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  1. Can’t wait! Look forward to showing you data between my Callaway MB compared to New Titleist T-100! Handicap: +1.7 GC Quad data or Trackman your choice! Thankyou , -Ty
  2. Ty Los Angeles, CA Taylormade M2 +.9 115 mph TSi3 Thanks for considering me! Look forward to the opportunity if selected
  3. 1. HANDICAP +2.1 Los Angeles, CA 2. NIKE VR 2 BLADES 8IRON- 175 YARDS 3. Not much just recently had a friend mention the brand to me. Company looks like a solid cool trendy company looking to make a difference. Look forward to having the opportunity to test your product. -Ty
  4. Your first name Ty City/State Los Angeles, CA Your swing speed and handicap Driver Swing Speed 112-115mph Handicap 1 Your current setup of FW/Hybrid/Utility TaylorMade M2 Tour 3 wood 15.0 Ping G400 3 Hybrid 19 Hand Right Look forward to being selected. I have previous golf product/ testing experience and would be honored to work with PING. Thank you for the opportunity!
  5. Ty Cucarola Scratch 0.0 Beverly Hills, CA I would be thrilled to be chosen to test out this new setup. ​Best, -Ty
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