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  1. Jorge Medina. Index 0.3. Puerto Plata. Dominican Republic. Was a very good putter as a junior and early twenties. Putted with a Scotty Cameron from 2002-2012. Was very disappointed with the game because of poor putting and common left miss. Did a putter fitting on 2012 (sam puttlab found I tend to aim left at address) and switch to a Ping Hohum, it made me love the game again. Last november switched to a Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 because of good shape and more alignment lines. It helped even more, now I feel like I will make everything. Just ordered a Tour XDream last night. Just from watching the setup picture online and reading the MGS could totally get the idea and theory, plus the alignment line looks like an inverted cup; so I guessed from 10 feet and in you really get a feel for your aiming; and should give you lot of confidence on straight putts. I will post as soon as I try it. Would like to try the tour classic because as a Junior and Youngster I always putted with a blade until I lost my aiming. My common miss was to the left, and now if I miss its usually a little pull hook as well.
  2. Hello everyone. Just joined last night after a couple days following and reading of facebook, started following on instagram as well. Great insights on a lot of things. Golf is our family passion. My grandfather introduced my dad, all my uncles and cousins to the game; so I've played since young age. I'm a true golf fan and enthusiast and love to learn new things and how stuff works. Also very picky with my equipment. So I'm very happy to join and all of you in the community have a friend in the caribbean. We have great golf courses over here. All the best!
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