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    Congrats testers!!!
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    Congrats testers!!!
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    goaliewales14 reacted to GolfSpy_APH in Testers Announced: Exputt RG   
    Do you find putting practice boring or repetitive? Is it something you avoid doing because it is not true enough to real-world situations? ExPutt is a putting simulator that aims to change that. It is a small, portable device that can be used for fun and to improve your putting at home with minimal space required.
    What Is ExPutt RG?
    ExPutt is a small putting simulator that connects to your smart device or TV and provides real-world feedback and situations to help you improve your putting. The ExPutt system consists of a putting mat with a foam backstop, a remote, and a tripod camera for measuring putts. The system features training and game modes for practice, competition, and fun, as well as real courses.
    ExPutt RG Numbers
    On the data side, ExPutt provides ball speed, launch direction, distance, putter path, tempo, and impact angle. Want to enhance the experience? Place stickers on your putter for more accurate data.
    Playing Modes
    ExPutt offers three playing modes. The Classic Mode has three sub-modes: Practice, Play9, and Challenge, which allow golfers to work on various aspects of putting, including on-course play. Explorer Mode focuses on your putting weaknesses. Golfers can select a pin position and recreate putts from the past on real courses. Multi Mode allows golfers with ExPutt devices to compete against each other in real time.
    Please welcome and congratulate our testers!
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    goaliewales14 reacted to schooner44 in Unofficial Review: Short Par 4 Subscription   
    I tried ShortPar4 a few years back and got some really nice clothing out of it. It contained Matte Gray shirt and shorts Matte Gray was started by one of the original designers for Travis Matthew clothing. I decided to try it again a few months back and got all brands that are owned by ShortPar4...it appears they no longer ship out any other brands except for their own with inflated MSRP tags on them. The clothing is decent but definitely not worth the price the charge.  I decided to keep it for another month to see if it was any better. Here's where I got very angry with their practices...They charge you on the 1st of the month but don't ship anything out until the 15th. I contacted them on the 10th to inquire why the shipping label had been created but UPS still didn't have the package which is when they informed me about this practice of taking 2 weeks to ship after charging me. I told them I didn't like that practice at all, wanted to cancel the membership and cancel the current order. They refused to cancel the current order because I didn't do so by the 1st of the month. I got stuck with that box that contained a pair of shoes that are probably the most uncomfortable golf shoes I've ever worn that were made, shockingly, by a company owned by ShortPar4. Needless to say, I won't ever get anything from them again.
    I also tried Mullybox at the same time I tried ShortPar4 and have been very impressed with everything about Mullybox. A nice box with a variety of items and its quarterly rather than monthly.
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    goaliewales14 reacted to Joselo in Unofficial Review: Short Par 4 Subscription   
    Well after reading some reviews i decided to give this a try
    Got a coupon for 'double' the amount of items in the first shipment and went for the Executive membership
    I already experienced their customer service even before the first shipment, I forgot the password to my account
    and after a couple of tries in the site for recovery and an email to their member address just to be ghosted completely.
    Not good.

    Mixed feelings with this first experience. This is the list of items i got:
    1 Shorts jet black 
        I like the quality and the size is spot on for me, will definitely use them after i trim the length     a bit
    2 Woven belt white/black
        Standard belt i will definitely use since i only use solid black or blue
    3 Polo dark gray white 
        Good quality polo, a fraction on the slim side but will definitely use for either golf or work
    4 Shoes stroll performance knit
        This is where i went, wow, no chance I'll ever wear these shoes, definitely not my style at all,
        this was a massive (1st) miss. I tried them on and they are surprisingly comfy though just no chance 
        i would ever wear them. friend of mine sort of wears this style so ill pass them on for beer money prob.

    5 Us Open Pinehurst Hoodie Norris dark gray
    6 Us Open Pinehurst USGA Polo Ritter white-blue
        For these 2 items I'm undecided, on one side the items are pretty nice, the polo is a good color and
        the quality is decent, the hoodie is super awesome and great quality, feels expensive
        The big miss for me here is that this is US OPEN gear, why on earth would i ever want to wear gear from
        an event i have never attended(!?) this is a big NO for me, I have passed on Masters merchandise for
        the same reason before. So i might pass these to a friend if they fit or ill keep them around  50/50 chance
    7 US Open Pinehurst Metal Ball Marker
        Same feeling WTF Us Open stuff? but at least the marker is great quality, will use from time to time
    8 Par4 Plastic Ball Marker
        Including a second marker of your own brand but definitely less quality as the other i don't understand 
        why would you expose yourself as a brand like that
    8 Some coupon for an online wine store
        will give it away to a friend but have a feeling it might end up in the trash same as the plastic marker
    I think there is enough here to keep the subscription for now
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    goaliewales14 reacted to Steve F in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    First I have to say thank you to MGS and L.A.B. golf for being selected for this incredible opportunity to test the new DF3 putter! 
    My name is Steve Fradkin, I am a husband of 37 beautiful years to my wife Patti, father to three wonderful children and two grandchildren and one more on the way! My sons are both engineers and my daughter is in media sales. My children don't like their pictures on social media, so I unfortunately can's share that although I'd love to! The picture below is Patti and I enjoying a small crab feast, which is something we in Maryland love to do during the summer months! We've recently taken up Pickleball as well which is another great source of exercise! Oh, did I mention that Patti was also an extra in the film "Day of the Dead"? 
    Yep... that's her with the wide open eyes! 
    We live in Glyndon Maryland, a small town northwest of Baltimore. We love to get out and hike the local parks, visit the grandchildren New Jersey and just spend quality time with each other. 
    My work is as an estimator at a local body shop. I owned and operated my own small body shop for 26 years, and it was a mutual decision for us to close it down when COVID hit. I am getting to "old" to be tearing cars apart and putting them back together, and COVID presented the opportunity to disengage! Now any body repairs I do are as a hobby only! 
    As far as golf goes, I am clearly the newbie and honored to be included in this incredible group! This is the start of my third season golfing, and how I got in to it is a strange story. When Patti and I met, we went on a trip for American Honda to South Carolina. I was working then as a service manager, and it was one of those gatherings for obtaining information on new products and services. I was asked to golf, but had never done it before. I got talked into buying an inexpensive set of clubs, Pal Joey's. I used them once, in South Carolina. Don't ask me what I shot, it couldn't have been any good! Fast forward to 2022. My youngest son had come to stay with us, and he was looking for someone to golf with. I volunteered. I KNEW I had a set of really, really old clubs somewhere... and I found them. Pal Joey's! We got to the course, and I was hitting the ball everywhere. On a par 3, I pulled out my 7i, and proceeded to swing the head right off into the creek! Regardless, for some reason, I was hooked. I asked Patti if I could get a proper set of clubs, and I did at Second Swing, my (now) cherished Speedblades! Since that day with my son, I've been completely hooked. I try to get out at least twice a week on a course, I don't care what time or weather. As long as it's not lightning, I'll golf! Crack of dawn? Golf! Daylight after work? Golf. For the most part, Patti doesn't mind. As @jbern mentioned, I too am a proud member of the "pushcart mafia", I love walking the course!
    My current gamer is a Taylormade Spider tour. 
    I have a group that I have played almost every Sunday with, and one of them has the L.A.B. DF2, and he raves about it. When the opportunity came up to test, I had to throw my name in the hat. I have never been fit for a putter, so this is completely new to me. I've already started to do a baseline on with my Spider to compare with the L.A.B. DF3. 
    Once the L.A.B. arrives, I am setting up time at Club Champion to get on their putting monitor to compare the two. Again, this is all new to me, and I'm ecstatic to be learning on the go! The L.A.B. recommendations came back last night, I'm going to go with their recommendations and build from there. 
    My key testing is going to be on course and on the practice green. I can't say that putting is a strong suit, I averaged 2.4 putts/hole Wednesday night on 9 holes. I am curious to see the difference in the L.A.B. style of putting, and am anxious to see if it does help in lowering the average putts/hole. I currently use the GolfPad app and sensors to track my game and will be sharing that information as well. 
    The questions I will be answering:
    How easy was the fitting and ordering process through L.A.B.? How does the DF3 feel/look/sound compared to the Spider? Like @jbern mentioned, How long will it take to get used to the L.A.B. style of putting? Again, I am honored to be included with this fantastic group and thank MGS and L.A.B. for this incredible opportunity! Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer throughout this test!

