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  1. I felt a bit ripped off, but we won best nett score last year, missed best gross by a shot, so after winning again this year we may be outstaying our welcome! The best thing is no one can really complain, as 3 of us played off our lowest ever handicap, and the fourth was off 2. Won a shirt, and a new bag each. My daughters bag has some broken zips, so it will save me replacing that, and my wife can have the other one for when she starts playing, so I'm in the good books. I can also give her the crappy umbrella, but that might put me back in trouble.
  2. Played in a mixed Ambrose (Scramble) with my daughter, and a friend and his daughter. The conditions were really tough, with wind gusting over 40mph. Down wind I hit a pitching wedge 160 yards, just a little more than normal. We eagled our 15th and 18th holes to finish 5 under, and won the best gross score for the day. Both girls hit some great shots, my daughter holed a couple of longish putts for par to keep us in the game. I won a Nearest the Pin on a 200 yards hole playing straight into the wind (before it got crazy strong) put it to 2 foot after hitting the pin. Won a crappy umbrella! One of the other par 3s was $100 for NTP, another was a 43" TV. Picked the wrong par 3
  3. + 1 for this. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Thanks Shawn, really enjoyed the read. I've been thinking about booking my daughter in at a similar place(though not quite as plush!) here in Aus. I may even sneak myself in for a driver fitting.
  5. I use a Sync cart bag, nearly always walking. It's good, but it has issues with grips binding. I'm interested to hear how the C130 goes when on a push cart.
  6. This would be a great topic for MyGolfSpy to test. How much difference does spine aligning, puring or random fitting of shafts make to the average golfer. A blind testing would be interesting.
  7. Very jealous, but you've put in the work to earn it. Enjoy yourself (looks hard not to) but don't tell us just how great a time your having, maybe talk it down a bit so we don't all sook.
  8. Another link, hope I don't bore you. To put this in perspective, only players who are in the team on the day and the coach, get a "Premiership Medallion" http://www.afl.com.au/news/2016-10-01/luke-beveridge-gives-injured-skipper-bob-murphy-his-medal An amazing gesture by perhaps one of the greatest coaches of any sport, anywhere. This team was down and out 2 seasons ago. I'm not a supporter of this team, but I'm so pleased a group like this can achieve the ultimate in their sport.
  9. This club nearly folded several times over the last few years. A real working class area, with genuine hard working people. Hopefully this link will work , an article by the team captain who had a season ending knee injury 3 rounds in to a 22 game plus 4 finals season. This guy is a great player, but perhaps an even better writer. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/afl-grand-final-2016-our-western-bulldog-clan-is-uniting-and-the-pain-is-fading-20160929-grrre4.html
  10. Australian Football League Grand Final, won by Western Bulldogs, their first win since 1954, and only second appearance in the final since 1961. Started as the underdog, but played amazing, tough football to run out with the win. A real Cinderella story. If any of you American or European sports followers get a chance, look it up, it's a great sporting story, a season of serious injuries to key players (many season ending) but belief and effort got them over the line. AFL Grand Final Day is my favourite day of the year, but this year stands out for so many reasons.
  11. Actually, I have to withdraw my offer. Today is the Australian Football League Grand Final (equivalent of Super Bowl) Perhaps my favourite day of the year regardless of who is playing. This year, a team that has only won once in 100 years (1954) has made it through. The last time they made the final was 1961. Hoping it's a bit like Cleveland in NBA and Leicester in EPL. Do a bit of work outside this morning, down tools at midday and crack the first (of many) beers.
  12. Really ugly round at The Sands, about 40 minutes from home. Greens had a light scarify and top dressing, soft and muddy underfoot. Had lots of trouble with judging how the conditions were affecting things. Probably needed a messy round to remind me to concentrate and that I need to put some work in to play to handicap I've managed to get myself down to.
  13. Aren't you on your West Coast trip to all the places we all want to go? If so, I can sub in for you so you can get back to Minnesota
  14. We Aussies must think the same, can't help ourselves. As for the OP, I've never noticed any inconsistency between balls from the same box. I have noticed a slight difference moving from last years model to the current one, but probably because of different packaging, rather than performance differences.
  15. Even better was one of the juniors I've helped out won our club champs. He was 4 down with 11 to play in 36 hole matchplay, went 5 under from there to win 1 up, great result for a 15 year old.
  16. 2 over playing off 6, had a win in A grade, bogeyed my 16th and 17th, but really happy with my round. Even for my first 9 with a 3 putt. 4 birdies, and for a change, no doubles. All time low handicap now of 4.6.
  17. I've got one also, can't cut and paste the whole thing, it's 35offcvmnjhrtl
  18. I've got one for $35! See 808nation's thread for code, first in best dressed.
  19. A couple of Wilson gloves, finally able to get cadet sizes in Aus. Been struggling with long fingered gloves for ever. Also 2 dozen Srixon Z stars and finally, wet weather pants for my daughter, so I can keep mine in my bag. Now if it rains when we're both playing, one of us (meaning me) doesn't have to get wet.
  20. Simple course management can help save a few shots a round. If you're spraying your irons, don't aim at the flag, go for the centre of the green. Play with the swing you have on the day, even if it's not your preferred ball flight. The better your short game is, the less pressure you put on your long game. If you get in trouble, take your medicine and get the ball back in play, particularly if playing Stoke.
  21. Not to say shiny new things don't make the Indian happy, which can result in better arrows. Whenever I get a new club ( or clubs) I tend to swing well. Mind you that's probably because I practice with them to get used to them. The whole equipment, practice, fitting equation is a bit chicken and egg!
  22. Don't think I can improve on this suggestion, nothing wrong with second hand, and lessons are more important than new equipment.
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