a 20mph wind. Solid drive, followed by a massive pull hook with my 5 wood. Blind shot over the elevated 17th tee from the 18th fairway. Put it to about 8 feet and made a downhill left to right slider.
  20. Perfect conditions today, barely a breathe of wind, a very rare occurrence. Best round for quite a while. Started really well, 2 over after 9, 8 pars and a double. Driver was working, perhaps the best round with the driver I’ve ever had. Started the back 9 well, with 2 birdies, one after hitting my approach to 2 feet, then chipped in on the next. After that things went backwards. I’m blaming the appalling cover band at the winery next door that started up when we reached the 12th tee. Double, double, bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey and a par to finish was a bit disappointing. After my recent lack of golf and poor form pretty happy with how I played.
  21. I'm planning on trying out manual putting mode. I seem to have a couple of holes that second shots are consistently missed on, perhaps the gps signal is poor on them. At first glance the hole by hole could be of real value to me. I haven't used it much lately due to a lack of golf and playing matchplay when I have got on course, which I decided not to track data on.
  22. Atrociously. First round for a few weeks after being unwell. Found some video of my swing from yesterday, pretty much sums up my day. Nearly missed the ball several times, probably the round I needed to have
  23. I was going to tag you in on this, but I see you've already seen it
  24. Spent some time rolling some putts on my PuttOut mat followed by a few swings with my 7 iron into my net. Easing back into things after a couple of weeks of being sick. Hoping to get back on course this weekend.
  25. Pretty simple, get fit and get what works best with your swing. Not so simple part, don’t try to make dramatic swing changes once you get your new set.
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