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  1. Anyone out there have one or know of anyone that does? Im referring to this years matte black version.
  2. It doesnt change my impression of Nike Golf. Other than I never thought Id see them quit at anything. Im not happy about it. If you know me outside of this message board, you know that Im a diehard Nike guy. So it was pretty much the worst day ever for me.
  3. Maybe when the low tops come out in mid August???
  4. Mine is setup at low launch and 8.5. Ive messed with 5 shafts to see if I can get my swing right and its frustrating me beyond belief! As Barb stated, the sound and feel is amazing, but im just not hitting it solid. Maybe next year they will give us a 460 version???
  5. Theyre now listed on NDC. Coming soon!
  6. I was also surpised at how much it changed my ball flight. And the drop in ball spin was something Ive been searching for. Im not giving up on it, but i need some more range time to get my swing set for it. Such a great driver when struck solid.
  7. Diamana Blueboard Xstiff. But it was to whippy for me. Switched it our for my Kuro Kage Silver Xstiff. I have zero problem hitting the sweet spot with my Vapor Pro, but there is just something different about the Flex. And its really bothering me cause when I connect with the Flex, its better than the Pro! So much less spin. Better(lower) ball flight. Im not giving up on it, but i just need more time with it. I love everything about it except the fact that im not hitting it square. Urgh!
  8. Go find the Flex and hit it. If you like a good sounding driver, youll love it.
  9. STAGE 3. THE BIG FIVE: 1. Will the Flex 440 go in my bag? Well, during my review stage, no it wasnt going in my bag, but after some more practice it is officially in there! I knew all along that I loved everything about it, but I just couldnt get it to fit my swing. And after some much needed range time this summer, i have it fine tuned! 2. Who would i recommend the Flex 440 to? I would definitely say a low handicap player. The smaller head just makes it slightly harder to hit on the screws. 3. How did it change how i feel about Nike Golf? It didnt change my thoughts on them at all. They are constantly trying to push the limits and make the best possible product. 4. What features would I change or keep for the next model? I would say keep everything as is but make a 460 head. Thats really all i would suggest. 5. Which feature do I like the most? As someone who was never big on how my driver needed to sound, i fell in love with the sound of the Flex. Keep the RZN!!! THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST THIS CLUB OUT. AND TO BE ABLE TO KEEP IT IS TRULY A BLESSING. THANKS MYGOLFSPY!
  10. NIKE FLEX 440-OFFICIAL MGS FORUM REVIEW by NSpears23 As a Nike lover, I went in to this review hoping this was gonna be my favorite driver ever. So lets find out if it ends the way I hope! Performance at the range: Ill admit it took me a few swings to get my swing worked out. For whatever reason, the Flex was hard for me to make solid contact until I got in to a groove. And that mishit was always low and on the heel. ACCURACY: I was having a blast hitting this club. I wasnt having any trouble hitting a nice 5 yard fade or a nice little draw. One thing I noticed is that I never had any balls really spray in any direction. Now, am I a professional golfer on the range? Hello no, but I know what a ball is supposed to do when strick right. And in the case of the Flex, it performs in this department quite nicely. DISTANCE: This is what I most interested in. Would it gain me any advantage over my Vapor Pro? Well with the Flex I had to hit it just perfect to get my normal distances out of it. I hover right around the 295 yard mark with my normal swing and the flex hit those numbers, but it had to be hit on the screws. Any off center hit was a loss of quite a few yards. Boooo! TRAJECTORY CHARACTERISTICS: This turned out to be my favorite thing about the flex. I have a high spin rate on my driver. With the Flex and the ability to change the flight of the ball with the Flex Loft 2, thats allows for 15 different options, I was able to get the best flight of any driver ive ever tested. I have a natural balloon flight to my drives but with the Flex I was getting tons of run out. FORGIVENESS: Forgiveness was a negative for me. Mishits were magnified with the Flex. Not on a left to right way, but in distance. Probably 20-25 yards. CONTROL: When I was putting a good swing on it, my control was fine. I could make it do what i wanted. RANGE SCORE: 15/20 PERFORMANCE ON THE COURSE Ive played 3 rounds with the Flex 440. Im going to apologize right now, because Im not going to break it down in to categories. I love Nike. Plain and simple. I want this driver to be my go to. But when it came to the course, I just dont have a good enough swing to hit that sweet spot. Over and over again, im hitting it low and on that dang heel. Now when I switch back to my Vapor Pro, it never happens. I have no idea what the reason is. This lead to very low confidence when stepping on the tee. If any one who is reading this could help me out with WHY i am continually hitting that part of the clubface, it would be greatly appreciated!!! The few times I did make solid contact, look out! For someone who is a great golfer, I can see you loving this club. Score: 13/20 PERFORMANCE NOTES It performs great when hit well. But if you are off center, performance drops big time. I wasnt as pleased as I was hoping to be. Compared to my Vapor Pro, its just not as forgiving. I loved that it lowered my spin rate so much. It has a piercing ball flight and a lower flight. It definetly was great on the range when I could get a good flow and i was hitting driver and only driver. But on the course when you youre only hitting it wvery so often, it didnt perform for me. Id say forgiveness