    Unboxing and initial photos:
    We have some serious videographers in this group, so I will apologize in advance for my unease in front of a camera! It's especially difficult when you're filming yourself!
    Packaging and protection of the putter were flawless and we can also thank FedEx for their obvious careful handling of the package! Little did they know they were transporting a Black Mamba: a striker with deadly accuracy!

    Unveiling.mp4 At first blush, the DF3 wreaks of "tech". It gives the impression of simplicity and effectiveness in a straightforward package: it's clear that a lot of thought went into the discovery, design and implementation of that design in this putter. Picking it up and comparing the feel/weight to my current gamer, TaylorMade Spider Tour, it immediately felt perceptibly lighter to me, so I of course had to go and weigh them. 
    TaylorMade Spider Tour: 572g

    L.A.B Golf DF3, aka "The Black Mamba": 561g

    I knew that the Spider Tour felt heavy to me on the putter end in comparison to other putters I had tried, and I like that feel, so as per the recommendation of Calvin at L.A.B., I went with the heavier build on the DF3. While I have only had the opportunity as of this writing to swing the DF3 indoors on my carpet, I can safely say that the feel is completely different from the Spider: you can feel the Spider trying to twist in your hands and you don't get that sensation with the DF3. More will be revealed once I have the opportunity to get the Mamba out on course. Stay tuned! 

    And apparently, there IS voodoo in these clubs! Even L.A.B. says so! Don't mess with the voodoo!

    The weather has been cruddy here in Maryland of late, just received a putting matt that I ordered a few days ago, so the festivities are about to begin! I have compiled putting data through my GolfPad app that I use for scoring. I acquired the app when I decided that this was for real: I had become one of the proud addicted golfers in a relatively short time! I will upload all the data with a summary shortly for the time I've utilized the Spider. If you have any questions that I can answer, please fire away! 
    The combatants: The competition to stay in the bag

    Let the competition begin!
    Building some indoor data for the L.A.B. DF3
    First "official" round with the Black Mamba
    While I'm finding the Mamba is taking some getting used to, I have found that lightening the grip with this club is proving helpful: I now understand what they mean by the "thumbless" feel. Loosen the grip and let the club help you work! 
    May 16th practice session: 
    May 18th data on TM Spider link: 
    First impressions: 20/20
    First, and again, let me say thank you to My Golf Spy and L.A.B. Golf for affording me the opportunity to participate in this testing. I come into this testing being the “newbie” golfer in this incredible group of golfers, so my perspective comes from the angle of a golfer in the midst of his third season playing.
    My DF3, dubbed “The Mamba”, comes into the testing paired against my current gamer of a TaylorMade Spider Tour.

    The Mamba was set up to it’s current specs by submitting a video to L.A.B. Golf. Everything about dealing with L.A.B. was and is top notch: the correspondence between L.A.B. and myself was seamless and very informative. The setup of the alignment aid is mine: I used the L.A.B. logo for the impact point and added a line at the back of the putter head to enhance the alignment aid tool.

    I find having that rear aid is very helpful in lieu of having just the tool at the impact point alone. I chose the 2” Press Pistol Grip with the TPT shaft and the black putter head. If I were to change anything that I had done during the process, I would only have added one step: again, this coming from the perspective of a new golfer. Get an in person fitting done first. I had not done a putter fitting and scheduled one at Club Champion after I had received the Mamba.  I learned a lot about my putting setup and address at the fitting which would have changed the specs I had sent to L.A.B. for the building of the Mamba. This is no fault of L.A.B.: they are using YOUR information that you send to build your putter, so my advice from a newbie is to get an in person fitting done prior to sending in your video and comments.
    I tested the putter on the practice green, on course and on an indoor putting mat.

    I utilize an app called Golf Pad for statistics and present those numbers a little later in the review. The concept of the L.A.B. system is portrayed in a video called “The Revealer” which I have attached a link to here: 
    The Numbers: 38/40
    I utilize the Golf Pad app for keeping on course statistics and pencil and paper when on the practice green and the indoor practice mat. The Golf Pad app is a wonderful aid overall for keeping stats but can sometimes get a little dicey around the pin when reception is spotty. It will always count the putts, but sometimes the distances aren’t as accurate as they could be: I have had a putt of clearly over 10’ that the app is saying is a 2’ putt. This is why I also kept pencil and paper stats on the practice green and the putting mat at clearly measured distances. As of this writing, The Mamba and the Spider are a statistical dead heat. I am averaging 2.2 pph with the Spider and 2.1 pph with the Mamba. I'm still getting used to him! 
    On The Course: 10/10
    On course all putts were counted since receiving the Mamba. Everything about the Mamba is different from the Spider: from the moment you pick up the Mamba the balancing is apparent. You feel no twist or tug from the putter at all. Several take aways from the Mamba on course: My misses are a lot smaller. Putting from distance is now not a “hit and a prayer”, but I’m finding that I’m actually getting the ball either in the hole or placing it at a decent range from the hole which affords the opportunity for keeping away from the dreaded “3 putt.” These from 20'. This is a LOT better than before. 

    And I’m now finding that my in close misses are more heartbreaking as they aren’t just out and out misses, but I’m finding that I’m lipping quite a few more putts than I used to. The misses are that close now. Before misses were near the hole but not of the lip out type. While the overall numbers between the Mamba and the Spider are essentially a dead heat, I am seeing and feeling improvement in my putting game with the Mamba. The Mamba has a crispness, a tighter feel at impact than the Spider. I feel that you get a truer feel of the ball and thus a better opportunity to make adjustments while on course.
    The Good, The In Between, and The Bad: 17/20
    The good:
    As stated above, the feel. Everything about this putter reeks of technology and confidence. I can definitely feel the difference between the Mamba and the Spider at impact: the Mamba feels cleaner, crisper at impact which gives, in my opinion, much better feedback, which in turn leads to more confidence and better putting.
    L.A.B. has delivers on everything they promise: from the online video fitting, corresponding to questions, and offering advice when asked for it. As a company, they could not have been any more accommodating and helpful.
    The in between:
    As I have seen stated by others in the group, getting used to the style of putting by “un-torquing” yourself takes some time, but once it starts to click, you’ll see improvements little by little.
    The bad:
    This is all relative: The Mamba as I have it configured is not inexpensive: it is far and away the most expensive club in my bag. Is it worth it to you is the question. This is one of my biggest pieces of advice: have an in person fitting done FIRST. Because you’re contemplating spending a good deal of your hard earned money on this club, I’d take the additional time to get the in person fitting done so all of your alignments and your address can be factored into the numbers that you will present to L.A.B. This, in addition to the online video you send to L.A.B. should yield you the perfect club for your style and form of putting!
    Play it or trade it? 10/10
    This is a no brainer at this point for me. It stays in the bag: a definite “Play it!” On course while comparing two years’ worth of numbers for the Spider to the several months of numbers for The Mamba, statistically they were essentially a dead heat. The “Play it” comes from the overall performance of the club in such a short period of time. I and my group of friends on Sunday have all seen a definite improvement in my putting performance since obtaining The Mamba. Personally, I feel a clear difference in the feedback the putter provides vs the Spider: it is a cleaner, crisper and truer feel of the ball at impact compared to the Spider. I have also seen a marked improvement in my distance putting: the dreaded three putt, while not a thing of the past, are becoming less and less frequent, and that in just a short time.
    Coming from a golfer into his third season of golf I have to say the DF3 is a performer of the highest standard. L.A.B. makes a bold statement of what they are delivering and they actually do deliver. It does take a little time to get used to the feel of the putter compared to others, but I feel the time spent is well worth it. I’ve seen small gains in a short period of time and the only changes made were the putter itself. Is the putter worth it? L.A.B. offers many different configurations of the DF3, and the more stock offerings are more in line with other current mallets on the market right now as far as pricing goes. I must reiterate that I recommend very highly getting the in person fitting done, especially if you’re considering upgrading the shaft, which can become quite pricy. Our local Club Champion has L.A.B. Golf in their lineup, and that’s where I went to get my in person fitting done. They too are very professional and knowledgeable.
    Final score: 95/100
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    goaliewales14 reacted to GolfSpy MPR in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    L.A.B. DF3
    Counterbalanced at 37"
    Heavy head
    TPT Long shaft
    Garsen Quad Tour 17" grip

