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  1. Bill - Ohio GHIN index - 10.3 Taylormade Speedblades 150 yards
  2. Bill - Ohio 54 yo and handicap of 10 Taylormade Speedblades 4-PW steel shafts regular; 50, 54, 60 Scor wedges
  3. Bill - Ohio Current: Scor (now Hogan) 50/54/59 Desired: 50/54/58
  4. Bill from Ohio I currently play 3 Scor wedges; 50 degree, 54 degree, and 59 degree. Short game strength is accurate distance control with my 50 degree wedge. Weakness is controlling distance and trajectory with 59 degree wedge. Current handicap index is 10.4. I'm very interested in the Equalizer wedges, especially because they have the "V-Sole". My Scor wedges have the V-Sole and I love them but they are no longer manufactured.
  5. Bill, Ohio Nike Method Midnight, model 008, 35" Odyssey O Works V-Line Fang CH Putter black or Odyssey O Works #7 red
  6. Bill, Ohio USA Nike Method Midnight 008 Not Custom Fit Queen B 9 I like my current putter but would love to review a Bettinardi Queen B 9. My putting stroke has a slight arc so the Queen B 9 would be a good fit.
  7. I use a Nike Method putter, with the standard Nike Method grip. I'm looking for a new grip and the Forward Grip looks like it might work.
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