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  1. I’ve finally been able to update my Holiday bag. They live at the holiday apartment my in-laws own on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I’ve been trying to add to it for a while, but due to COVID haven’t been able to get up here for 2 years. All old to very old school gear. Driver - Nickent 4Dx Fairways - Taylormade 08 Burner 3 & 5 Hybrid - Taylormade 08 All the above have Grafalloy Epic stiff shafts Irons - Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro, 5-E, with Apex 4 shafts Wedges - Scor 49, 53, 57 with Genius 12 shafts Putter - Ram Zebra Bag - Sun Mountain Sync Had to clean a bit of surface rust off the irons after their extended stay in isolation Hopefully I get to use them more often
  2. So sad to hear this Kenny, tempered by the fact your dad lived a full and meaningful life. Enjoy the memories of him, sounds like he was a great dad.
  3. One of Australia’s most disappointing exports. Due to his hat, @MattFhas got them covered
  4. I’m booking a lesson later this week, with e really experienced fitter. If the timing is right I would happily change from lesson to fitting if need be. I miss the Cobra demo day he is hosting by a day as I’m flying home on Saturday when it’s on. Regardless of the Cobra Connect 5 outcome I would have loved to have tried the Cobra gear out in one sitting (perhaps that should be one swinging)
  5. Hopefully more meaningful and less memeful. Not to say that there was a lack of meaningful last year, and that a few memes scattered through can't add to things but a full page of memes can get difficult, especially when trying to view on a phone.
  6. A year ago I would have said the same thing, but since we returned post COVID lockdown we’ve been using a scoring app to “mark” our cards and I use my phone every hole anyway. I studiously avoid looking at anything else.
  7. Hope my round registered ok. Course details haven’t been updated, first was still listed as a par 5, now a par 4. Made my score look better
  8. Probably my best ball striking round ever. Unfortunately I couldn’t make a putt. 11/14 fairways, one of the misses bounced hard right from 2 yards from the left and ran off the right edge of the fairway, the other was 2 foot left on the inside of the dogleg, a perfect miss. 10 GIR, 33 putts, 6 over 77 after a double bogey start. Had 7 birdie putts from 15 feet or less and only made one of them. Hit lots of putts that went exactly where I aimed but slightly misread.
  9. One thing I’ll need to do if I get picked is seriously up my meme game. Last years will be a tough act to follow
  10. Doesn’t seem to be any geographical restrictions, I’m in. Hope my disrespectful “Lexi Thomson” pic from CC4 doesn’t harm my chances
  11. Cape Wickham Links Unfortunately, I haven't got as many photos. Partly due to a few too many beers the night before, but mostly due to being absorbed in the moment. This course is breathtaking. The drive in to the property takes you past the lighthouse and the closing loop of 5 holes. Straight away, we knew we were in for something beyond special. This is view as you walk in to the rudimentary clubhouse facility After checking in you are taken through to view a brief video presentation, and a briefing on the current course conditions. The course has the rare combination (in Australia) of fescue fairways and greens. We were warned that conditions were extremely firm, and that flying the ball to the pin was more than likely to have you going through the back of the green. We were also told to not expect to see any pitch marks, again very accurate. 1st Par 4 Advise on the tip sheet was simple, "Just hit the fairway" To say this is a daunting opening would be understating things, especially with a 1 1/2 club wind into nd from the left. Leaked my second a little right of the green, after a chip and run 8 iron holed out from 6 feet. The ground game is important here. 2nd Par 4 Short par 4 that played longer straight into the wind. Concentration is a challenge due to the stunning views Looking back from the 2nd tee to the closing loop By this stage, my mind was already blown, and taking photos was completely forgotten for a while. One of my best ball strikes came on the Par 3 3rd, 190 yards into the wind, pured my 3 wood to the back of the green. Unfortunately I neglected to use my rangefinder to get the yardage to the very front pin. 34 yard 1st putt! The combination of fescue throughout and sea in the background made judging distances very difficult. Happy to walk away with a 4 I'll include the website link to the flyovers to give some idea what the next 6 holes were like. https://capewickham.com.au/course-overview/#holeinfo Didn't remember to get any more photos until the 10th. The intervening holes were all of the highest quality, but as I keep saying, this course just absorbs you. Downhill tee shot to a fairway that disappears below you. About 1/2 way down the fairway Further down to the green The 11th is a shortish par 3 along the edge of the water. One of the boys misjudged the wind to leave himself 1.5" from the hole. We started to get excited 12 is a short par 4 that would be driveable in the right conditions. Left of the fairway is a cliff. I wasn't tempted. 