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  1. Ron S. - Mesa, AZ


    Driver: Cobra F7 Reg flex (Blue)

    Wood: 3-4 Cobra F7 Reg flex

    Irons: Ping G400 4-Gap, Reg flex, AeroTech Steel Fiber I95

    SW: Ping Glide 2.0 55*

    LW: Wilson FG Tour 60*

    Putter: Scotty Cameron Futura 6M


    Handicap: 12



    1. Lower handicap into single digits

    2. Shoot in the 70's (obviously helps if single digit handicap). On occasion I shot on the 70's now, but want 70's the majority of the time, even 79's.

    3. Have fun!  That is why we play, right?

    4. Try some new Cobra items.  I had some Cobra irons about 4 years ago and would like trying a whole bag of Cobra.  I use a Garmin GPS watch which tracks my clubs now, so being a tester would be a lot of fun to track everything with Cobra's technology.

  2. Ron


    Handicap - 12


    I had a set of Ben Hogan iron about 10 years ago and loved them. I took lessons and the golf instructor cut them down and added weight which sadly enough I feel ruined them. 


    I now have a set of Wilson D100's and would love the opportunity to try another set of Ben Hogan irons.  BTW, I no longer take lessons from that guy so these irons would be safe!!


    Currently I use graphite shafts and would like to stick to graphite. 



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