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  2. Mike Ontario Scotty Cameron Futura Phantom Putting is not helping my game. Can easily card couple 3 putts each nine on a bad day.
  3. Have a golf trip to Cancun coming up and am a sunglasses junkie. Would love to try the brand for my trip! Will even give feedback on their site.
  4. Mike Ontario, Canada HDCP 13 Rocketbladez 4i-AW/ AXE graphite stiff flex Choice i210 in standard lofts Awesome opportunity, thanks to those making it possible!
  5. OMG Yes, please enter me for this opportunity! Mike- Ottawa, Ontario 57 yrs old-- 12 handicap TM Rocketbladez 4-AW (5-9 with AXE graphite shafts) Mack Daddy 2 wedge (54 degree) Maltby wedge (58 degrees) Thanks for the opportunity!
  6. Mike/ Ontario - I have no fairway woods in my bag as I have yet to find a 3W I can actually hit. - I use a 3H and 4H as 'fairway woods' They are Adams Speedline S with Matrix Kujoh 85g shafts in Stiff flex. They are 19 and 22 degrees respectively. I also have a 2H Adams 'Pro', but it's an iffy proposition due to the much smaller head size. I have no club that exceeds 215 yards except for the driver. Find me a fairway I can get 225-250 yards out of, and I would sing its praises to all!
  7. Mike Ontario/Canada Grenade irons/shaft 123g unknown maker/flex Stiff 7 iron distance 150 yards (loft is 36 degrees) Thanks!
  8. Going with the following lineup.... 1)Tiger Woods 2) Matt Kuchar 3) Charley Hoffman 4) Pat Perez 5) Ernie Els Winning score -14
  9. Mike, Ontario Bombtech Grenade 9 Degree/HZRDUS Yellow Stiff flex 100-105 mph/12 handicap 9.5 degree head/Tensei Orange 60 in Stiff Thanks for the opportunity!
  10. 1.Mike Ontario 2.Bombtech irons. Stiff flex. Shaft unknown 3.Handicap is 13 4. Would have to go CBX for the distance component. Current irons are a very soft lofting by comparison with the CBX's. The Cleveland set being on average a whopping 4-6 degrees stronger on each club! So we'd be seeing 10-15 yards difference? Oh yes please! Currently playing a couple times a week, plus range time. Would be more than happy to do the work required to have these irons in my bag.
  11. Mike, Ontario Bombtech 52/56/60 wedges Strengths- Full swing wedge approach shots. Weaknesses- Distance control and impact consistency 1/4 or 1/2 type swings for chips and pitches. Handicap-12 Good luck to all, and thanks for the contest!
  12. Mike, Ontario Bombtech cavity back iron. Stiff flex. Shaft unknown. Handicap12 C300 Forged (Are they really as 'soft' as reviewers always claim?)
  13. Mike, Ontario 9 Degree Bombtech Grenade with HZRDUS Yellow shaft Swing Speed 102, 250 carry 12 Handicap
  14. Here we goooooo..... 1) Justin Thomas 2) Henrik Stenson 3) Charley Hoffman 4)BrysonDeChambeau 5) Bernhard Langer Winning score -9 Top Amateur+2 Good luck all!
  15. Mike Ontario,Canada HDCP13 Chromesoft Would say I'm a low spin player, so based on the video, I think the MTB Red would be the better fit.
  16. Well let's try these..... MGS-- Just Get Better MGS-- Learn More Lower Your Score MGS-- The Power of Golf MGS-- Your Personal Best Golf MGS-- Focus For Success
  17. Mike Ottawa, Ontario 13 Hdcp A fitted Cleveland bag? Oh man, could your Christmas honestly get any better if you won? MY Cleveland bag would be as follows..... 1) Launcher 9 degree driver. 2) Launcher 3W 3) Launcher 3 & 4 hybrids 4) CBX Irons 5 to PW 5) CBX Wedges 52/56/60 6) Elevado 2135 putter No doubt those clubs, being fitted for me, would have to help my game big time! Of course once you got these babies in the bag, you gotta be gaming Q-Star Tour balls as well. They are my go to ball. I honestly didn't start breaking 90 until I started hitting Q-Stars a couple years ago. Down to the mid 80's now, and looking for short game and putting help, got everything crossed hoping for the win! Good luck to everyone, and thanks to Cleveland and MGS for the opportunity!
  18. Mike, Ontario Yes! Callie 33" Odyssey O-Works #7 in Red please! Putting is currently the worst part of my game. Help!
  19. Mike, Ontario, Canada ATi Scorpion head, Grafalloy Launch Apex shaft Driver SS is 104mph and 265 yards Facebook Michael Billings Android phone
  20. 1. Mike, Ottawa, Ontario ​2. YES! Callie 3. NOT Custom fit 4. Queen B 9 OMG this could not have come at a better time. Played on Tuesday this week, and 3 putted FOUR friggin' times!! HELLLPPP!!!!
  21. Hi everyone! One of the cool things about the site is the ability to test and/or win/keep all kinds of equipment, clothing, trips, etc. Even better is when the test/contest is for something you really believe in, or really think could be the missing part of your game! Oh man, this driver, putter, iron set, shaft, ball, GPS could really help you on the course, or be the item that will finally shave those strokes off the scorecard! Now, imagine the disappointment when you find out you're not eligible to even enter the contest! Bummer. I completely understand that MGS has no control over how companies distribute their promotional products. In addition, I also understand a lot of the contest listings are simply other members providing links that MGS also has no control over. What I would appreciate is if we used some kind of indicator that people could put in their post headline, and that denotes the contest as being only for American residents. Maybe a simple asterisk (*), or 'USA', for example? Unfortunately we non-U.S. members regularly click on a link, only to realize we're outta luck, because the contest rules note U.S. Only entries. Use of an indicator would save us the time (and disappointment) of clicking on links that wind up being of no use to us. Thanks!
  22. - Mike/Ontario, Canada - Adams Speedline 3H and 4H. Lofts are 19 and 22 degrees. - Matrix Kujoh 75g shafts in 'Stiff' Flex. - The clubs were not custom fit, they were straight off the rack. - Strength of the hybrid game is simply distance. I have decent enough swing speed, so even when mishit, I still get something usable as a result. Weakness is quality of strike, and accuracy. I have actually been wanting to re-shaft the clubs, or at least add a 1" extension to see if length is the issue. I feel that I am always forced to 'get down to the ball' with these clubs, and not have to do that with anything else in my bag. I was considering the Mitsubishi Tensei Blue hybrid shaft as a replacement, but would love the opportunity to test these prototype designs!
  23. 1) Mike/Ontario 2) 14 HDCP 3) TM Rocketbladez (extremely disappointing) 4) JPX900 Hot Metal For context, the TM iron set I have now is the worst performing set of irons I have ever owned. At the time they were purchased, JPX-850's had just come out. I was convinced by the salesman at the big box golf store to get the TM's because they were a closeout item at $500 off. Had really liked the 850's on the simulator, but being of limited economic means at the time, chose the TM's. Have cursed that decision with every 'thinned' approach shot, or 'faded' long iron. Would like the opportunity to take a game improvement iron, and truly show that something properly fitted, and even moderately executed by the player, can improve your scores.
  24. Mike/Ontario Handicap: 14 Never gamed Wilson irons, but have hit them on driving ranges. Current Iron Set: Unhappy owner of TaylorMade Rocketbladez 5-PW.
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