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  1. Hi, All!


    I'm excited to be a member of the MGS community.


    Golf has always been my passion. I played competively from early childhood through college.


    I rarely had the chance to play last year. Spent the majority of my time at work. Made it a point this year to play as much as possible.


    I was searching for club reviews a few months ago and came across this site. Love the honest and thorough reviews.


    After playing blades for the last 7 years, I made the switch to the 716 AP2s this year. Wanted a little more forgiveness since I don't play all-day everyday like I used to. So far, I'm indifferent. Same shafts and specs. KBS Tour X. Sometimes, I have difficulty keeping the AP2s low. Very workable going left, right, and up.


    I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this forum.



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