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  1. 0.7 Rockville, MD MP-18 MCC, 8i (36*)= 170 yds Not much. Small DTC company that manufactures golf products that have performed well in MGS testing at generally a lower price point.
  2. Mike / MD 0.7 X2Hot Pro (20 degrees) 12 grams of lead tape on toe, Diamana white board 80 Hybrid X-flex shaft, std length What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid: fade biased design (weighting/face setup) with a lower piercing flight
  3. - Mike - Rockville, MD - 1.2 - Mizuno MP-18 MMC (DG X100 AMT) - T-100S Great opportunity! I like my MP-18 MMCs and they certainly outperformed my previous MP-57's, but they're click-ier than my previous MP-57s and launch a tad high (even with the stronger lofts). I struggle to flight the ball down and retain reasonable spin from the rough. The lower CG 100% helps on mishits, but every so often I airmail a short iron over the green. I'm at a point where I'm willing to sacrifice some forgiveness for distance control. The T-100s match the stronger lofts of my MP-18 MCCs almost identically, so I'd love to test them out!
  4. Shinhai/Maryland Odyssey #2, metal-X milled, 34", (murdered out, black shaft and grip) 0.1
  5. 1. Mike, MD 2. +0.3 3. 915D3 7.5* Diamana D+ 72 x5ct X-Flex 45.0" 4. 112 mph, 280 yds 5. H. Stenson
  6. Mike MD +0.0 Mizuno MP-57 (4-PW), DG X100, 2* upright, +1/2" length, mcc plus 4
  7. Mike, MD, USA Titleist 915D2 7.5 degree, Diamana D+ 72 x5ct Flex-X, 45.0" 112 mph SS, 285 yds carry, (see pic)
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