    I’m Michael. I like putters. My love of putters is almost certainly higher than my actual skill of putting. Putters are like quarterbacks: if your team has two, it probably doesn't have one. And if a golfer doesn’t have one putter, he’s likely not a great putter. And that’s true in my case: I have a rack of putters, a few of which typically see the course each season.
    This will be my second putter review for the MyGolfSpy Forum. A couple of years ago, when I was still an active moderator, I participated in the Edel EAS review. My EAS 4.0 was, as I began this test, still my main putter.

    I am not just an average golfer; I might be the average golfer. I finished last season with an Arccos handicap of 9.8; that number has crept up a bit so far this season. In Arccos, if I tweak the comparison benchmark until it gets to 0.0 SG:Putting, I putt at the level of 13 handicap. So I’m just slightly worse than average at putting for my current overall handicap index.
    But given that my goal as a golfer is to get to a solid single-figure index, I must improve my putting. What has been a lingering weakness for at least 5 years of stat tracking is my performance with “makeable” putts: those within 8’ (the 50/50 breakpoint for Tour players).
    First Impressions (8 out of 10)
    The fit and finish of the L.A.B. is mostly what you’d expect of a very high-end putter. Let’s start with the good.
    The overall shape of the putter is as polarizing as you might expect. I do not have a DF2.1 to which to compare it; compared to just about anything else, the DF3 is an unusual-looking putter. For my part, howerer, I never had a moment in which I found the look of the putter to be distracting.
    The finish on the head is beautiful. While some in the L.A.B. Facebook group will point out the challenges of having a relatively delicate aluminum head, with its susceptibility to dings, mine has so far escaped any noticeable damage at all.

    As others have noted: the headcover is astonishingly nice. It’s strikingly thick and plush, it fits perfectly, and the magnets are up to their job. My only critique: given that L.A.B. will sell you a DF3 in eight different colors, none of which are bright teal, offering only a headcover with the accent color being teal seems odd. I suspect it’s at least a marketing move; that logo pops on George Bryan’s headcover on YouTube. But that teal and my red exist in unhappy opposition.
    Other nitpicks: when I received my putter, the white elements of the shaft graphics on the TPT shaft were ever so slightly marred. As a reviewer, I’m not going to be upset; if I had spent $1,000 of this putter, I likely would be.

    Even nitpickier, and something for which L.A.B. bears no blame: Garsen’s graphics people need to choose fewer fonts. The top grip is from my Edel; the bottom is the longer version on my DF3.

    But I’m nitpicking. The DF3 comes out of the box and, for something that’s clearly a tool and not a wallhanger, it sparkles.
    The Numbers (37 out of 40)
    For comparing the putters in a controlled, indoor setting, my process has been:
    Collect data for three putters: the L.A.B. DF3 counterbalance (37"), the Evnroll Midlock ER11v (40"), and the Edel EAS 4.0 (34"). Attach Blast Motion sensor to the putter; strap the HackMotion wrist sensor to my lead wrist. Set up the ExPutt for random putts from 5–50'. Roll 10–12 putts with the putter as a warmup, without collecting any data, giving each putter a fair shot with feel, etc., and also being used to putting with the HackMotion/Blast. Turn on HackMotion/Blast data collection, and set the ExPutt on "Analysis." This creates a sequence of 18 straight putts of random distances (10–50'). When the 18 putts are done, save the session data for Blast and HackMotion, and take screen shots of the ExPutt distance, face angle, and path summary screens. Input all that data in a spreadsheet (you can see all the data here) Complete 8 of these sessions with each of the 3 putters, randomizing the order. 432 putts of data collection later, here are the final standings:

    Pretty early on, and consistently throughout the test, this became a two-horse race between the Evnroll and the L.A.B. Despite the Edel being my primary gamer since I tested it for the Forum back in 2021, it was just not keeping up with the others. And that's even true when excluding the HackMotion from the numbers: the Edel was last by a decent gap in every category.
    Meanwhile, although the top 2 putters were very close, the Evnroll Midlock was the clear winner in every category. It should surprise no one that an armlock putter does really well with wrist stability measurements. But it also does well in the putter measurements and in the putting outcomes.
    I decided to create another summary chart. This one includes only ExPutt data, and actually excludes the path number. When ExPutt itself summaries the Analysis session, it does so in categories of short, medium, and long putts. Because the Analysis features random putts from 10–50', none are truly short in the way we'd normally think. But I think there's still some relative value in the breakdown.
    So this chart combines the distance control and face angle scores, but by distance:

    This, I think, is enlightening. While the Evnroll still has the highest total score (an average of 73.6), the DF3 is only factionally behind (73.4). More importantly for me, though: the gap on short putts between the Evnroll and the L.A.B. is quite large.
    Overall, the numbers being what they are, I have to declare the Evnroll the objective winner of this portion of my testing. But if I look at that last chart, especially, I think there's a good case there for me to do what I plan to do: keep using my DF3. This data would indicate that I'll be nearly as good from medium and long-ranges with the L.A.B. as I would be with the Evnroll, but then as I get closer to the hole, I would expect to make more putts with the DF3.
    And that's exactly what I want to do.
    On The Course (9 out of 10)
    This section will receive at least two updates in the days ahead. At the end of the season, I’ll report back on my final putting handicap with the DF3. Also, circumstances have conspired against my doing one more piece of intended data collection: I wanted to capture at least three Stack putting sessions with each of the Edel, Evnroll, and L.A.B. putters. Through a combination of relentless rain and unsuitable pin positions, I’ve been unable to do that.
    But for the on-course numbers so far: I began this test with the Arccos equivalent of a 13-handicap for putting. Right now, using my most recent 10 rounds of Arccos data, I’m currently…a 12-handicap putting.
    Here, unfortunately, the data is a little noisy. Arccos, much to my frustration, does not have a “compare this date range to that date range” function. The closest comparison I can get is comparing my most recent 15 rounds to the previous 15, which should be very close “with DF3/vs. without.”

