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  1. Ventus is a really solid shaft! I put the Blue 7X in my TM SIM 3 wood. If you're looking for something to compare to the F1 6X, your best bet would be the Black 6X. For us Blue is more of a fairway shaft while Black is the driver shaft. Kinda like how we would probably go F3 7X for Motore in a 3W
  2. I've watched the Steelers way too much to know no matter what they say, they never split time. As soon as the #1 person is back, they run them until they're hurt again. They only way they would think about time share is if Conner would have had 0 yard avg and it was late 3rd. I couldn't see Conner having that low of avg. They do the same thing with receivers too.
  3. @blackngold_blood - you're lucky I'm still getting used to this site! No way would I have had Conner on the bench if I would have caught it. I moved him off after last Sunday's injury, and thought I moved him back. Apparently the I was looking at wasn't updated
  4. Can you only IR someone if they are out for the week or actually on IR?
  5. First Name and Location Mike Indiana How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? I have a VariSpeed Putting Mat and put my Puttout trainer on it for the hole Use it on vinyl plank floors Current/Past Experience with putting mats I had the automatic return and it started sparking and couldn't stay flat. I had one or two others, but I felt like I got what I paid for when I bought them. It's been hard to find a good consistent putting mat that isn't affected much by the slightest imperfection in the floors. The VariSpeed is definitely one of the better ones that I've had, but I feel like it still likes to curl up a bit. With Indiana winters, I'd definitely like to find a consistent mat not only for putting, but that will react with short chips as well. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test Medium or Fast Most course would probably be medium around me, but I could easily do fast as it will allow me to focus more on my stroke.
  6. That's 100% why I locked Rodgers in early this week.
  7. Congrats to everyone! This was an amazing review! Dare I say the best one so far??? This was review always takes so much from the testers to complete this review and you all did a fantastic job!! Hats off to all of you!
  8. Let's see if my all-in gamble pays off now!!
  9. I made a huge mistake and started Brees over Rodgers....first mistake of the year haha
  10. Thank you! Helps having 3 putts go in from off the greens
  11. I loved being a part of the challenges this year with the mixed bag setup! I was sad I wasn't able to complete the last challenge, but I really think the challenges improved my game. Over the weekend I played my first round back as a 1-man scramble tournament and got 5th place with at net score (80% handicap) of 62!!!
  12. First Name/City State/Country Mike/Noblesville,IN/US Current Putter in Use Ping Oslo (Slight Arc) Check out all the models, and tell us which one interests you and why? I would chose the Tyne 3. I feel that it is very close to what I currently use and believe it will be the best chance for success. I was fit for my putter and talking with our local rep when these first launched, we determined this would be the best one to compare. One of the main reason I would love to be a part of this test is I want to find out if getting rid of True Roll was the right move for the amateurs. I'd love to fully dive into it and more with this line of putters!
  13. Is there a way to compare lineups side-by-side with the person you're playing against for each week?
  14. I was able to give these a quick try as part of a check to see how my back/shoulder is doing. I have to admit that I honestly wasn't impressed at all. I compared it to the RTX 4 that I tested last fall for MGS, and I noticed that the Zipcore has a really distinctive click to them. Just my initial thoughts were these are trying to copy what the SM7's did with moving the weight to the high toe. I felt that I wasn't able to spin the Zipcore's as much some of the other wedges out on the market this year, especially the TM Milled Grind 2. Once I'm fully rehabbed again, I can try to give it a better test, but unfortunately, I didn't see much improvement over the RTX 4 in terms of spin and greenside control.
  15. It fits the course perfectly!! Each hole has it's own name to go with the theme. Hole 17 is the signature hole as an "island green" but instead of water it's 2 acres of bunkers.
  16. I actually had the Puma shoes in the car but the course was a bit wet and I didn't want to get them dirty Unfortunately the week I'm having to turn in a DNR...my back blew out on the 14th hole and it was all I could do to just make it back to the car. I just left my trainer's and she helped me get some relief but I'm on rest for the next few weeks The course was in AMAZING shape. This is by far my favorite course. It's called Purgatory. It has the most sand bunkers in the state and you really have to think your way around it. I wasn't on a bad run through 9. My quad really hurt me but my putting was really doing well! There were a few times I putted with a club that wasn't my putter and I tried to use my putter around the greens whenever possible to save a wedge.
  17. Just finished the front 9! I will say this challenge makes things interesting....I was only left with driver for this shot Here's the result! This has to be my shot of the day!!
  18. How's everyone going to keep track of which clubs they used for the challenge? Being the accountant that I am, I'm thinking about tracking it on an Excel spreadsheet on my phone as I go.
  19. Congrats @Peaksy68!!! I'm gonna call out @edingc for this week's challenge!
  20. On the longer Par 3's I actually took a wedge off the tee to give me a good angle into the green to make the chip easier rather than smash a GW there. That I think worked a lot better. 80% of my 2 putts lipped out or stopped 2 inches around the whole. The part that didn't work better was trying to do a bump and run driving iron on a few of the par 5s. I would have been better using wedges and just laying up and putting it in a good spot.
  21. @B.Boston I was able to give it one more go today although the back ate me alive! Shot a 92 on a course/slope of 70.8/128 as a 14 handicap
  22. Well done @B.Boston!!! Look what came today!! These are sick! Thanks Puma!!
  23. That course was great, but if I can get out again, there's actually a course a bit farther away that I'd rather do. I play all of my outings there and I don't typically get in trouble taking driver off the tee like that.
  24. Haha believe it or not, but the scorecards actually come like that!
  25. Alright @B.Boston here's hopefully my first attempt at this. I'd love to get another shot at this if the weather holds off! Definitely wasn't the round I was looking for with this challenge. The round got off to a horrible start. The guy they paired me with lost 5+ balls in almost 3-4 holes. Then when I finally get into some bit of a rhythm, the group in front of us picked up my ball and I had to take the penalty stroke and re-tee I did make a huge 4th shot to end up 2 inches from holing out from 50 yards to get up and down for bogey. The course itself was in great shape! I did move up a set of tees, but don't think Pete Dye wanted people to take part in this challenge. I ended up taking a lot of driving irons off the tee just to try to have some forgiveness in terms of fairway width. I kept getting into trouble trying to drive the greens. If I was just a bit off, I would end up OB. My best drive came on 17. The tee shot is 100% over water. I ended up just in front of those bunkers in the back right. All-in-all I ended up with an 88. I'm a 14 handicap. The course and slope rating is 65.1/107.
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