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  2. Hi Fozcycle, I actually read and re-read your (and the other MGS members) reviews a number of times before I bought my set. I fell in love with these irons the moment they were released, but they were just too expensive (new house and a baby). The reason I asked about the most wanted list was to compare with how the Fly Z irons did last year. I compared the Fly Z and F6 driver tests and there was little to no difference between the two, but I think that picture may look a lot different with the irons. I also want to see how these perform against the big boys, because here in South Africa everyone is Titleist, Callaway and Taylormade crazy. I am losing my mind though, because I have now owned my irons for a week and have not had a chance to swing even one of them!
  3. Haha, okay cool... I just bought a set of Cobra F6 irons on a ridiculous sale at the biggest retailer in South Africa. They just turned 40 years old and had 40 one-day deals at below cost. Was curious to see how they stacked up against the rest of the field with the Fly Z's doing pretty well last year.
  4. Does anyone have an idea when the 2016 Most Wanted Irons lists will come out?
  5. The current Cleveland Smart Square putters are not going to win any beauty contests either...
  6. Hi Everybody I am a 31 year old from Pretoria in South Africa and have rekindled a golf obsession after a four year hiatus (marriage, building a house and having a baby leaves little free time). I rebuilt a set from scratch and most of it was built up on advice from this site. I love the honest and often surprising reviews from the blog and really hope to find more of the same from the community section. I do not get to play half as often as I like, but regard myself as lucky to have the opportunity to play the one or two rounds per month that I do. Anyone following the political and economic developments in South Africa would understand why golf is a serious privilege in our country. I love to learn new things and like to help where I can. I tend to lend ideas, but am not an expert in any sense of the word when it comes to golf and or equipment. I might tell you what worked (or did not) for me, but promise never to tell you to do the same to fix your game. Feel free to give me a shout if you ever find yourself in beautiful South Africa, would love to share a round with new people!
  7. - Johan - Gauteng, South Africa - Ping Ketsch (prior to Cadence series) - Pro Series XDream - Mostly short, sometimes left. Please send one of these awesome putters to South Africa, it would be great to roll a putter that no one else on the course has even seen!
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