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  1. Shelby Langston Washington state 17 Nike 2.0 KuroKage stiff 230 Jim Furyk Sent from my LG-LS993 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. It's be very very worth it to see a fitter who specializes in SL, or one who understands the concept and can work with a manufacturer who can guide them through the process. It is a bit of a different animal. I was fitted by a Tom Wishon certified fitter and am really enjoying my Sterling SL irons. We were also able to cut down my fw and driver to integrate them into the set.. reach out to Tom as he is more than willing to help! Hope you enjoy your adventure! Sent from my LG-LS993 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. shelby langston anacortes, washington 15 Sterling Single Length I am currently playing the Wishon Sterling Single Length irons, all to 8i length, with Aerotech i80 steelfiber shafts and midsize grips. Nike driver and fairway woods, cut down according to Tom's direction so that they integrate well with the SI irons. I have actually hit both the Cobra irons briefly last week. I feel it would be nice to see how they actually compare to the Cobra irons. That being said, I did like the forged version as far as feel, which I do realize is relative to the shaft, grip, etc.. I think it would be great to participate and give a fair evaluation of the irons..
  4. using a superstroke 5.0 on my nickent pipe putter, face balanced..I also use a left hand low putting grip and have for many years.. I just ordered a new cure putter and would love to see how it feels compared to the 5.0
  5. I've been looking at this and the Tour Strike.. Does anyone have any preference of the two and which is worth the investment? thnx!
  6. Shelby Langston Anacortes,WA 18 hmm, probably a 6 iron well.. I think I, like most, struggle with the long irons and would love to develop more confidence..
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