    On a strokes gained basis, I've seen both 1) improvement and 2) consistency in my putting. And although a missed putt is a missed putt, my last two rounds with the DF3, I ended up with a 2-3' putt on our 18th hole, downhill sliding right. I missed both, one high and one low. It's a tough putt, and I did miss it, but missed putts from that range really put a hurt on SG.

    In terms of total number of putts, I'm thrilled. The big takeaway here is three-putt avoidance. I've never in my life felt so confident that I'm going to get my first putt close.
    Now, I just need more of those mid- to mid-long range putts to fall in:

    The Good, the Bad, the Inbetween (20 out of 20)
    For my test, I should comment on the options I choose on my custom DF3.
    Color: I choose the red head for my DF3, simply because it matches the color scheme of many of my clubs and of my bag and pushcart. While there are some others that would appeal to me (mostly, the other muted options), I love this red and would definitely pick it again.

    Alignment: I wouldn’t change a thing with the custom alignment I chose. For my part, I don’t love the versions of DF3 alignment with any marks on the tiny middle section where the shaft attaches. But I love having the tiny line in the back of mine. Some of my best putting, especially on shorter putts, come when I intend to keep that back mark on my line through the stroke; that thought helps me let the putter come through impact without me interfering and torquing the face closed.

    The Grip: The counterbalanced version of the DF3 (more on which in a moment) has three grip options (though, if I recall correctly, there were only two when we placed our orders): the Garsen Quad Tour 17”, the SuperStroke 3.0 17”, and the Jumbomax 21” Pistol (which I suspect was added with the armlock DF3 went live).
    I chose the Garsen, because I already had the standard-length Quad Tour on my Edel and liked its shape a lot. For my part, I prefer the textured finish of the standard Quad Tour over the smooth finish of the 17” version, but I would make the same grip choice if I were rebuilding this putter today. Until I took this picture, I didn't fully realize that that quadrilateral shape on the 17" version is taller than the more squat standard edition on my Edel.

    The Shaft: Here’s my biggest liability as a reviewer: given our remote home, there is nowhere close to me that I could go test/roll some of the other L.A.B. putters to make comparisons. Evaluating a $400 shaft upgrade option without being able to compare it to alternatives is next to impossible.
    For the counterbalanced DF3, there are essentially three options: an ACCRA, a BGT, and the TPT. Here, I can only report 1) my experience with the TPT and 2) the consensus of what I’ve read online about the ACCRA.
    For my part, I think the TPT shaft in this counterbalanced setup is about perfect. There seem to be two aspects of this putter that are significantly influenced by the shaft choice: 1) sound and 2) lag putter feel.
    Most of those who have compared both concur that the ACCRA shaft gives the entire putter a softer feel—not just the flex of the shaft, but the sound of impact. Many compare using the ACCRA in the DF3 to having a putter with an insert.
    By comparison, the TPT shaft gives impact a very crisp, but not at all harsh, sound/feel. The best thing that I can say about the feel is that, at least for me, it is unnoticeable. It simply doesn’t draw my attention. With the TPT shaft, for instance, I’ve not noticed any pingy sounds at impact, unless I were to hit a putt way to the outer edges of the face.
    As for lag putting feel: I’ve never had a putter that has been as intuitive as this for long putts. I simply don’t have a disconnect between my expected speed and the actual speed of the putts. This has been borne out in 3-putt avoidance.
    I would have a hard time telling someone that they ought to spend $400 upgrading the shaft of their putter. But I would have no problem telling someone that, if they have a clear opportunity to, they will likely like the result.
    Side note: the textured black of the TPT is perfect. Just enough to feel premium without coming anywhere within the neighborhood of being distracting.
    Counterbalancing: No regrets on this at all. As noted with the indoor numbers above, the counterbalanced L.A.B. gives me most of the performance benefits that I see in the armlock Evnroll, but (perhaps?) does better at lag putting because it isn’t armlocked.
    If we started again, I might consider ordering the armlock version of the DF3. Considering the good numbers that the Evnroll Midlock produced for me, I’m wondering if maybe an armlock DF3 might be my perfect match. But I’m pretty convinced that, for me, counterbalance > standard.
    Play it or Trade it? (19 out of 20)
    My L.A.B. now owns the putter slot in my bag.
    Untitled video (1).mp4  
    Fortunately, there are no magic putters—otherwise, putting wouldn’t matter.
    I think that all of us get a putter, put it in play, and then, when it inevitably misses for the first time (because it is the putter that misses, not the putter), sigh in the realization that we still haven’t managed to buy perpetual one-putts.
    But here’s the bottom line: the L.A.B. technology 1) does what it says and 2) is not the same as every other putter. You do not have to have the hands of Ben Crenshaw to feel what the Revealer reveals: the DF3 does not want to twist. The performance differences claimed of this putter are real; I don’t see how that can be disputed.
    The questions any prospective buyer has to ask: 1) Does the L.A.B. difference, which is real, make me a better putter? and 2) If so, what is that worth to me?
    When I started this review, I had two people in mind. The first is the person who is willing and able to consider buying a L.A.B. putter. Right now, that market is scorchingly hot. During this review, L.A.B.’s CEO literally had to take to the Facebook fan group to apologize for their customer service, admitting that they’re overwhelmed with demand right now.

    (Props to him for doing so.)
    If you have the means to purchase this putter, and you want your equipment to give you every possible edge on the course, you are going to want to test and get fitted (in person or remotely) for a L.A.B.
    But perhaps you’ve stumbled upon this thread a few years after it was first published. Maybe you’ve seen a secondhand L.A.B. for sale on eBay, and you’re wondering if you should take the leap.
    My advice: untorque yourself.
    Final Score (93 out of 100)

