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  1. Patrick Enright Fresno, Ca I am currently gaming Wilson Fg V4 irons 2/3 rounds per week Hi, I would love to be considered for an opportunity to provide feedback on these irons. I have gamed countless sets, but never Ping. I wasn't a fan of their look until some of their more recent models. Thanks...
  2. Patrick California 10 handicap Avid reader of this website and have gamed/game multiple items reviewed on here (snell/mantis), would really like to participate by giving my feedback on item/s Current irons: Wilson FG Tour V4 Strength: Contact: I almost always hit in the center of the face Weakness: Swingpath: My path isn't always the greatest..
  3. Hi, I am currently using a Mantis mallet. I have been using it since shortly after I read your review... Although not the most appealing looking putter it rolls the ball pretty well and have had my fair share of success with it. I am a 9 handicap, and play around 80 rounds a year.
  4. Patrick L Enright Jr Fresno Ca. TaylorMade M2 Fujikura Pro 60 stiff 110/270ish Also want to thank you for the review on Snell Balls... Been using them since I read your review. Best bang for the buck I have encountered.
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