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  1. I don't see the 14 day quarantine being lifted any time soon. Unfortunately, one of the key pillars of our ability to pretty much shut covid down has been the quarantine. It's not ideal, but it's been very effective.
  2. My state just logged 24 days with no new COVID cases. Testing rates are still high. Restrictions are being eased tomorrow, no masks required outdoors except in crowded conditions and more people allowed to visit at home. A really amazing outcome.
  3. First round since the start of the month after struggling with a sore back. Final round for the year with a local forum. Normally 5 rounds over the year with this group, this year it was reduced to 2 due to COVID. Very much an all or nothing round. Lots of pars, a couple of birdies, but the rest was awful. Played a course I’ve never played before, and an early start made it hard work. In truth the golf was pretty much secondary to catching up with some mates from Melbourne that I haven’t seen all year as I couldn’t make the 1st round.
  4. The only problem is about 1000 of them included "the hat"
  5. Certainly did. Started with a couple of craft beers out of a selection of 12 that my wife sourced, with my own “personal pickle plate” Followed by a stunning Vajra Albe Barolo 2012 (that I was given for my 50th a couple of years ago) served with Bloody Mary Brisket I wish I could afford to drink quality Barolo more often, this one was one of the best wines I’ve had this year.
  6. Thanks everyone, I had a great day. @MattF, I’m not a general hat hater, my hatred is much more focussed
  7. Finished re-shafting mine yesterday, yet to use it, but I'm ahead of the curve
  8. We had Melbourne locked down pretty tight, no retail other than food, only allowed out for a few reasons, overnight curfew and limited to 5km from home. We haven't had international returns for a few months. Mandatory mask wearing, no sport. Certainly a tough few months but we're coming out pretty strong. Thankfully acceptance of the rules was widespread, people weren't happy with it, but realised it was worth it.
  9. My state just recorded 14 days without any new Covid cases or deaths. Testing is still occurring in high numbers so we may be in a really good position coming into summer.
  10. My state (population 6.6 million) has just recorded it’s 8th straight day of zero new COVID cases, down from a high of 750 a day in early August. An amazing effort, particularly by people who live in Melbourne which has gone through a tough lockdown to get to these figures. I hope everyone in the US and UK stay safe and that things can get under control soon.
  11. Smoked some beef short ribs today Really well marbled piece of meat, truly melt in the mouth stuff. Smoked with a few barrel chunks at around 240F for about 9 hours, simple salt, pepper and paprika rub. Next time with a similar looking piece I’ll go a bit higher temp to get a bit more crunch in the bark.
  12. Stripped back the deck in the pool area and applied new oil. Wish I knew about the stuff I put on earlier. Removing the previous ugly yellow pigment was far from fun. Multiple goes with the pressure washer, oil stripper and a day of crawling around scrubbing by hand followed by more pressure washing just about did me in. Fortunately it looks like it’s come up well. After prep 1st coat 3rd coat
  13. Played ok but made a few too many errors after poor shots, 84. Conditions were reasonably tough, 20mph wind and a few ridiculous pin positions. Highlights were holing a 40 foot putt, unfortunately for par, and a flushed 5 wood from 180 yards straight into the wind to about 8 foot (which I 2 putted from after running my 1st putt well past on one of the aforementioned ridiculous pin positions)
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, but I missed out on it so ordered an evenflow blue and TS2 7 wood from Rockbottom
  15. Wasn't sure if it was due to the adrenaline rush!
  16. Finally bit the bullet and ordered a second hand Titleist TS2 7 wood and a Project X Evenflow Blue 6.0 75g shaft from Rockbottom. They sent me discount code which took 10% off. Grabbed a few grips as well. Hopefully I can trade the shaft that comes with it for part of the tip pulling and reinstall cost.
  17. Congrats @Sluggo42 . Did your long ball come after the hole in 1?
  18. Best round in a long time, aided in no small part by the conditions being much better than recently. Fairways have firmed up a bit and the greens are finally starting to roll well after a heavy scarifying 2 months ago. 3 over 74, with a drowned ball and bogeying 3 of the par 3's. Only birdie came on my last hole of the day. Putted well, and scrambled well. Short game was pretty close to where I need it to be to score well. Hoping I haven't peak(sy)ed too early with the club championships starting Saturday.
  19. Has anyone got experience with these shafts? I'm currently playing my fairways with Evenflow Blue 6.0 75g, and am looking at Titleist TS2 7 woods, 2nd hand with the RIP Phenom Stiff 80g or new with Tensei Blue 65g. I love the Evenflow. From what I can find the RIP Phenom description sounds promising, but I'm a little concerned about the low torque potentially being an issue. The price is good, and finding a 7 wood with a heavy(ish) stiff shaft 2nd hand has been difficult. New would be AUD160 more. I'm tempted to just go with the 2nd hand, and take the gamble that the shaft is good for me, but any input would be appreciated.
  20. Now that is a crap birthday present. Hope it’s the low point until your next birthday.
  21. We missed most of the rain, but it was enough to postpone the first round of club championship as the greens were unplayable in the morning. Had a relaxed social 18 in the afternoon with only a couple of showers, but it was very soft underfoot.
  22. They’re even stranger than the cockroaches
  23. Maybe they decided not to focus on the player running 73rd of 77. At least the contest between Tiger and Phil is close.
  24. Can’t be that regular, first time I’ve heard it. Must be a Sydney thing, they’re strange up there
  25. The Waikoloa Beach courses are pretty good. Nowhere near as fancy as Mauna Kea, but a lot less cost also. I played them in 2016, so condition could be an issue, but the layouts are good and fun to play.
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