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  1. Do all of the testers think they will use the Arccos grips to help with this review? Also, what's one thing that excites you most about these irons based on your readings?
  2. It's actually not as scary as it looks. At the beginning, my driver is actually resting on the mat. I am definitely wanting a smaller hitting mat to put on that side though.
  3. Hey guys! The weather finally broke so I was able to put my net up today. I wanted to see how well I was finding the center of the face with the new setup. Below is the link to the first swing and a picture after hitting 5 balls.
  4. I'd be curious on how you went about the fitting process. Did you match your current set up? If so, were you fit for that setup, and do you feel like your current setup works or is there a "big miss?" Did you have a recent fitting before all of us were shutdown that you're matching?
  5. Congrats testers!! The 710s are amazing irons! Can't wait to see how you guys feel about them
  6. Hey everyone! I wanted to provide a quick update on my status and plans for the coming week. Good news: I'm officially over my sinus infection and feeling back to normal! Bad news: With Covid-19, 4 of the simulators around me that I have been using, or was going to use have been closed for the next few weeks. Each of them will reevaluate their situation at that time. The city that has these simulators, and where I work, has gone to a travel advisory. My plan: Indiana weather is showing itself, so it's currently raining and/or not getting above 35*. I looks like I'm going to get a break Wednesday and some of Thursday. I'm going to try and get out and walk a course if possible. If the courses are flooded, or shutdown, I, luckily, have a hitting net that I'll set up in my backyard. If I go to the hitting net, I'm going to do the foot spray accuracy test on how well each shaft allows me to find the center of the face. I'm going to call the PGA SS and see if I can pick the NV Green to include in that since they are doing curbside pick-ups. I apologize for the hiccups as we are all going through these tough and uncharted times. I'll definitely upload a swing video with the next test! If there's anything anyone wants to see, please let me know!
  7. Well my NV Green is currently sitting at the PGA SS because they were the ones doing the return....
  8. @COmedic - What happened with the F3? I see it's up on for sale! I might take a look at it with my 3-wood
  9. I actually went out and bought rubber tee that you can place actual tees in a year or so ago. Like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Rubber-Holder-Practice-Driving-available/dp/B07BHWNKBL If you use the short tees for irons, it should be at the exact height you would normally play.
  10. Sounds like they need to get a net in the back of the range or move the tees back Unfortunately, I'm staying in this weekend. I'm going through a bit of a sinus infection and don't want the death glares from people when I cough. I should be back up next week! I also got word that the new NV Green shaft is ready to be picked up. It'll definitely be a better comparison than my HZRDUS Yellow. My HZRDUS Yellow is nowhere near as accurate and as long, so there hasn't even been a comparison.
  11. If you guys want I can jump on the PGA Tour game on my Xbox and finish the 3 rounds and let you know the leader board. I can't promise the leader board won't favor certain players
  12. Well here's a wrench no one thought would happen....Players is now cancelled. We just going to say the scores as it is are final for this week?
  13. I was finally able to get out this morning and play a little birthday 9. The shaft continues to amaze! The only time I missed my target was if I made a bad swing. A few time i got excited to let it fly and just messed up my swing. Highlight of the round was this drive right here!
  14. Thanks everyone! I was actually able to get out and play 9 to do some testing for Motore X today!
  15. Those are great numbers!! Glad you were finally able to get on an accurate monitor, but look at the consistency!!
  16. Today I wanted to hit the launch monitors to check the settings to make sure I have everything adjusted properly before I start judging this shaft. I definitely got this dialed in! This combo is becoming a monster!!
  17. I'm not sure if the counterbalance of the HZRDUS Yellow is the reason for the slower speed or what. In the PXG fitting with the NV Green and with the Motore X, I feel like I have a better since of where the club head is at during my swing.
  18. You see the news that Titleist dropped him this week for something he put on social media?
  19. I don't have any pictures from the PXG fitting, but I know that my ball speed maxed out at 163 mph and my carry number was close to 280. I've never seen ball speed get that close to 170! I've also never hit 117 mph in club head speed. I threw my HZRDUS Yellow in just to see what that was swinging at, and it was coming in around 113 mph. I had to give it all I had to get anywhere close to 117 mph. I'm definitely going to keep watching to see if that trend continues! @azstu324 - If you don't want to by the heavier weights right now, you could always use lead tape to see if it would make a difference. That would allow you to take the yarn out and get the sound back to the way you want it.
  20. I was able to get on GC Quad today as soon as I got a box on my front door. Unfortunately there was an issue with the NV Green shaft so I wasn't able to do a good comparison. Basically the shaft is going back to Aldila and getting replaced with a new one. Going through my first couple hits, I noticed we definitely needed to change some settings with this shaft. I was launch really low and with almost no spin. We jumped the loft up to 10.5⁰ and it made all the difference! Here's my last hit. Slightly low on the face but I think I'll take it
  21. Purgatory is easily one of my favorites! They have a 9-hole men's night every Thursday of a major for $30 and all you can eat when you're done. I always make sure to hit that up. They do different 2-person formats with each event and try to match the food too. The Open is always the best fish and chips. Next time you're there, hit me up!
  22. I'll kinda give a bit of a spoiler from what my write-up was going to be with this shaft. After my fitting, I ask if he had time to answer a few questions around this shaft to get a little more in-depth as to the reasons behind why this shaft was created. They took the learnings from Ventus, tightening dispersion, and basically asked how can we hit the ball further while still keeping the tight dispersion that Ventus promises. To come up with that design, they used their ENSO system to capture what happens to a shaft at certain points in the swing. The impression that I got from the conversation was that this shaft will twist a lot less, especially at critical times, than others. My guess is that the weight they took from the paint, no matter how little, was put into the tech to prevent that twisting. That's one of the reasons that I'm really excited for this because of my aggressive transition in my swing. This shaft should handle that transition extremely well.
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