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    goaliewales14 reacted to Cfhandyman in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    Who I am – MGS Tester Introduction
    My name is Chris and welcome. I am a 65 year old male and I live with my artist wife Sue and two huskies in Oakville, in the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. To put things into perspective the province of Ontario is 1.5 times larger than the state of Texas and 4 times the size of the U.K.    
    Why I am testing: I am very grateful to MGS and L.A.B. and excited by this opportunity. I am keen to see if the L.A.B. DF3 and its lie angle balance approach to putter design works as claimed.  It was designed to eliminate torque and produce a repeatable swing. The DF3 is the smaller, sleeker version of its bigger brother, the directed force, DF2, but does it deliver the goods?  It has gained significant traction on tour and begs the question of how it stacks up to my fitted reference putter(s). 
    But this is no ordinary Evnroll.  It has been fitted and modified with a stability tour shaft and an Evnroll gravity grip. For more information on this and my putting statistics, see,
    What am I looking for in the L.A.B. DF3: I gave a lot of thought on how I would test this if given the opportunity before applying. I am a fairly decent putter averaging 31 to 32 putts per round based on my Arccos data.  If it proves to deliver the putter more consistently to the ball and results in more one putts, less three putts and overall, less putts per round, it will be a candidate to go in the bag permanently. I am particularly interested in how it performs from 10’ feet and in. Does it offer good value for the money?  My putter testing protocol including testing on Quintic to follow in a separate post.  Moreover, thorough testing of the L.A.B. DF3 will focus me on improving my putting and working on my putting drills. So thankyou MyGolfSpy.
       Making those short putts is critical.
    Who I am: I am driven by challenges and the constant need to learn and improve and I’m passionate in what I do. I am also data driven and analytical in nature. Needless to say, I am a golf, data and equipment junkie. I have had many careers.  After graduate school, I did medical research looking at factors involved in preterm labour.  I then moved onto organ donation and transplantation, eventually running the organ donation program based out of Toronto General Hospital. Toronto General hospital (TGH) is one of the premier transplant centres and hospitals
      in the world.  They pioneered both successful single and double lung transplantation in the eighties. 
    I had the distinct pleasure of working in multi organ transplant in the early days (80’s/90’s) and worked with many brilliant and incredibly smart people. Where the driving principle was you do what’s best for the patient and what does the data show.  What is the source of that data, is it evidence based, is it fair, balanced, and non promotional in nature.  You had to know your stuff and be prepared for anything.  Back then it was routine to work 24-36 hours straight procuring and transplanting organs.  Think of the guy getting off the Lear jet in OR greens with a cooler. I was that guy.  I’ve been in every teaching hospital and most ICU’s (intensive care units) across Canada and many in the US. 
      No frequent flyer miles
    I’m driven by the need to learn, push myself and enjoy what I do. I then transitioned to career 3, moving to the “dark side” starting with Wyeth and then Pfizer in their Rare Disease group and the launch of Rapamycin for organ transplantation.  So, I stayed in transplant, interacted with all the people I worked with for many years, although now in a different capacity.  If you’re going to go to industry, it’s the best way to go.  Over time, bleeding disorders (hemophilia) and growth disorders were added to my portfolio but the same guiding principle of doing what’s best for the patient and what does the data actually show, guided me.  Career 4, presented itself during the pandemic and the opportunity to take early retirement with no more Zoom calls and the opportunity to be a full time golf aficionado and pickleball player was too irresistible to pass up.  My other passions are building, home renovation and cooking. When I was young, I bought a water access shell of a cottage as my first property.  Not being handy at the time, I proceeded to take courses in construction, carpentry, electrical and plumbing. I then proceeded to completely wire the cottage, plumb it, insulate it, drywall, install flooring, build the kitchen, bathroom, etc. I’ve built and rebuilt docks, decks, so hence the handyman moniker. There’s not much I can’t do, although with age comes wisdom.
    Golf: I have been playing golf on and off for 40 plus years.  After not playing golf for 10+ years, I got back into golf at the age of 60.  I was inspired by a friend who once said, golf is the only game you can play for 30 years and never improve.  When I thought about it, it is rather true, so I was determined to do it right the second time around.   At the time I was about a 25ish handicap.  Hence lessons, fitted equipment and diligent practice. I was inspired again when I went to Tour Experience Golf (TXG) 5+ years ago and came out not only with expertly fitted and built clubs, but many new friends.  I now go at least twice a year to tweak my setup.  My current handicap is 6.3, but I have been as low as 4 or high as 8.5.  Most of my rounds are in the 78 - 82 range.  My home course is TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley featuring 3 courses all ranked within the top 60 courses in Canada and all 3 in the top 20 public courses in Canada.
    TPC Sawgrass, I’m the guy in the middle in the blue and black. 
    I love scenic, challenging courses, especially mountain or coastal courses. What drives me is hitting good shots and being consistent.  My philosophy is if you hit good shots the score will “usually” take care of itself.  If you don’t like the score, play better. I am competitive, however, I play more for the joy of the game.  I strive to improve each year and keep father time at bay.   Now, my day job is golf, pickleball and my two huskies.
      Myah (front) and Hazel (rear)
    Thank you for your patience and understanding in reading my introduction.

    Unboxing and Initial impressions of the L.A.B. DF3, aka the Lab Rat
     The L.A.B. DF3 putter has arrived and the blue Lab Rat is in the house.  
    Overall:  An excellent opening start to testing of the L.A.B. DF3.  This is one seriously good putter.  Great weight, feel and balance.  Alignment and distance control were outstanding. Precision and accuracy are the two words that keep coming up when I think of this putter and the results convey that. Very similar putting stats versus my historical 50 round average, although with subtle and slight differences.  Where I have already seen a  difference is a slight positive trend in strokes gained as well as a slight increase in one putts and decrease in three putts.  Only one three putt after three rounds.  Two things stand out so far, how good it is inside 10 feet and its distance control.  Is it ready to replace my Evnroll in the bag?  Ah, not so fast. We’re still a long way, many more rounds and much testing from there.  However, an intriguing and impressive opening start with the L.A.B. DF3        Score 20/20
    Initial impressions. This is a premium, very high quality and very well built putter. Great balance, weight and feel. It sits beautifully and feels very smooth.  The TPT shaft is premium and gorgeous.  Love the pistol grip. Overall, this putter is stunning and gorgeous. Very impressed with L.A.B. and this putter.  The looks of this putter are intoxicating. To get a custom hand built and balanced putter from the west coast in a week is insanely crazy and fast. 
    Unboxing link 
    First round and initial impressions link 
    And without further ado a live unboxing of the L.A.B. Putter and initial reaction.  It’s short and only 90 seconds.

    Looks:  the DF3 is noticeably sleeker and significantly smaller than the DF2.1  In person, the putter, while still unique looking, is gorgeous.  You grow to love its unique and intoxicating looks.  However, the DF3 is still a large putter.     It didn’t take long (first hole) for someone to say, what the hell is that. It’s a L.A.B.  A what?  But of course, they had to try it.  
    Sound: Soft, but firm muted feel little higher in pitch than the Evnroll.  
    Alignment: Exceptional alignment, very easy to align with line on my ball, Callaway Chrome soft X LS triple track 

    Feel, weight and balance:  Great feel, weight and balance. Love how it’s sits and lies. The stroke is very smooth.  It provided great feedback and was very consistent, precise
    Shaft/grip: Impressed by the feedback provided by LAB / TPT shaft. Very stable and instant feedback. Pistol grip felt super comfortable and felt great in my hands
    Distance control:  excellent, almost made a 60’ missed by 3 inch phenomenal feel and control. Impressed from long distance.  It was very consistent, no 3 putts, 5 one putts in a round where I had 4 putts of 50’ or more  longish putts.
    Stats:   Puttings stats (Arccos data) for round. Played TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley on the newly and extensively renovated North course.  In short, this is now a championship level course.  Overall, 31 putts, 5 single putts and 13 two putts.  No 3 putts.

    VERSUS  (Evnroll/Stability/Gravity grip combination) - Historical Control
    My putting statistics from Arccos over the last 50 rounds compared to a 0 handicap

