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  1. Surely by now and with several questions being asked someone could have chimed in to update people. Unfortunately these contests appear to be being left to rot on the vine
  2. I used my phone yesterday to view the forum, which I rarely do, and found it almost unworkable. Ads sitting over the top of topics/links I wanted to click on made it impossible. I did manage to open the ad several times though. Probably provided a bit of extra revenue If we need to use ad blockers isn't that a sign that there's too many ads?
  3. Any updates from any of the mod team as to the result of this? It would be good for those who entered to know who won.
  4. Thanks for getting this fixed@GolfSpy_APH Are there any geographical restrictions for this test? Nothing is mentioned either way.
  5. Just got home and checked iPad and PC, still not showing up under the 2021 Testing Opportunities tab, only way I can find it is via the link on the main MGS Article.
  6. Had look on my wife’s phone in case it was a cache issue, not visible there either (I didn’t log on to forum) Both are iPhones
  7. Not visible on my phone now, earlier I was on my iPad. I’ll check it later
  8. Hi Guys, the Birdie Ball Mat test application isn’t listed in the 2021 Test Opportunities Tab. Only accessible via the link on MGS Blog.
  9. Atrociously, drove it ok, everything else was awful to poor. Learnt that I really shouldn’t shift several wheelbarrow loads of soil before attempting to play golf (definitely attempting today, couldn’t call what I did playing) Despite my atrocious golf and the chilly weather (50F and 10-15mph wind) I enjoyed the company and day out.
  10. Finally joined the tech generation, Shot Scope V3 is on its way
  11. A couple of wines from my daughter’s birth year to celebrate her 21st birthday. Wantirna Estate Amelia Cabernet Merlot 2000 This was part of my pay for picking/cellar hand work during the 2003 vintage. Beautiful old wine that was still lively. It was an added bonus that Amelia is my daughter’s middle name. Stanton and Killeen Vintage Port 2000 Silky smooth, rich and not overly sweet, very easy to keep drinking
  12. I believe that the Grint hasn’t been quick to supply information, and that winners may be difficult to contact. Obviously @GolfSpy_THV is too busy to respond
  13. Played in a 4BBB, a rare morning round as we struggled to get on the timesheet in the afternoon. Course was playing very long off the back marks and lots of recent rain. My round was very much a better ball round, equal parts good and bad. Started with a birdie for the second round in a row. Drove the ball well but struggled with 40-60 yard pitches. Leaked a series of soft bogeys through the middle of the round. Played the last 5 in 1 under, with a couple of putts just missing. Hitting greens in regulation certainly makes scoring a lot easier. Adjustments to my setup and posture are still a work in progress but seem to be getting there
  14. @GolfSpy MPR, you might want to edit the title. I thought it was going to be about a building a steam room
  15. As long as it doesn’t lead you to acquiring a similar hat. That would lead to a severe case of drunk’s regret
  16. Sometimes Australia’s distance from everywhere is described as “The Tyranny of Distance “ In this case it’s “The Blessing of Distance”
  17. Think I might have to report this post, surely it has to breach a rule
  18. Welcome to the forum @The Hat, I’m not sure if we’ll be friends, as you’re a bit strange, and have a habit of sticking pretty closely with unsavoury characters like @MattF. At least you do a reasonable job of hiding some of his unsightly bonce As l opened this thread, I thought it best to protect myself from visual and emotional scarring Think I made a good decision
  19. Played a sort of new course for me on Sunday. https://www.lonsdalelinks.com.au/cms/course/hole-1/ The course has been redesigned since I last played it, with a new 9 and significant chances to the original 9. For some reason they decided to have “signature “ rectangular greens. Personally, I don’t think this adds anything but doesn’t detract either. Lots of severe slopes and ridges on the greens, and pretty much impossible to run the ball onto lots of greens which is a little strange as it’s supposed to be a links style. Anyway, to the golf. Started with a birdie after a poor second caught the slope and rolled down to about 10 feet. A good start but then went backwards. Lost my swing for a few holes, drove poorly. Greens were very dewy which made it hard to judge speed. A lack of familiarity with the course probably didn’t help my game, really uncertain where to hit it on a few holes. Conditions we’re very calm which is a rarity for this course, it could get very tough when the wind is up. Finished 13 over, which was a little disappointing but not too bad for a first time playing there. Highlight was a 5 iron to 10 feet from 175 yards. Swing and setup changes are starting to feel more normal
  20. Congrats @GolfSpy_APH, hope you’ve got large feet
  21. Thanks for all your efforts over the years Rob. I’ve enjoyed reading about your club hoing, sorry, quest for better equipment for a long time, even prior to your moderator role. Enjoy the challenge of your expanding day job, different stresses and hopefully you will get to play more often. As has been previously noted, big shoes to fill, and that’s not related to your stature! Hopefully I’ll get to tee it up with you one day
  22. I think everyone else would chip in for new golf attire for me just so they won’t have to see the hat, win win for me
  23. I was interested in making the big trip (travel restrictions notwithstanding) but I don’t think it’s advisable for the hat and me to be in the same location
  24. My personal bugbear is showing players walking, or showing lots of big names when they aren’t in contention. It bewilders me when you don’t see a single shot from a player 3 off the lead, and the big name 10 off the pace is shown repeatedly. Too many putts, not enough average shots or lowlights, show it when someone hosels it.
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