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  1. Kellen Campbell, CA Taylormade M3 9° 13 Handicap 90-95 mph TSi2 or TSi3
  2. Kellen - Carlsbad, CA Ball Used as your Gamer: OG Kirkland Signature, Chrome Soft Driver Swing Speed: 100 mph
  3. Kellen Carlsbad, CA 95mph with driver Kirkland Signature Original 4 piece Preference: Don't know maybe X (whichever one matches closer to the OG Ksig 4 piece) Played the Maxfli Revolutions back when I was a kid (probably because Freddy did). Loved that ball. This would be exciting for me to test as I am starting to run low on my stockpile of Kirkland Signature 4 piece balls from the original runs. I will need to find a new ball and this one fits nicely into the same price point. Excited about the opportunity to test it and provide feedback
  4. Kellen / CA Taylormade M3 9.5 / Kuro Kage TiNi Silver 60 stiff 98-102 mph / 8.9 handicap ST180 9.5 / Kuro Kage TiNi Silver 60 stiff
  5. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Matt Kuchar Tier 3: Charlie Hoffman Tier 4: Ryan Moore Tier 5: Bernd Wiesberger Winning Score: -14 Low AM: +5
  6. 1. Kellen, CA 2. M1 Driver JPX 850 3 wood RBZ 3 hybrid M1 4 hybrid Burner Irons (5-AW) Vokey SM5 56 Vokey SM5 60 3. 8.9 handicap 4. Handicap under 7 Fairways hit over 50% Greens hit over 50% Up and down over 50% Penalties per round 0.5 Shoot under par on 9 holes Shoot even par on 18 holes Handicap differential score of 0.0 or lower for 18 holes
  7. I have never tried these. I would be a little worried that my ball would roll into trouble with this club. Do these launch higher or lower than hybrids?
  8. Thanks everyone for the responses. I have a 3 wood which ranges from 14-17 degrees in adjustability. I slice the 3w all the time and struggle to make consistent strikes. My 3 hybrid doesn't slice and I get a proper launch and flight 90% of the time. It is, in fact, my favorite club in the bag. My 3w goes around 235 yards while my 3 hybrid goes 200-215, depending on far I want to hit it. I find myself 225-240 away on par 5's and just can't reach the green with the 3h. I have only hit the 3 wood on course maybe 5 times on course in the last 50 rounds due to my inconsistency with it. I need a club for the short accurate tee shots and the approach to par 5's in 2. I currently hit my 3hybrid on the tee shots because I am still wildly inaccurate with my 3w off the tee 50% of the time. If I can't reach a par 5 in 2 with my 3h, then I lay up with an iron. It seems like I either have to commit to working on the 3w or trying out a 2h and seeing if it is easier to hit. I am ok with losing 5-10 yards if I can keep dispersion down. I assume a 2h is easier to have a consistent strike because the shaft is shorter. Sounds like I need to give it a shot. Thanks everyone
  9. I struggle hitting my 3 wood off the deck and was thinking of substituting it with a 2 hybrid (around 17 degrees or less). Has anyone taken the 3 wood out of the bag and replaced it with a hybrid? Would I really be losing that much distance? Seems like I would be able to play the hybrid out of more lies. My 3 hybrid, 19 degrees, is about 10 yards short of the distance I need it to be for reaching par 5s in two.
  10. 1. Kellen California 2. 13 3. Taylormade SLDR with a Matrix Black Tie 6M3 stiff shaft 4. 100-105 mph swing speed and 235yard carry 5. Michelle Wie
  11. Handicap: 16 California Swing Speed: 102 Average Carry Distance: 240 Preference - F7
  12. 40 rounds a year on average 17 Handicap Index Taylormade Daddy Long Legs +
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