was my least favorite thing about the Flex. Once my swing is on tour level, i think i would game the Flex.... SUBJECTIVE I loved the shape. Same with my Vapor Pro. The classic shape. I love the color scheme. Black and Blue just look mean together. Alot of people dislike the swoosh on the top. Ive had 3 Nike drivers with the swoosh there and I NEVER NOTICE IT WHEN SWINGING. I personally think its the best looking driver on the market. Score: 19/20 SOUND AND FEEL: Oh baby! The sound on the Flex is like no other! It sounds like a wooden baseball bat. Such a great sound. Feel is very pure when struck well, but very pronounced when mishit. When you strike it well, it honestly feels like going yard against Kershaw. Ok ok, i dont know how that would feel, but i imagine it would feel that way! Haha! Score: 18/20 https://youtu.be/ghx1UK3WpoA LIKELIHOOD OF PURCHASE: Before I was chosen for this I would have picked one of these up. But knowing how inconsistent i am with it, im now out on the Flex 440. Deep down im crying. I wanted this to work out. Score: 14/20 So the bottom line on the Flex 440 is that it looks great, sounds great, has some amazing technology in it, but For me its just not the right driver. I blame this all on myself for being bad. I would highly recommend you teat it for yourself. Dont go out and buy it, but go test it. Its like a Nascar car, it has all the muscle and power under the hood, but it needs someone who knows how to drive it. Not the ending i wanted but still a huge thanks to the MGS team for choosing me. Back to my Vapor Pro. FINAL SCORE: 79/100
  11. Hey everyone, my name is Nick Spears and I really want to thank everyone at MyGolfSpy for choosing me to review the Nike Flex 440. I am a diehard Nike guy and by that I mean, I play nothing but Nike. Clubs, balls, shoes, glove, hat, yada yada yada, its all Nike. Now before you say, "oh great this wont be a biased review.", I want you to know that I only play what works for me. For instance, last years version of the Flex did not work for me at all. I loved the look of it but i just couldnt hit it. So I promise to be truthful in my review. Im about a 10 handicap who used to be a 2 handicap golfer in high school and college. But then came marriage and kids and well, you know where that goes. Id say my strengths are my distance and being able to get myself out of trouble. The reason im good at getting myself out of trouble is because my distance isnt always the straight kind. Which leads me to my weaknesses. Although I can hit it long, my down fall is that I have a pull hook that shows up quite often. Id probably shave 5 strokes off my game if I could eliminate that damn thing! My ball flight is high, high, and higher. Not a ballooning type of high but just a high launching flight. My current gamer is the Nike Vapor Pro which im in love with!!! Its the most consistent driver ive hit in a long time. My swing tempo....hmm....I would go with a slow take away followed by a very quick downswing. My problem is coming over the top. My swing speed is on average around 115. When i really want to get after it, i can get it up to 120. I absolutely love this game. After my family it is priority number 1. My free time is consumed with either playing or visiting message boards or course websites. I can even sit and stsre at google maps wishing i could play some of the top courses in America. Ive been golfing since I was 9 years old. My mom used to work at my home course and my grandpa would take me out once a week. My grandpa continued taking me more and more as i grew older. He is the main reason for my love of this game. I remember at the age of 12 him telling me that you can play basketball for a while, but you can play this game til your dead. And he did just that. I would classify myself as someone who just plays for fun but the competitiveness is still in me. First and foremost i want to have fun, but i wanna beat you. The days of slamming my club in the ground are gone. I play to visit new courses. Just like a lot of people, i have a dream of playing the top 100. Sitting at 12 with a trip to Bandon planned in August. So i will get 4 more then and in a few weeks im headed to Victoria National. Big summer! My current bag setup is: Nike Vapor Pro driver Nike Vapor 3 wood Nike Vapor Fly Pro irons Nike 56 and 60 degree wedges Nike Method Origin putter Nike RZN Protos Ive loved Nike ever since I was a kid. Michael Jordan. And then Tiger, and i always said that when Nike started making clubs, Id be playing them. I live in northern illinois so most of my golf is in the midwest. I love to go to Kohler and Erin Hills, and I just played Sand Valley on saturday. Chicago has a lot of good tracks but I dont feel like any of the public ones are GREAT. I like Cog Hill and Highlands of Elgin, Deere Run in the quad cities, but i really love to travel to the top courses when I can. I am not a tinkerer. Never have been. I set it and forget it. Same with my swing. Ive never had a lesson in my entire life. Sometimes i think about getting one but im kind of proud that i can get around a track without having to think about what i have to do next. Finally, I just like to continue my dream of playing the top courses, have fun, enjoy the scenery, and have fun with my friends. If you live near me, send me an invite, ill play with anyone. Ive met a ton of great people in this game. And thanks again MyGolfSpy!!!
  12. Vapor Fly. I wish it was the Pro.
  13. Remember that these are still in a prototype stage. Last i was told they are only 75% complete. And dont be surprised if the swoosh stays in that spot.
  14. That driver isnt the one he played at Sage Valley. And its not the one coming out May 1st.
  15. That one is definitely his old one. No questions
  16. For those who dont like the sole on the Jordans that have been coming out, hold tight.
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