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  1. I agree, if the new reviews were listed under Official Reviews, casual readers as well as regulars would be able to find them more easily. The title could be a link that takes you through to the new review section, doesn’t seem to hard Snap!
  2. Great to see some communication about the changes, it really is a pity that this didn’t happen at the start. Hopefully now people will be able to find reviews more easily and the reviewers efforts will be worthwhile. Also hope the photos in the intro issue can be sorted out quickly, as you have to scroll through them all to see the Review and Comment tabs, which could prevent traffic on the reviews, especially as more reviews are posted
  3. So very sad, a truly awful disease that afflicts so many people. Look after yourself and those close to you. I would like to echo your thoughts on trying to help those suffering into early treatment. Ask if you think someone isn't ok, and try to direct them to a professional for help if you can.
  4. A bit of a return to form after a few less than stellar rounds. Playing off 10 as a result of my recent struggles, 8 over 79, with 3 doubles and 3 birdies. My good was extremely good, my bad was extremely bad. Greens were very fast and most pins were in borderline unreasonable positions, several putts that rolled past at holing speed finished 10 feet from the hole. Drove it solid, irons (apart from 3 atrocious swings) were about as good as I can do, chipped it ok, putted either very well or poorly. Highlights were an 8 iron to 3 feet from 136 yards and holing a 40 foot putt that broke 6 feet for a par after 2 very ordinary shots on a par 3.
  5. Got a call from “The Peaklette” at work this afternoon wondering if I wanted to hit some balls at the range. Of course I said yes. She’s going to be playing on a trip with some University friends this week but hasn’t touched the clubs for 6 months. Of course she was flushing it, made me think about my swing. F7396DFD-A369-4FA7-8C1F-B699A1FDA5BB.MOV
  6. Worked out how to edit. Need to get used to checking the shot registered and making the pin collect more automatic. Hope I’ll get quicker at editing and have less errors to correct once I get used to wearing it.
  7. Used mine for the first time on Saturday, it missed a few shots, and several holes are out of date. I've emailed support, hopefully they can update it. I need to work out how to edit and have a play.
  8. Not getting the duplicate images now, getting none, just blank frames. At least I don’t have to look at @MattF’s ankles Doesn’t seem like things are going to plan
  9. Just opened another thread, then saw this one. Feel free to merge if you think it's best. I would love to get some official feedback on this.
  10. Reading reviews since the change on an iPad is really annoying, on a phone will be a nightmare. Hoping I'll get some response from the mod team.
  11. I just had a look at the Testers Announced thread for Inesis Shoes (I'll call it his as despite reviews being published the title hasn't changed) and all images posted by the reviewers are duplicated in the header post. This is also happening in the Callaway Epic Speed Driver testers Announced thread. Is this intentional or a glitch. It makes scrolling tedious, and images without context don't add anything other than time to reading a review.
  12. Very happy that a member of my club Deyen Lawson has qualified for his first major. It's been great to see him go from a 10 year old who was always working on his game to someone who's good enough to play in The Open. Hope he does well.
  13. Got mine set up yesterday, planning on using it this weekend. I may wait for a less important round for my first try, depends a bit how I feel on the day.
  14. Pity it's no international, especially those in Britain, after all it's their Open. At least it will save them some frustration waiting to see if they've won . (just following the instructions re smack talk @GolfSpy_THV)
  15. Looking for a positive in the delays, at least the weather here should be a bit better here by the time challenges are thrown down I'm blaming the weather on my poor performance in last years challenges.
  16. They let me wear them at Royal Melbourne, so they should be ok at most places
  17. Surely by now and with several questions being asked someone could have chimed in to update people. Unfortunately these contests appear to be being left to rot on the vine
  18. I used my phone yesterday to view the forum, which I rarely do, and found it almost unworkable. Ads sitting over the top of topics/links I wanted to click on made it impossible. I did manage to open the ad several times though. Probably provided a bit of extra revenue If we need to use ad blockers isn't that a sign that there's too many ads?
  19. Any updates from any of the mod team as to the result of this? It would be good for those who entered to know who won.
  20. Thanks for getting this fixed@GolfSpy_APH Are there any geographical restrictions for this test? Nothing is mentioned either way.
  21. Just got home and checked iPad and PC, still not showing up under the 2021 Testing Opportunities tab, only way I can find it is via the link on the main MGS Article.
  22. Had look on my wife’s phone in case it was a cache issue, not visible there either (I didn’t log on to forum) Both are iPhones
  23. Not visible on my phone now, earlier I was on my iPad. I’ll check it later
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