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  1. I have an M1 9.5 and when I was fitted with a 100-105 ss my numbers were about 15-16 launch with spin around 2600-2800 and was carrying about 250-260. Having no problem with that carry I went with the 440 head to get a little less spin. Also am thinking of going with a lower spinning shaft.

  2. Always wanting to try a Ping driver and not thrilled with my choice of driver for 2017 I headed to the internet to se what deals I could find. I came across a Ping G LsTec in 9 degrees with an extra stiff RT Technologies shaft for $200. My swing speed being between 100-105 mph I figured why not, if I don't like it I can always get a different shaft for it. The club arrived and the next day I headed to the course. Trying to hit the extra stiff shaft was like swinging a 2x4 for me and I hated how the driver performed. Knowing the shaft was not right for me I went back to the internet and found a aldila tour green stiff which I knew from pervious suits me well. The new shaft instantly made the driver a much nicer experience.



    At first and still to this day I'm not excited out all that is going on with the crown of the driver. I prefer a much smoother and clean look when I look down at address. The face has little contrast from the crown which gives you a large flat black block at the end of the shaft. The bottom on the other hand with the light blue and black looks great, as well the head cover which looks nice in the bag.



    Loud and somewhat hollow sounding, not a huge fan.



    The head is light and doesn't offer much for feel of where the head is during your swing. The hollow sound also translates into a hollow feel at impact which doesn't allow you to tell how well of strike you have on the face.



    As much as I have talked of what I don't like about the club, that all gets thrown into the I don't care pile when it comes to how it performance. The Ping G flat out delivers on the performance scale and at the end of the day that is what matters. On a launch monitor I did not see any noticeable increase in swing speed, so I don't exactly buy into the aerodynamics part of the club. The G is not the longest driver I have hit but it is long and straight. I have hit numerous drives around 290 plus, with most drives around 250-260 on average. The LsTec has a slightly more open face than the normal G driver which does promote a slight fade.



    I like a driver with a heavier head I can feel during the swing and a muted sound. The Ping G driver doesn't give me that, but what it does offer is 100% confidence when I step up to the tee box knowing I will have a playable 2nd shot. Which is why this driver has been in my bag for the last 2 months and allowed me to tie my personal low round by keeping me in play. If you want a driver that offers great performance the Ping G is ne to consider.








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  3. I had an Odyssey works versa 2-ball fang, and absolutely loved the putter. Then one day while lining up a putt I noticed a slight edge of the insert. Looking closer at it I noticed the insert was in fact coming out, and after trying to get it back in place I had actually made it worse. I called Odyssey expecting to be without a putter for a few weeks while I they were fixing mine. To my surprise they told me that this was a known problem with that model, and said they would replace it with a putter of my choice out of their o-works line. So I chose the new version of what I was already playing the O-works 2-ball. First off I would like to thank Odyssey for wonderful customer service and being a company that stands behind their product.



    At first I wasn't thrilled with the new look of the 2-ball, I had grown a liking to the look of the fang, although after a round or 2 looking down at it the lines are clean, and smooth. Although not as large I still had a great deal of confidence behind the ball at address. The all black finish is refreshing and contrast the two balls on top nicely. The bottom,although not looked at often is again clean looking and not as edgy as the fang. Overall it is a great looking putter.



    First thing that I had noticed with the new 2-ball is the weight of the head. Although it is only 10grams lighter than my fang I had it was instantly felt when use holding it as if I was getting ready to putt. This difference in weight I thought I would not like but turns out I feel as if I actually have a lttle more control because of it. I think this lesser head weight actually balances the club out a little better. The new micro-hinge face insert is actually softer feeling at impact as odyssey claims, especially compared the versa works insert.



    Continuing from the feel of the micro-hinge face gives an even better performance attribute than the 2-ball fang. The softness not only dampens the impact but In my opinion gives you much better control over distance of your long putts. As well as such a smooth roll overall which helps with control. The less weight on the O-works compared to the 2-ball fang at first caused me to leave putts short, but after a few rounds of getting a feel for the weight and soft feel of the face I have been overall putting better. Where this putter excels compared the the fangs is on long putts from about 10 feet out, where I would frequently go past the hole with the fang the O-works I can get them close for an easy two putt or in at times. I attribute this to the new face and the control and feel it gives you. The 2-ball alignment aid is as usual great and easy to use. Since using a 2-ball I have been able to hit my desired lines on the green far more often then before. I was going to try a heavier weight in the sole as it has a removable weight, but from what I have read they are not offered for it so I guess I'm stuck with the one that's in it. That not much of a con though because the weight and balance that it comes at is actually very well done now that I have gotten used to the difference from the 2-ball fang.



    My 2-ball has the 2.0 super stroke grip on it and can take a weight in the end for counter balancing. I had a 25gram weight laying around from a previous putter I had tried one of these on so I tried it out. For some of you who may feel the head is too heavy if your coming from a blade or just a lighter putter you made consider doing this. The added weight made the head feel even lighter than what I already thought it was and could never really get the feel for it so Iremoved it. Overall it is a great option to have stock though as it gives extra adjustment for fine tuning your stroke.



    Amazing putter and feel with its new micro-hinge face, and would recommend it for anyone looking for a new putter. Especially anyone with a straight back and forth stroke. Odyssey did a wonderful job with this one!!







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