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  1. Paul - Richmond, Va right handed 1st choice - 3 wood x-stiff 2nd choice - hybrid x - stiff hcp: 0.4 currently play hybrids
  2. Paul Richmond, Va Taylormade M5 0.9 107mph TSI3
  3. Paul Virginia 1.5 Wilson FG 62, KBS Tour Stiff i500 I've been hoping to get these in hand to try since I first saw the pictures y'all posted a while back. I've been wanting Ping to make an iron that looks this good for a long time.
  4. Nothing in golf could ever top this for me. In March my dad and I went over to Scotland to play after twelve years of talking about it. As long as I've been playing golf seriously, we have talked about how cool it would be if one day we could go play the Old Course, but that all all it's ever amounted to, one day. Last fall I decided enough is enough and I submitted an advance tee time application and told my dad if we got a tee time we were going. Well we got it....in March. I called my dad and said two things, get ready to walk 18 holes, and buy warm golf clothes. We ended up playing four rounds; Leven Links, St Andrews Castle, St Andrews Old, and Carnoustie Championship. Every minute of the trip was amazing, but there is something special about standing in that 18th fairway with your dad, the man who taught you to love this silly game, after twelve years of dreaming.
  5. If you love your gamers and the grooves are still okay, don't change. I like to keep a backup set on hand in case my starters go cold. I find it helps to look at something different every now and then, but backups shouldn't be anything crazy expensive if you do not plan on using them much. My gamers are some Wilson FG 62s I've had for years and my backups are an old set I found at a thrift store years ago. On the other hand, if your irons are really not doing it for you or if the grooves are worn, go through a fitting. Hit anything you can get your hands on and go for the best price/performance combo you are comfortable with.
  6. straderp93


    With irons I've typically stuck with the KBS Tour after I was fit for it about 8 years ago. I was recently fit into the C-Taper but just prefer the feel of the Tour. I will probably do a more comprehensive fitting when my current set wears out to see if I can improve my numbers at all. Woods are a different story. I used to always buy used woods because it was all I had the budget for so I'd end up self fitting with very limited options. More than a few times my self fitting didn't go so well on course so I've been doing whatever the fitter tells me on driver shafts for a while. My only issue with shaft fittings so far has been fitters hesitancy to have me try anything other than a stock option. I'll happily pay the upcharge if a more premium shaft option will give me better results. Maybe the stock offering really is better for me in some cases, but let me at least hit the thing to find out.
  7. I'm 25 years old and didn't pick up the game seriously until i was 7 so needless to say i never played with any of these when they were current, but steel spikes are the only one of these i haven't used at least a few times. I found an old Powerbilt persimmon 3 wood a couple years ago and take it out every few months for kicks. Every time I catch one solidly with it I think about getting one of those Louisville drivers and just playing with that regularly.
  8. 1. I had a set of Titleist 670's in high school that I absolutely loved. I felt like I would never miss the green with the short irons and i've never had more confidence in a club than that 9-iron. They were the only set of irons that lasted me long enough to develop wear spots on the groves. Ended up getting rid of them after a couple years because they were a little too short after I stopped growing and I needed a little more forgiveness in the long irons. Getting rid of them is hands-down my biggest equipment related regret in golf. My current gamers, Wilson FG-62s, are close but just not the same. 2. Ping G2 5wood. This thing was a beast for me when I was growing up. To this day it is the only 5 wood I've ever used because nothing else can compare to it. I switched out the stock shaft for a Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue when first needed a stiff flex and even though it was never the same it was still a beast of a club for me. Eventually the shaft snapped and I had to re-shaft it a second time. After that it never worked for me and I gave it to my brother. That was probably 8 years ago and it still hasn't left his bag. 3. Only Holy Grail club still in play is my Ping WRX Isoforce Anser F putter. I learned my lesson with the 670s and will never get rid of this baby. It has gone in and out of my bag over the years but i always go back to it. It was my first real putter when i got it for Christmas in 2006 so it's pretty special to me. I wanted it so badly at the time because Chris DiMarco was my favorite player and it's what he was gaming at the time.
  9. Paul, Virginia 25, +1 Index Wilson FG 62 (3-pw) - KBS Tour, Stiff - Standard Grip, 0.5 Degrees upright
  10. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Brendan Steele Tier 5: Chesson Hadley Winning Score: -18
  11. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Haotong Li Tier 5: Ian Poulter Winning Score: -9 Low AM: +4
  12. Paul, Virginia Ping WRX IsoForce Anser F, 35 in RH O Works Red 2ball - 34in RH
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