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  1. Just bought 3 Cleveland Zipcore wedges. Tour satin finish, 50/54/58 all in mid bounce. Custom shafts, Project X LZ 5.5 to match my irons. Hopefully they don’t try to add an up charge for the shafts. managed to sell a few benched clubs, still a few more to sell so I probably won’t get in too much trouble for buying them.
  2. I still game my MLA Tour Mallet that I reviewed in 2016. If you can get one for $60, don’t just run as @STUDque suggested, it would be worth running someone over to get that deal.
  3. Yes, big piece was precautionary as it’s hard to assess visually due to the birthmark it was on. Unfortunately I now qualify for the Melanoma Clinic as I’ve had 3 removed so far (thankfully all had no spread) I grew up in the wrong climate and era for my skin type, hoping my kids won’t have to deal with the same issues as they get older.
  4. Some more time off golf after getting yet more chunks of skin removed. A small piece off the front of my left shoulder, and a large chunk off my left lower back. Hopefully nothing to worry about, shoulder on is on the better end of the nasty spectrum and the larger one was precautionary as it was tricky to assess. Surgeon took a smaller piece than he originally planned, only 3 inches long rather than 4. He really knows how to sew, and the stitches are dissolving which makes it a bit easier. Frustrating timing as I felt like my game was beginning to improve.
  5. Cleveland Zipcore wedges. Looks like I can get them with custom shafts to match my irons. Very tempted.
  6. Had my now usual 12 over, although I struck the ball better than I have been. Conditions were tough, 20mph wind. I really struggled wth downwind shots. 3 very soft 3 putts hurt my score. Handicap is on the march. My game has been suffering from neglect, I can’t complain about my poor play because I’m not putting any work in.
  7. Spent a night in Emergency Department, barely able to walk due to pain (won’t go into details as to where) Pain relief helped, CT scan and Ultrasound within 7 hours of presentation both came back all clear. Antibiotics seem to be working and feeling much better. Timing could have been better as I’m getting another couple of skin lesions removed next week and am consequently missing a bit of golf. Hope to be up to playing Saturday after missing out today.
  8. Just caught up on all this @Golfspy_CG2glad to hear you’re home and on the improve. Going to give my usual spiel on anything medical, listen to your doctors and do what they say. Great point from @jlukes, not just about oxygen but everything else your docs are advising. Hopeful that your convalescence won’t impact too much on how many clubs can rotate through your bag this year. Thinking positively, at least this has happened during your off season. Take your time and hoping you don’t get any long term lung or other problems.
  9. Bermagui, about 1km out from the river mouth. Woke up to the notifications that we have all came back negative. Life now can go back to COVID normal.
  10. Holiday got cut short as my state border was going to close due to a COVID outbreak. Found out at 4.30pm we had to be back in our state by midnight New Years Eve, or face 2 weeks in hotel quarantine at our cost, border fully closing at midnight January 1. Made the border at 7.11pm, got to the checkpoint (6 miles further) at 11.59. The normally 10 hour trip took 16 hours (including stopping briefly for a COVID test) Why am I happy? In the 3 days there, I managed to play 9 holes with one brother, and go fishing with the other. Staying at home until negative result comes back. Things could be a lot worse.
  11. Finished the year 1 short. Par 4 15th, 450 yards. My final round missed the green pin high right, downhill chip was looking great, thought it would be dead centre but broke sharply in the last 3 feet to just slide by. Looking forward to the challenge in 2021, although the wa I’m playing I’d probably settle for pars.
  12. Just like I didn't tear up reading your story, someone needs to clean out the a/c ducts, the dust is making my eyes water.
  13. Tested Covid Negative for the 5th time. Thankfully my state is still doing amazingly well, no community transmission since October 30th. A minor (on world scale) outbreak in Sydney had me concerned that my post Christmas holiday was at risk, but looks good to go. First holiday with my brothers (and families) since we were not much more than kids 30 years ago.
  14. With the way Callaway brands things, it would be Goos.
  15. 12 over, feels like some light at the end of the tunnel. Had several good birdie chances but couldn’t convert. Greens were a little slow and I struggled with reading the break, left a couple just short early, and then when I got the pace slid several past on the high side. Played with a few mates who made the trip down to play and had one of my more enjoyable rounds for a long time. Weather was perfect and the course was in good condition.
  16. Did some work from 50 yards and in. Haven’t really done any short game practice since COVID, sorely needed and will hopefully be better than it has been lately.
  17. I would almost certainly be donating anything I was lucky enough to win, The raffle just prompts me to make my annual contribution.
  18. I use the raffle thread as my annual reminder to donate. Keep up the good work MGS
  19. Most holes you get 1 mower width, maybe 2. There are quite a few spots like this on that are straight into the 6 inch plus rough. To say the members are not happy with it is understating things. The mowing patterns have supposedly been the same as normal, but it's been a high growth year due to much higher rainfall. The superintendent doesn't adapt well.
  20. Still struggling, but some signs of improvement. 14 over playing off 8, but conditions were tough. The rough is pretty solid at the moment, this is on the 16th, a miss by 2 feet is probably a lost ball Despite driving the ball well, I really struggled with my approaches. Played much better on the second 9, played the last 6 holes in 1 over after a run of 8 straight bogeys
  21. On a short holiday to celebrate my youngest finishing high school. No charcoal, but not a bad spot to grill some prosciutto wrapped asparagus and some steaks. Beef was amazing, great flavour and melted in the mouth.
  22. Do you get access to Brad's videos when you purchase the board? I'm not a big fan of video instruction, but Brad Hughes keeps it simple and really knows his stuff.
  23. To say I stunk it up would be doing a disservice to those who stink it up. I journeyed down to the home course of a couple of mates that I play with regularly. To say the conditions were less than ideal would be understating things, but I had fun regardless of my awful golf and the conditions. The greens were virtually unplayable and I was tempted to call NASA to get the Mars Rover to find my tee shots as I couldn’t hit the planet. Despite my worst Stableford score ever, I came away with a new hat and a bottle of Shiraz for the best “bright colours “ outfit, which was nothing different to my normal ensembles. I may have had a few drinks on the way around, including a few that @kardboard.kidmight have liked
  24. My state has just recorded 28 days with no new covid cases. No active cases. Technically it means we have eradicated the virus here,but precautions are still in place, although they are being eased over time
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