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  1. I was with golf spy dave and it was an awesome day. The guys on the van answered any question we asked with lots of detail. Reggie was fantastic, what a bonus. We couldn't have had better access to the range, Vans, Players and golf course. Thanks again Callaway and golf spy Dave for allowing me to attend.
  2. Update on my True Aim set up. I recently traded drivers from a D2 to a D3 Titleist. I had my Perp I on the D2 and when I switched to the D3 I figured it would be the same sticker. Not the case I had to change to the Para I. I started out with the I one direction and couldn't hit the side of the driving range but, after moving the alignment I was striping it right down the middle of the range. Couple days after putting the new driver in play I shot 71 with 12/14 fairways (two fairways missed one with three wood and the other just a bad swing.) My best score in a year and a half. I A
  3. Here is a video link to youtube about what to expect in an AimPoint clinic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44jI-dsEhKQ&feature=youtu.be
  4. There are some 30 million putter combinations in the fitting kit. They can adjust for just about everything.
  5. Really good review. Almost sounds like a golf digest review, how cool would it be to test for that three day period in the fall?
  6. Selling my skb hard case travel bag. I just don't use it much. No keys for the bag but, I am sure they aren't that hard to find. TSA doesn't allow you to lock the bag anyway. Looking for $50 and shipping is around $30. This price is much better than the $199 they sell for. Paypal transaction for purchase.
  7. I met Chris last year at a demo day. Super nice guy. The products look really good to me. I liked the wedges and the design possibilities a lot. The groves are the old ones by the way. He said that his product was more for the average player who isn't worried about the bs USGA rules.
  8. those have potential to remove my Edel headcover. Are they velcro or magnets? and what is the price point?
  9. If you have taken the class all the info on the app is easy to understand. The best part about the app is that is helps with the green shapes on crown and saddles. It also includes a great video section on different aspects of the class, like how to find the zero line and how to determine the stimp on a green. Hope this helps. For more info you can visit Aimpointgolf.com and take a look at the app page.
  10. Here is Paddy using a level to get percent slope prior to tournament, one of the factors for aimpoint.
  11. Been looking for pics the past couple of days. When do these go on sale on the cameron site, (I am a Cameron Club member)?
  12. Edel putters and Aimpoint are a natural fit. The two systems are vital to accurate putting.
  13. No. He used to be a caddy at Bandon Dunes. Now he works for David Edel and Mark at aimpoint. Tim was the guy who was 3rd at the US Mid am in 2007. Great guy. Check out Edel Putting Experience on Facebook.
  14. 2 1/2 hours with a tour rep for Edel Putters and Aimpoint Technology, the aimpoint charts, as well as access to the aimpoint forum where Mark Sweeney posts responses to your question within a day usually. Mark is the man who is behind the blue or green line on the Golf Channel.
  15. May 6-9 Edel putting Experience is going to be offering classes at a couple of local clubs. Let me know if you are interested? The cost is $200. Learn from one of the best.
  16. aimpoint green reading 1 or 2 day aimpoint + edel putter fitting Aimpoint + edel putter fitting + edel custom handmade putters Lots of room to work a deal with Tim Tucker.
  17. Cost is variable. Just depends on which services you sign up for, anywhere from $125 to $1200 is what I have seen. My buddy Tim Tucker is one of the top Aimpoint Edel fitters. We set up a facebook page with some videos and pics. Look for "Edel Putting Experience" on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Edel-Putting-Experience/291330573054?ref=nf
  18. The aimchart come from the same person that does Aimpoint on the Golf Channel, Mark Sweeney. The clinic and chart will allow you to read greens better than you have ever before. The best way to describe it is that once you understand when and how to use it people will ask "how did you do that and where can I learn." This system along with Edel are about to become huge. Players on all tours are already using the system like Bo Van Pelt and others to be named. For a better look at aimpoint go to aimpointgolf.com
  19. Here are some pics. I will post some more clear ones when I delete some pics from my camera.
  20. The clear view, isn't that a beer coaster? Back on track. The edel system allows you to have several different putters in one with the ability to change face lofts and weights. Also with the edel being hand made it is like buying a piece of art that you line up correctly every time. Everyone might want to at least do the fitting to see how their putter compares aim wise.
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