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  1. Hey Guys... My name is Grant Dow, 56 years old from Scottsdale AZ. But my story starts in Aberdeen Scotland with my folks who emigrated to Arizona in 1962, I was born in AZ in 1963. You see I’m a first generation American and damn proud to be too... Okay, back to the my story. I started playing golf as a young kid, maybe 5-6 years old. My folks divorced about that time and at the age of 9 started delivering new papers and one area I delivered papers to had a short retirement golf course, that’s where I started playing for emerald about the age 11. Fast forward through high school and
  2. Grant Dow 56, former assistant golf professional (85-92) Currently a four handicap 100 MPH driver club head speed. Average driver distance 260 carry, 8-iron carry distance 160, 2016 AP1 irons. Playing ProVX Scottsdale, AZ Playing 4-8 rounds per month depending on travel schedule.
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