    Comments:   inside 5’ felt almost automatic,  within 10’ also very good.  As the round progressed, I felt more and more confident I could consistently make putts 10’ and less.  I made several long putts.  Another nice little touch, the hole in the putter makes it easy to pick up the ball, also known as the gimme getter.
    The first few holes, I left putts uncharacteristically short by 3-4’. At this point, my wife commented you putt better with the Evnroll. Well the LAB heard that and then began to show its mettle.  I felt that once you get the proper read, set your alignment and then all you need to do is just get the ball rolling along its intended line.  Basically, take it back with your usual stroke and then let the putter do its thing.  Nice start to the testing of the DF3.
    L.A.B. DF3  -  Final review (Executive summary)
    This is the final review and executive summary for the L.A.B. DF3, aka Lab Rat.  It will be evaluated and scored as follows:
    1.      Initial Impressions (out of 20)
    2.      Mid term results (no points)
    3.      The numbers (out of 40)
    4.      On the Course (out of 10)
    5.      The Good, the Bad, the in between (out of 20)   
    6.     Play it or trade it (out of 10)               
    Total score: (out of 100)
    Executive Summary:  The L.A.B. DF3, aka the Lab Rat, is an exceptional and seriously good putter.  It’s a very clever design all designed to minimize twisting/torque and return the putter face to square at impact.  With its center shaft design, the center of gravity is located directly beneath the shaft, keeping the club face square to the target line throughout the stroke. L.A.B. as a company has been exceptional to deal with. They expedited the build process and all putters were shipped within a week of order.  Phenomenal performance by L.A.B.  This is a premium, very high quality and very well built putter with great balance, weight and feel.  It sits beautifully and feels very smooth.  Face control as measured by Quintic was elite and seen on course is excellent.  As a result, putts track on their intended line.  For this reason, short putts (0 to 5 feet) are now almost routine. However, its in the 10 foot and under where the L.A.B. DF3 truly shines.  Distance control is very very good.  The superb TPT shaft and pistol grip are a great combination.  After putter fitting/testing at TXG, the fitter highly recommended it go in the bag.  The biggest transformation has come in my confidence level in knowing now that I can make those 3-7 footers routinely.  To date, it is the best putter I have ever owned and my putting strokes gained increased by 0.8 strokes over 20 rounds over an excellent Evnroll.  Overall, an exceptional putter, it has gone in the bag, it's good value for the money and is highly recommended.       Score 98/100 
    Initial impressions: (20 / 20) This is a premium, very high quality and very well built putter. Great balance, weight and feel. It sits beautifully and feels very smooth.  The TPT shaft is premium and gorgeous.  Love the pistol grip. Overall, this putter is stunning and gorgeous. Very impressed with L.A.B. and this putter.  The looks of this putter are intoxicating. To get a custom hand built and balanced putter from the west coast in a week is insanely crazy and fast.

    Unboxing video : https://youtu.be/nCm3L3IGF-k?si=ahRYKtoJpxSFFa1y
    First round and highlightshttps://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1065661
    Mid term resultshttps://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1077648
    Numbers (39.3 / 40)      L.A.B. DF3/TPT/pistol grip versus Evnroll Tourstroke/Stability/Gravity grip

     I compared, contrasted and scored the L.A.B. DF3 against my gamer, the Evnroll Tourstroke with BGT stability shaft and Evnroll gravity grip.  The performance of both, both on and off the course were very good.  However, the L.A.B. was slightly better in almost all categories.  Biggest difference was in face control.  The Evnroll was excellent as measured by Quintic, the L.A.B. was exceptional with even better face control. Putts tracked along there intended line like a heat seeking missile.  It is truly a potential long range bomber in that I’ve nearly holed out 40, 50 and 60 footers leaving a tap in for a two putt which given the length of those putts are prime three putt territory.  On testing on Quintic, what the LAB did exceptionally well was face angle control giving elite tour level readings. Also launch, roll and spin were all very good. It consistently resulted in an almost square face at impact, highlighted by the following with the DF3 demonstrating a tour level face angle of 0.17.  This would equate to me making a 30 foot putt.

    Putter fitting/testing On Quintic at TXG: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1078131 Mike Martysiewicz’s (Director of Club building/fitting, TXG) recommendation: “Chris after watching you, seeing and evaluating the results, it is very clear and as a friend just put the L.A.B. in the bag and leave it there. It is so good for you.”
     On course performance (9.7 / 10)
    Performance metrics
    After 20 rounds of play with the L.A.B. DF3 and compared to a 0 handicap, I give up 5.9 strokes per round (-2.1 from driving, -4.4 from approach, but make it up in short game +0.2 and putting +0.4).   
    20 round data with L.A.B. DF3 – Strokes gained data compared to a 0 handicap (Arccos)

    20 round data with L.A.B. DF3 - Average putts per round compared to a 0 handicap (Arccos)

    On course testing at TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley – North course, site of 2025 Canadian Open

    20 round data with L.A.B. DF3 – Scoring breakdown / round compared to a 0 handicap (Arccos)
     Strokes gained, 20 rounds with L.A.B. DF3 versus 20 previous rounds with Evnroll all compared to a 0 handicap golfer (Arccos)
    The Good: High quality putter with excellent build quality.  Service and support from L.A.B. has been exemplary.  Sits perfectly and very easy to align with the ball.  Great balance, weight, and feels very smooth.  The ball rolls beautifully along its intended line owing to its exceptional face control. Where it’s been lights out is from 10 feet and in as 3-6 footers are almost routine.  It has given me huge confidence that I can make that 10 footer or even a 20 footer provided I get the line and speed right.  It’s a potential long range threat from anywhere on the green.  Overall, it resulted in a +0.8 strokes gained over a very good Evnroll putter over 20 rounds of play.  Below are on course first putt make percentages by distance with the L.A.B. DF3 (20 rounds of data, Arccos).  Performed exceptionally well from 6-7 feet and in, dropped to about 40% at 8 feet and approximately 30% at 10 feet.  If I missed the initial putt, all were two putts, with the second usually a tap in.

    The In between: There is a learning curve associated with the putter.  Essentially light pressure grip, ball slightly forward of center in stance, keep the hands quiet with a pendulum like stroke for best results.   Use gravity, with a smooth long stroke and let the putter do its thing and use gravity to manage rather than acceleration.  Where it lost a mark was in long distance putting/off the green in that initially came up well short until I adjusted the length of backswing and didn’t try to force the ball or get too handsy. 
    The Bad: They are pricey and at the upper end of the price spectrum of putters.  Customization can get expensive, however,  you are getting a high quality premium putter that performs very well. It is advisable to try them either in a fitting or store.   For me, the other “ bad” is that the new headcovers (Lab rat) sold out within hours, so I patiently wait for them to be restocked in the future

     Play it or trade it. (10/10)  This was an easy one, play it and the L.A.B. went into the bag early and its going to be staying there for a long time.  This was based on 10 round data, testing on Quintic, head to head comparison with comparators and my fitters strong recommendation to put it int the bag and leave it there.  After 20 rounds of data strongly supports this as well.
    Overall Evaluation scoring and comments

