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  1. Thanks everyone, it is going to be a fun ride. Getting to do what I was hired to do is going to be a refreshing change. My first role was just a place holder and I knew that when I was hired, but it was good to know that I was able to progress into a new role quickly. I know in a few months I will look back at the first role and wish it was what I was doing, less time commitment and well a job I could do in my sleep. And Prez is fine.....I have been called worse in my life.
  2. So now that we finally made it public I can let the cat out of the bag. I accepted an EVP role in VA with my same company heading up all development, finance and most of our operating departments. More travel and longer hours during the week but I essentially just report to myself. The good thing is well this is what I have done for the last decade, downside is my office moves to Richmond and I live in Williamsburg. Looking forward to the new adventure and trying to navigate the VA political scene. I am sure they will absolutely love a blunt and brash dude from NY in the south. Other plus is I
  3. Funny, just had this talk with my wife over the weekend. For the first time in years I could not come up with anything golf related so I guess I am shopping for a new firearm. My son is voting for an AR-15 but not sure he gets a vote
  4. Played 12 holes yesterday and was 10 over after 12 holes with two birds. I didn’t strike it well at all but the sustained 30 mph wind with gusts to 50 may have had its say. Down wind from 225 I hit an 8 iron and into a 205 yard par 3 dead into the wind I hit a 3 wood lay up. #longislandgolf
  5. I know, I still don’t get it. If there was one hair style that needed to be retired it was that one. I cringe every time I see photos of mine. Gladly it was only a short phase for me.
  6. So for some fun tonight my wife decided it would be a good idea to show the kids the photo slide show from our wedding that included photos from us growing up. The was a glorious photo of me walking off the football field with my helmet off and my glorious mullet (think Bosworth, I was a 90’s kid and a linebacker). Now my 15 year old wants to grow a mullet this summer for football next year. I cannot talk him out of this terrible idea but at least I got him to shave the terrible mustache he has been growing so I count that as a win.
  7. As someone that runs casinos for a living I would kill to have a slot floor that holds even 20%. Only time I have been able to get above 7 or 8 percent was on the ships. So yes, I would assume that your club is making a nice cut off of those machines. They are typically run like a vending operation where the provider keeps 60% or 70% and the venue keeps the balance of the net win.
  8. With a house hold of about 30% to 35% as compared to 7.5ish percent for a normal casino floor.
  9. Sorry I have not been around much the last few months. With me moving down to VA and starting a new job time to do much besides work has been slim. Will have some good news to share in the next few weeks that will hopefully allow me to be around a bit more....and hopefully play a bit more golf than I have been playing lately. The good news for now is that I will be in VA for a longer time than I had originally planned so the south is stuck with another NY'er that fled the state.
  10. Here is the PXG hosel chart. The small + is plus one degree in loft and half a degree flat from standard lie angle.
  11. Picked up a pair of Jordan spikeless over the weekend and finally ditching the 4 iron for a higher lofted hybrid so I found a PXG 0317 that fit the bill. I grabbed it from a buddy of mine so I am not technically sure if I bought it or if it is on permanent loan.
  12. Shot even par today with 3 birds and an eagle. My wedge game is . I putted well; drove it well and somehow could not hit a wedge. Highlight of the day was the slam dunk flop shot on 13 after a 338 yard tee shot just short of the green side bunker.
  13. You should have seen it after the PGA two years ago. Even the fairways that were normally considered "wide" were tight.
  14. Liked Pinehurst #2 much more after the last redesign but hands down would play #4 any day I could. I am shocked that Shadow Creek is that low on the list, yet another course I would fly in to play anytime I could (man I miss being in Vegas every week). TPC Old White is also one of my favorite tracks along with Teeth of the Dog. As for Bethpage Black a friend of mine that is a golf writer summed it up best...."Great Tilly track that Rees Jones completely f'ed up"
  15. Not on the color but it is the 5th Lincoln that I bought from the same dealership so they made it painless in terms of time and my wallet. The best car in my driveway is hidden in the picture and that one is white. The intent was not to match the wife’s truck but I liked the dark look too much to say no. Even better is this is the second time we matched, we both drove silver Jeep’s at one point.
  16. Finally decided on a new ride to carry my sticks. Was the easiest car buying experience I have ever had.
  17. Took the wife out shopping for her birthday and somehow I ended up going for a putter fitting and a mew Scotty Phantom X 5.5. she did pretty good too...the bank account is in recovery
  18. Played another new course to me at Colonial Heritage in Williamsburg. A little bit of a quirky layout but was fun to play. Had it at even on the back 9 (my front 9) until I got to 18. Went for it from 247 over water and my 5 wood came out dead flat and 5 yards short leading to a disgraceful double. In fairness it was a harder lay up than giving it a go, the approach for my 4th went deep and plugged in a bunker. Couldn’t get it up and down. Played the front 9 in even par with 9 straight no stress pars for 74. Overall struck it pretty well and starting to get used to the driver. It is a bit of
  19. It is like a prerequisite to speak with the manager at any US brand. When I bought my Hellcat there was no trade and I didn’t finance it. I just needed a price so I could get them a check from the bank. That took me three hours at the dealership to get done along with like four conversations with the manager. I will say my Lincoln dealer is pretty easy to deal with and I may just talk myself into another Lincoln.
  20. Can’t wait to hit a jumbo bucket of blade 5 irons.
  21. Not really a problem but more of a gripe. I absolutely hate the car buying process and it is even worse when you are 8 hours away and trying to buy a car in NY. So far I have had six calls from one dealer asking if there is any way that I can get there this weekend to do something in person that we can easily do over the phone. No hassle and no haggle prices are BS at the best and there is always hassle since they could not possibly sell the car for what they advertise it for, simple math and being a finance guy tell me that. Between Chevy and Jeep they have beat me into just keeping what
  22. Finished my testing at MGS this week and they out me to work. Double sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, another session on Thursday then finished my week on Friday with a jumbo bucket of 5 irons. At least it gave me motivation to actually hit some golf balls.
  23. When I was in high school it was John Daly and now my swing is a hell of a lot shorter. I think one of my yearbooks had me compared to Daly in it. I may have to dig that one up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. You now have Dalton [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. It is never a good sign when you go to purchase a handgun and the response is “well, we need to consult the ATF.” Then get the go ahead to do the paperwork and get out on a hold by the ATF. In the end I got what I needed and the store was awesome. They used me as a test case for the new dual residency laws in VA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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