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  1. Hi, I would play the best ball at the best price. The Srixon z-star was on sale in Canada last week at half price. 28$ for a dozen, that's hard to beat for a premium ball. And I'm sure wherever you are that you can find theses kind of deals once in a while. The Costco option is definitely a good one too. I'm a decent player (8.8 index) and I refuse to pay 65$/dozen (in Canada) for Titleist balls. I didn't read al the comments so hopefully this hasn't been said before...
  2. Luc / Canada 8.1 index Mizuno JPX 919 Forged 5 to PW (with Project x LZ 6.5 shaft) 167 yards carry for 7 iron Thanks!
  3. Luc/Canada 5.9 I bought the knockoff version and sent it back, the plastic was warped! Thanks
  4. Luc Alberta, Canada Odyssey O-Works Red 7 putter Long putts are a weakness
  5. If Puddy cheers for the Devils on Seinfeld, then there are no other team to cheer for... And by the way, I know it's hockey in Seinfeld, but it's still the DEVILS!
  6. I agree with you, that it's my game that it hurts, but talking to my playing partners would make it worse as they are the ones complaining the most about slow play! The guys are great but slow play makes them complain worse than my grade 8 students when I give them homework...
  7. My buddies always book the 8:00 am tee time to make sure we can be done in under 4 hours. Personally, I'm OK with anything under 4:30. It's not the extra time on the course that annoys me it's losing your momentum during the round and it makes it harder to play a good round.
  8. 1. Luc from Alberta 2. 5.9 index with a 100-105 mph swing speed 3. Cobra King LTD 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero with a stiff shaft and 10.5* Thanks
  9. 1.Luc, Alberta 2.5.9 index and 105 driver ss 3. Cobra King LTD 4. G410 Plus (with stiff shaft) Thanks, that would be so much fun to take this on my trip to Tucson in April!
  10. Those Big Shot Tuned Golf look great and would look even better on me...
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