    Pro tip: Get fit for your putter, at the very least do the online fitting video with L.A.B. to get your correct measurements.  If the stock lengths of 34 and 35” with a lie angle of 69 degrees work for you and you like black, the standard model offers very good value for the money.  For the more budget conscious, consider either the L.A.B. DF2.1 ($50 cheaper) or go to their outlet store (www.labgolfoutlet.com)   There are several discount codes available (Use WELCOME10, COGORNO or BUSTAJACK10 to take 10% off your putter order, but only orders through L.A.B.).  Customization takes the price to $559, but allows you to really get the right length and lie putter with a choice of 4 shafts , 7 grip options and head weights (heavier, standard and lighter).  You can select from standard, counterbalanced, armlock and broomstick options with a choice of 8 colours and over 45 different alignment aids.  You can even combine alignment aid options for the ultimate in customization so for the extra $110 you’re getting a lot.
    Summary:  In my mind and hands, the L.A.B. DF3 is an exceptional putter.  Its high quality with a very smooth feel, weight and balance.  It provides excellent face control allowing the ball to track on its intended line.  It performs exceedingly well on the golf course, especially from 10 feet and in and this was backed up by test results on Quintic, the gold standard for putter testing/fitting.  Distance control is very very good.  The superb TPT shaft and pistol grip are a great combination.  The biggest transformation has come in my confidence level in knowing now that I can make those 3-7 footers routinely.  To date, it is the best putter I have ever owned and my putting strokes gained increased by 0.8 strokes over 20 rounds.   Overall, an exceptional putter, it has  gone in the bag, it is good value for the money and is highly recommended.   Score 98/100  
    Additional information and links
    Which L.A.B. should I get?
    The most obvious choice is to get fit or at least try the models before purchasing.  I had the opportunity to test all of them at TXG (Club Champion Canada).  I personally liked the DF3 the best with respect to weight, balance, feel and ball roll as I kept coming back to this one after trying the other models.  The DF2.1 is very similar in performance to its sibling, but it’s a huge putter and its looks are not for everyone, but it does perform well.  I also liked the Mezz and Mezz Max and then finally the Link.1.   I did not have the opportunity to try counterbalanced, armlock or broomstick styles. For more information MGS testing reviews were done with the DF2.1 as well as Mezz/Mezz Max/Link.1 (see the links at the below).
    L.A.B. Mezz, Mezz Max, Link.1 MGS testing  L.A.B. Putters - 2023 Forum Review - Forum Testing Reviews - MyGolfSpy Forum
     L.A.B. DF2.1 MGS testing  L.A.B. DF2.1 Putter - MyGolfSpy Forum
    Mini Reviews
    1.  Putter testing protocolhttps://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1070340
    2.    L.A.B. DF3, Is there a learning curve to using ithttps://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1077089
    3.    Quintic ball roll system  Part 1 – overview https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1074492
    Quintic Part 2 – The importance of face anglehttps://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1075673
    Quintic, Part 3 – https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1076101  
    4.     Putter fitting/testing On Quintic at TXG https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1078131 Mike’s (TXG fitter) recommendation: “Chris after watching you, seeing and evaluating the results, it is very clear and as a friend just put the L.A.B. in the bag and leave it there. It is so good for you.”
    5.      Mid term group report cardhttps://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1083705
    6.    SAM Puttlabhttps://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1085355
    SAM Puttlab Vs. Quintichttps://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1089023
    7.      Does the L.A.B. DF3 represent good valuehttps://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1090355
    Edited 21 hours ago by Cfhandyman

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    goaliewales14 reacted to MattWillGolf in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    I would like to thank the My Golf Spy Forum and L.A.B. Golf for the opportunity to be a tester for the DF3 putter. This is my fourth testing opportunity for the Forum. I previously tested Paradym X Irons, Evnroll ER11v putter and the Shot Scope Pro LX+.  I have been an off and on golfer since my mid-20s, after getting out of the Army in the late 80s. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and grew up across the street from Sharp Park Golf Course (an Alister MacKenzie design) in Pacifica, CA but I never played the game as a kid. The first course I ever played a full 18 holes on though was Harding Park, host to the 2020 PGA Championship. I attended the 2023 PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY. I had Saturday tickets and got absolutely soaked.
    I live in Central New York with my wife of over 32 years. We bike, she swims (She swam the Alcatraz Race in 2016), and I now run. I never thought I’d start running again. Let alone doing so at age 59. I ran my first 5k shortly after turning 60. In the winter my wife and I like to snowshoe. (This winter was not cooperative in that regard.) I tried my hand at biathlon this past winter, but lack of snow slowed that as well. My professional life started in the U.S. Army where I was trained to maintain and repair medical equipment. Upon my discharge from the U.S. Army, I joined a medical imaging equipment manufacturer where I worked for 31 years specializing in Cardiovascular X-Ray. That company had moved me all over the U.S. My first move took me from California to Connecticut. Work then moved back across the country to the Seattle area. In 2018, my wife and I moved across the country once again to be closer to family, this time to Central New York, just outside of Syracuse. In April of last year, I joined the ranks of the fully retired. We have one son, a former Navy FMF Corpsman who is now a nurse working in Southern California. We were also excited to have a daughter in law join our family in February of this year. I was the officiant who performed the ceremony. It was a very proud day for me.
    My current home course is Radisson Greens in Baldwinsville, NY. It is an 18-hole par 72 course measuring 6360 yards from the white tees. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. I have a Monday through Thursday membership there and I get out a couple of times a week. The course is very challenging, but I love the layout. It is tree lined and tight in spots with water that I have a real skill in finding. I play golf because I enjoy being out walking the course and if good scores come then it is a bonus. I am also an equipment junkie. Not that I have the budget to truly act upon this addiction, but I do enjoy the design and aesthetics of golf equipment. And if I ever won the lottery, I’d become a putter collector.

    On the equipment front, my first set of clubs was a Wilson box set with wooden woods. A lot has changed in the equipment world since then. My 2024 bag has been gone through a bit of change in the last year. I was fitted for a PXG 0311 Black Ops driver last month and that is now at the top of my bag. It is an 8° driver set to 9° with a Mitsubishi Diamana S+ 60 regular flex. My 3 wood is a Gen 5 PXG 0311XF 16° set to 17° with a Mitsubishi Tensei Blue AV Raw regular flex, the hybrid is a PXG 0211 19° set to 20° with a Project X Even Flow Riptide regular flex. These clubs were "tweaked" at my PXG Long Game fitting. I have my “get out of trouble club” which is a Ping G410 Crossover 4 with a Mitsubishi Tensei Blue regular flex shaft. My irons are Callaway Paradym X 6 - 51° wedge. I put new wedges in the bag last year. Both are Vokey SM9 wedges. A 54°/12° D grind with a KBS Tour regular flex shaft and a 58°/12° D grind with a KBS Tour regular flex shaft. My putter is a 34” Evnroll ER11v. I use a Shot Scope H4 and all my clubs are tagged. (The H4 seems to have issues with my home course. It is easily confused around the greens. Which makes for spotty putt tracking.)

    I am also a member of the “Pushcart Mafia” with a Clicgear 3.5+ pushcart. This is probably the single best golf accessory item I have ever owned. The Grooveit Brush ranks a very close second.
    This will be my first experience with L.A.B. Golf putters. I have followed them and was considering a Mezz 1 Max before this opportunity arose. The number of L.A.B. Golf putters at The Masters is quite impressive. I will be comparing the L.A.B. Golf DF3 putter to the Evnroll ER11v I tested in 2021. During that test as with this test there will be a number of Strokes Gained putting sessions from 5, 10 and 20 feet. This test will also include a session at putting facility that offers either SAM PuttLab or Quintec putting analysis to compare the two putters.
    The Test Match
    The Fitting
    L.A.B. Golf through their website offers a Remote Fitting opportunity. The process is very straightforward. You simply take a video recording of your putting stroke. They ask that you wear your golf shows and that you have a vertical reference behind you in line with the putter head. The other piece of information that they need to perform the remote fitting is the length of the putter you used in the video submission. They are specific that the measurement be made from the bottom of the center of the putter face to the end of the grip. The measurement of the Evnroll ER11v putter I used was 34". 
    On the L.A.B. Golf website I uploaded my video and filled out the online form with the needed information and clicked submit. I had my recommended specs the following day from a L.A.B Golf fitter. 
    The Unboxing/First Impressions
    I received my orange DF3 with alignment mark configuration I which is two alignment lines on the top front of the putter. Based on dialog I had with my fitter I also chose to go with the "Heavier" putter version which adds 15 grams of weight to the putter head. I game a mallet and my fitter stated that L.A.B. Golf putters are a bit lighter and that if I was used to heavier than go with that option. For the shaft I knew I want graphite. In doing research on the L.A.B. Golf website it became clear to me that graphite offered greater stability. The next point to consider was feel. My fitter highlighted the order of feel on their shaft options from softer to firmer as follows: ACCRA x L.A.B., Steel, BGT Stability ONE and L.A.B. Golf x TPT. I chose the graphite shaft will the feel in middle range of the options which was the BGT Stability ONE shaft. I had tried the various grip options at Golf Galaxy and chose the pistol grip with 2 degrees of forward press.