13 Par 5 with a green that the back half slopes down. A couple of great looking shots went 20 yards through (luckily not mine) 14th Par 4 Massive fairway that is a lot flatter than it looks. 2nd shot into the green at the bottom of a hollow. Lots of fun 15 Par 5 Steep right to left slope on the fairway, affects tee shot and second. I played this hole poorly 16 Par 4 Moderate carry to reach the fairway, with the ocean on the right. Long shot into what looks like a small green guarded by a bunker 20 yards short. Tough but breathtaking hole. 17 Par 3 Truly stunning golf hole. Elevated tee across the wasteland to a great green complex. Hit a gently faded 6 iron to about 15 feet despite having to catch my breath after taking in the view. 18th fairway is above the beach in the right of the photo 18th Par 4 Truly amazing closing hole. The fairway is barely visible from the tee, but by this time you will have had lots of chances to see it. The beach is in play, but no one in my group hit it there. I will get a smile on my face for the rest of my life when I think about this hole. An amazing finish to a truly wonderful golf experience. It almost assaults your senses, the sea air, the freshly cut grass, the stunning vistas and the most pure putting surfaces. Having played the only course in Australia rated more highly (Royal Melbourne West) I'm not certain the raters have got it right. I tried to find some photos online to fill the gaps, and interestingly I couldn't find any that were different to mine. This place must have the same affect on everyone. It's a tough but fair challenge, where every aspect of your game will be asked questions, but good shots are definitely rewarded.
  12. Congrats on the anniversary @Apolloshowl. I too have clocked up 5 years this month. I meant to post something but it got lost in the Easter rush. It's been a great 5 years for me. I was fortunate to be selected to review the MLA putters very early in my tenure, and a few other reviews since. It's been good for my game to be here, and probably good for my general well-being as well. Although I've only met one person for real from MGS, I've made some great friends here. On a couple of occasions when my love for the game has been on the wane, the forum has really helped to reignite the passion. Last years Cobra Connect Challenge is a great example of that. Thanks to @STUDque for coming up with some extremely fun challenges Whenever I'm feeling bad about myself, I just think it could be worse, I could be wearing @MattF's hat (sorry Matt, I can't resist)
  13. The format for the weekend was as follows Friday - Ocean Dunes 4BBB Stableford, ball toss for partners. King Island GC - 9 Hole Skins Saturday - Cape Wickham Links AM Individual Stableford, PM 2 Man Scramble Stableford Sunday - Ocean Dunes Modified Foursomes Stableford. Different partners for pairs events Strongly recommend this type of format for a trip like this. Stableford takes the pressure off a bit and keeps play moving, and the enjoyability factor was great. Ocean Dunes 1st Par 5 with a blind second shot, drops steeply down to the green. Long is no good, I know that from personal experience 2nd Short Par 4 with a steeply sloped green. Fun short 4 easy hole if you don't get greedy 3rd Tough Par 4 across the water into the wind. How much do you want to bite off? 4th Par 3 with another tee shot over the water. Room left, wet right 5th Par 5 Blind 2nd shot, uphill 3rd to a tiered green. Very nice grouping of approach shots Missed photos on a few holes, by this stage I was very caught up in my round 8th Par 3 Tough green that front half slopes up, back half slopes down. Imperative to pick the right club. Missing right leaves a tough chip from well above the putting surface 10th Par 3 Again over the water. Probably the signature hole at Ocean Dunes. My best hole for the weekend. 