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  1. 13 handicap Lubbock, Tx 120 club head speed 240-245 carry F7+ Excited about this test opportunity. I've never had a chance to swing a cobra.
  2. Robert Gonzales Lubbock, Tx Weakness would be bunker play. Strengths I would say 90 yards and in. I love when I'm able to use any of my wedges. My go to from 90 out would be my 52 and from 60 in my 60 degree. I would like to test the WS grind 52 and 60 standard length true temper s300 shafts with mcc plus grip.
  3. Robert Gonzales 10 Lubbock, Texas I currently have a bushnell from 2010 and it's still alive and kicking. Hasn't failed me yet.
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