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  1. Dave Ontario, CANADA Taylormade Speedblades R Flex 10 hcp Would love to test them for everyone (I am a greenskeeper on a course so I'll have lots of chance to give them a proper go
  2. Dave Ontario, Canada Taylormade Burner - 10.5* Regular Re/Ax 90 mph - 225 carry
  3. Yes I'm in Ontario in the Great Lakes region. Don't remind me of your nice weather out west! Oh well, this weekend looks like it is improving. Here's hoping!
  4. Dave from Ontario Canada Current putter is Nike Everclear E33 Would love to try the Tour Classic My common miss is all of the above! Left, right, and short I work on a golf course so I will have lots of time to test it out Keep up the great work guys
  5. Hi all. New member here. Just wanted to say I can't wait for the white stuff to go away and the green grass to show itself. Have some new TM Speedblades and I can't wait to try them out!
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