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  1. Usually laser, occasionally I'll use the markers if I haven't got line of site, mostly for lay ups. I tend to rely on visuals when pitching from close range. If I forget to get the range finder back off my daughter, I use the markers and hope I get my guess of pin position correct.
  2. Reviewed my stroke, and really reduced grip pressure. Putted very well, only hit one bad stroke, made a couple of longish putts, and no 3 putts. I focussed on "seeing" the alignment stripe following the line I wanted and it worked well. Starting to really love this putter.
  3. 33 Stableford points (9 over playing off 6) Conditions were atrocious, 20-30mph winds, rain squalls rolling through every 3 or 4 holes, about 50F (do you see how I'm converting for you Americans) Hit the ball reasonably well, short and mid irons let me down. Putted well on wet but quick greens, no 3 putts, and 6 X 1 putts, a couple from 12-15 feet. Pretty happy with result, especially considering I left my rain cover (containing rain gloves) safely in the garage at home.
  4. Got a 10.5 and 12.5 degrees for about $40 each, and a Grafalloy Epic shaft for $20 from Rockbottom about 6 years ago. I'm still playing the 10.5 and my daughter plays the 12.5 with the V2 Prolaunch reg shaft that came with it. All up it cost about $120 after swapping in the epic. I've tried to find an upgrade, but nothing seems to be able to do it. I think the head is solid, but the shaft seems to be perfect for me. It would be interesting to hit a new head with an epic shaft to see if results improve.
  5. Very small list for me. Hawaii. Although I have played in 100% of the US States I've visited.
  6. Well, I hit a few drivers in store along with my trusty old Nickent. Mate who owns the shop was pretty blunt, gave me a Calloway Big Bertha but said "You probably won't hit it any better than your current one, spin is slightly better, but not likely any significant improvement" My carry with both was 220m, which is pretty close to real life. I played a few holes, bumped into a mate in the car park, who grabbed his now redundant Ping G25 and told me to give it a go too. Blocked my first hit (no warm up) with Nickent, hit the others solid, and about 5 yards from each other. Course was very wet after 1 1/2 inches of rain. Rotated clubs around on the next few tees, to try and be fair. Ping and BB were very consistent for distance. I hit the Nickent straighter, and flushed one that was 40m past the other 2 (290ish yards ) Looks like I'll be keeping old faithful.
  7. Welcome aboard Jofi, which side of Melbourne are you? You'll enjoy it here, lots to be learnt in a good atmosphere.
  8. New work bench, not that I'm allowed to work much. Hopefully the back will feel better and I can swing better.
  9. I thought of you when I put my pin in and the scale changed. Can't get much further than Germany to Australia!
  10. I was at a junior tournament a couple of weeks ago, one of the juniors from my club was about to putt and a brown lab ran out of the bushes, onto the green and stole his ball, then ran off never to be seen (along with the ball) Kid had a bad day, locked himself into a toilet stall prior to his round and had to climb out. At least everyone else got a good laugh out of his troubles.
  11. Hope you've got good wet weather gear
  12. Ok, nearby (within 20 minutes) Curlewis GC (my club) 13th Beach, Beach and Creek Courses Barwon Heads GC All in Aus top 100 courses, and accessible, Barwon Heads more exclusive (and snobby) Lonsdale GC Portarlington GC Not as good, but still solid A bit further, 40 minutes RACV Torquay The Sands Both have some really good holes, and some that are a bit meh. All the above can play very tough, as the wind can really blow here. Within an hour or so (with ferry trip) there are another bunch of great and good courses on the Mornington Peninsula. The Dunes St Andrews Beach Moonah Links (2 courses) The National (3 courses) Portsea There's another 10-15 courses over there that vary from pretty basic to pretty good. Most are accessible, with The National most expensive.
  13. What sort of travel time are you thinking as "area" Tazz? I've got several top courses nearby and many more if I travel a bit. Not likely that it'll help many people, but it might be useful.
  14. My lonely pin will shrink down the map for everyone else, happy to remove it if it makes things easier for the rest.
  15. Unfortunately (or fortunately) SLDR C is not available in Australia, so I won't be trying it. I would imagine you weren't able to try a variety of different shafts in it before purchase (due to bonded hosel) Therefore I find it interesting that you were able to be so positive it was for you when you hadn't even actually hit the finished club before purchase. My current driver/shaft was a very cheap gamble that luckily, has paid off for me up to now. Probably not a lot of point in continually posting the same pics, I think everyone has seen them by now.
  16. I'm hoping to do a bit of a driver fitting this week. So far I haven't found anything that I hit better than my Nickent Epic combo, not that I've really put much effort into it.
  17. A bit like TM V steel fairways, I think there were a couple still being played on tour in the last few years. I waited years before I got one on eBay. I don't feel so bad about my 2008 fairwaysnow, but I might have to upgrade to 2011 if it means I can hit it like Stenson.
  18. Just imagine how much more distance you would have got with a SLDR-C!
  19. Probably goes a bit beyond "could" Almost certainly the best ever final pairing in a major, especially when compared to rest of the field. Truly amazing.
  20. Here's some pics I did the net very much on the cheap, curtain rails were lying around, so I just taped a couple together to get the length needed. I bought the mat from our club pro who had an excess one! It's a really solid piece of gear.
  21. My stage 3 is now posted. Great fun reviewing this putter, now I know I need to review my putting stroke to get rid of the pulls!
  22. Aweful Started with 3 doubles in the first 4 holes, handicap gone. Had another double after the only perfectly struck iron for the day. Back nine was much better, only 4 over.
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