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  1. 5 Handicap located in San Diego Apex Pros. 8-iron = 170 yds I first heard of this brand, like many others, through MyGolfSpy. I know that they, and other like Ben Hogan, are trying to grab market share by keeping prices low via their direct-to-consumer model. Sub70 makes all types of clubs (i.e. woods, irons, wedges, and putters) and has a lineup of models geared towards different ability levels. Through the reviews I've read online, they produce quality clubs that can easily compete with OEMs and should be considered by golfers in the market for new clubs, especially those looking t
  2. Rocky Hall - Sunny San Diego Never owned a GPS device, used various friend's devices though. Nikon Rangefinder
  3. Rocky California Hdcp: 1.5 Haven't bought a new rangefinder in 6 years, would love to try out a new one!
  4. Rocky, California Taylormade R1, Matrix Ozik 7M3 X flex 120 MPH, ~290 carry
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