5 wood from 190 into the wind Friday to 12 feet, 7 iron from shorter tee Sunday to 6 feet. Friday was off the tee to the left of photo, Sunday middle of photo 12th Par 5 Uphill tee shot with a blind 2nd. Green has 2 large tiers, really need to on the right level. Actually a double green, but you would need to be a long way off line to use the other half. For fun we all putted from about 60 yards across 2 deep swales, 2 of my mates managed to 3 putt. 13th Par 4 Short uphill hole. Small green that has severe slopes, lots of room for creativity. Fun hole 14th Par 3 Very short par 3. Elevated tee playing back into the wind. Played 115 yards and 100 yards when we played. Roller coaster green, make sure you're on the right level. Fun hole with great views 15th Par 4 Blind tee shot, and depending on where that goes, a blind 2nd into the double green. Another fun hole with some dramatic slopes on the fairway Looking back down the fairway Into the green 16th Par 4 Tough hole into the wind, difficult to pick your line off the tee. Much easier second time around 17th Par 4 Blind tee shot again. massive green, we played it with the pin at the front. About 3 clubs shorter than a back pin. Played this hole well, as I should as it's my namesake "Peacock" 18th Par 4 Very long into the wind, steep slopes will roll the ball back 50 -70 yards if you don't quite make the it to the plateau. Very strong finishing hole Both pairs finished on 40 points after the 4BBB, my partner carried me with 5 birdies, although I parred 4 of those. We played the Modified Foursomes with each player teeing off, swapping balls for 2nd and then alternate shot. It was much easier 2nd time around knowing where to go as there are lots of blind shots. Fescue fairways and bent grass greens were beautiful to play on. Friday PM - King Island GC A quaint community golf course, with a quirky layout. 14 tees, 12 greens. We played skins after a couple of beers in the clubhouse, which has one of the best views of any clubhouse I've been in. Unfortunately I didn't get many photos, probably due to the beers and Bundy's I had while playing. Played well and made the most of the soft greens, shot 1 over and won 6 skins This hole the aggressive line is over the bay with a 240 yard carry. I chickened out, but proceeded to pull it 30 yards left of where I intended, 10 yards through the green. The next day one of the members holed his tee shot. Finished the day with a meal at a local restaurant. Stunning piece of local beef, cooked to perfection. Blue cheese sauce from local cheese was beautiful Actual finish to the day was a fair bit later after too many beers at the pub, shared with incredibly friendly locals More to come
  14. Last weekend I journeyed to King Island for 3 days and 81 holes of golf. King Island is situated between Victoria and Tasmania, and sits at the western edge of the Bass Strait, which connects the Southern Ocean and the Pacific. It's renowned for having some serious wind, which thankfully we avoided the worst of. We flew out of Torquay (home to Rip Curl, Quicksilver and Bell's Beach Surf Classic) We organised a private charter for the 4 of us, which sounds pretty fancy but the convenience far outweighed the extra cost. I'm 3rd from the left. After dodging some kangaroos we took off safely and had an early look at Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes before landing 40 minutes later. Cape Wickham Ocean Dunes More to follow
  15. Didn't get to do it on my King Island trip, only one mobile carrier on the island, and it wasn't mine! I'll do it at my home course next weekend.
  16. I'm in. 4 rounds in 3 days on King Island at https://www.oceandunes.com.au/ and https://capewickham.com.au/ I probably don't need to add any spice to this trip, but why not
  17. Congrats on beating your age, I think that is one of the great achievements in golf. I’ll need to live a very long time and score a bit better than I am now to have any chance.
  18. Ogio Mutant cover and yet another shirt. My old (unwheeled) cover is falling apart and a pain to use so when it was 20% off I couldn’t resist. Hope I’ll actually be able to use it
  19. I somehow managed to get picked to play for my club in pennant (Interclub scratch matchplay in teams of 7) Started well, 3 up after 7 then fell in a hole. Ended up losing 3 and 1. I had some bad luck, played some bad golf, gave my opponent a generous non ruling and he played well. I had been sick all week leading up to the round, and that may have contributed to my poor play on the back 9. It was great to go out in my favourite format, and despite my loss the team won. Unfortunately I don't think I'll get another try this year.
  20. Congrats to the chosen ones. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy using them, and I won’t be surprised if your scores improve too.
  21. I’m in. Fully expect to be on the wrong side of every 2 point game.
  22. Celebrating my wife and I’s 25th Anniversary. Nothing like Champagne for a celebration. Managed to book the highest level suite for the price of a standard room so I’m in the good books
  23. Another solid round. 6 over despite the solid rain from the 8th hole. No aspect of my game was outstanding, but everything was pretty solid.
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