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  1. Samuel (Georgia) 1-2 hdcp Nike Vr Forged JPX 900 Tour I'm really interested to see the flight from these irons. I love their products but their drivers have fallen a little flat on sales. Good feel but the balls just dies in the air. Especially interested in how these interact with the turf, does it dig or slice through. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Some of the perks of working at a golf retailer is that you come across some great deals and before you advertise it. I recently picked up 2 Fourteen Golf TF wedges and let me tell you that these wedges are the real deal. I picked up the 56 degree and 60 degree to replace my Vokey SM5's (I know, blasphemy). Playing on relatively hard and fast greens (speed around 11.5) here in Georgia, they did not disappoint whatsoever. Now, they don't have quite the softness as the Vokey's but they did have a nice feel when playing from inside 90 yards. Around the green, I got a lot of check on short
  3. Name: Sam State: Georgia Handicap : 2 Current Irons: Nike Forged Pro Combo
  4. I would like to be selected to test this new equipment and software. Name: Samuel State: Georgia Handicap: 2 Have I ever used a GPS watch?: No sir Have I ever used a shot tracking system?: No sir
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