    FedEx did not treat my shipment to kindly. But thankfully L.A.B. Golf packs their putters with ample protection.

    I took the DF3 out onto the practice green and the feel was amazing to me. The putter feels so smooth, and I really prefer the feel and sound to the Evnroll ER11v which took some getting used to for me. The two putters do share a feature that I absolutely love. The putter has the ability to pick up a ball. It's so satisfying when a playing partner says, "That's good!"


    June 30, 2024
    L.A.B. Golf DF3 – Official MGS Forum Review by @MattWillGolf

    First Impressions (20 out of 20)
     The L.A.B. Golf DF3, dubbed Nemo by the good folks of the forum is a custom-built putter to my spec. The build was determined by a L.A.B. Golf fitter from the video submitted as part of their remote fitting process. The looks were determined by me. The DF3 putter checks all the marks in terms of looks as far as I am concerned. The color looks even better in person. The head shape is the best in L.A.B. Golf’s innovative lineup. Prior to the release of the DF3 I was strongly in the MEZZ camp. No longer. Because L.A.B. Golf offers a wonderful variety of customization options, this putter is squarely mine. I went with an orange putter head, two simple alignment lines at the front, a black BGT Stability ONE shaft and 2° Press Pistol Grip. After using the putter, I would only change one thing. I would add a single alignment line along the center of rear of the putter to aid in my alignment as it was found during my SAM PuttLab putter session at Club Champion that my aim was slightly off.
    I tested this putter on the course, on a PuttOUT mat in my basement and on the practice green. On the practice green I used the Strokes Gained Putting system developed by Columbia Business School professor, Mark Broadie. I did this over several sessions on the green to compare the DF3 with an Evnroll ER11v, an Evnroll ER7 and Bronz Ping Anser with a sound slot. All putters vs. the DF3 are 34-inches and both mallets have a high MOI. The ER11v head weighs 365 grams and the ER7 is 370 grams. The DF3 is the heavier version 34.5 inches. The Evnroll ER11v is my gamer. It measures 34” and has a lie angle of 69°. I do like the alignment markings on it. My only complaint is the “feel”. This test reminded me of one thing. I do like the feel of the ER7 much better. It measures 34” and has a lie angle of 70°. The Ping was an impulse buy on eBay. I always liked the look, feel and sound of the bronze putter with a sound slot.
    L.A.B. Golf introduced the concept of Lie Ange Balance in their putter design. I was curious as to how this take on putting compared with Evnroll’s “SweetFace” technology. In looking at the putter landscape, most putters are derivatives of others with many of them finding new ways to build from Karsten Solheim’s Anser design. L.A.B. Golf certainly did not fall prey to that idea when introducing their version of a putter but the Link.1 does offer their take on the Anser.
    The L.A.B. Golf design is built around returning the putter face to “square” at impact, or perpendicular to the target line. They cite research showing that 83% of a putt’s starting direction is influenced by the direction of the putter face at impact. The other 17% is influenced by the path of the putter head.

    Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology simplifies the putting stroke to deliver a square putter face at impact through keeping the putter face square to the arc throughout the stroke. “It makes putting as easy as picking the right line, the right speed, and making your natural stroke.” It took some time to adjust to this idea but once I became more comfortable with this style of putting and embraced it I could see the results on the course. My last round before this writing really bore this out. The icing on the cake was sinking a bendy 20-footer for birdie in a scramble. My partner was most pleased.
    The Numbers (39 out of 40)
    While I have Shot Scope for shot tracking, it simply is not dependable on my home course. It gets lost when I am around the green so I cannot really rely on it for accurate data. Which is why I relied upon using the practice green and tabulated data using the Strokes Gained process. I also had a SAM PuttLab session at Club Champion.
    The Strokes Gained test was conducted using three different putters versus the DF3. The test consisted of 430 putts to 240 holes. The DF3 outperformed two of the three putters. My gamer, the ER11v and the Anser. The ER7 performed slightly bettered than DF3 by .02 strokes.
    Strokes Gained DF3 vs. All putters

    Strokes Gained DF3 vs. ER7

    Club Champion SAM PuttLab Session
    My session with John Kagel, Master Fitter/ Builder with Club Champion in Victor, NY was a great experience. The session showed that my aim was 1.8° closed with the DF3 and I was not finding the middle of the putter face with contact more towards the toe. I think that this will improve over time as I get more familiar with using the putt and the style of putting that works best with the DF3.

    On The Course (10 out of 10)
    On the course I counted my putts per round with the DF3. The biggest adjustment for me was getting a handle on distance control.
    ●      The DF3 seemed to perform better on slower greens for me but that could have more to do with me than with the putter. At first, I was having a more difficult time with my distance control. This improved as I adjusted to the putter.
    ●      I began using the DF3 as a “Texas Wedge” and it performed exceptionally well. I was more often in position to have a makeable putt when compared to chipping from similar lies. I believe in this circumstance the heavier head I went with at build paid dividends.
    ●      The more I use the putter on course the more I am seeing longer putts are now becoming a reality. It took some time for me to adjust but I am starting to really see improvements.
    The Good, the bad, the in-between (20 out of 20)
    The Good
    Feel, feel, feel. Simply put this is best feeling putter I have ever gamed. The combination of the heavier aluminum putter head and BGT Stability ONE delivers by every measure when it comes to feel. This putter will put the ball where you point it. While it can’t read the green for you at will simplify things when comes to putting.
    The In-Between
    There is an adjustment needed to achieve proficiency with this design of putter but once it clicks, improvement will come. I’ve seen referred to as “Un-torquing yourself”. I have more to do in this area as really clicking was recent. Look to this space for updates on this front.
    The Bad
    The bad is relative, you cannot escape the price of my putter configuration. Is it worth it? That depends on the individual. I based my build on feedback from my fitter. I wanted a putter that offered stability with a moderately soft feel. So that is what I built. L.A.B. Golf touts the stability of using a graphite shaft. So, I added a graphite shaft to my build requirements. In my dialog with my fitter, I wanted to know the ranking of shaft feel. My fitter told me that from softest to stiffest feel the ranking was the ACCRA x L.A.B., steel, BGT Stability ONE, L.A.B. Golf x TPT. I went with the BGT Stability ONE. I also decided to go with the heavier putter head as well, as I have been using a heavier mallet for many years. My fitter mentioned that as far as mallets go the DF3 was on the lighter side. I would also recommend using the L.A.B. Golf remote fitting option even if you plan on buying a stock putter just for peace of mind. But if you think you will want to go with a premium shaft then I would recommend paying for an in person fitting. The premium shaft significantly adds to the cost of the putter, and I think it would be worth the time and money to dial it in right. When I had my SAM PuttLab session, my fitter said he would have slightly altered my build with a slight change in putter length and loft from what was suggested by the remote fitting. In short, I believe in the technology offered by L.A.B. Golf to make putting easier.
    Play it or Trade it? (10 out of 10)
    Definitely “Play it!” This putter will stay in my bag. It is built to my spec and for feel alone this is a winner for me. It also checks the boxes in terms of aesthetics. My stokes gained testing showed that this putter was better than my gamer. It did statistically “lose” to my ER7 but for me the .02 strokes difference wasn’t significant enough to take it out of my bag. The technology works. If I had to buy the putter, I would honestly have to consider a stock offering over the custom offering. We are talking $958 vs. $449. Which is black DF3 with a black steel shaft and Press pistol grip. If I want to go slightly custom and get the lie angle suggested, custom colored head, heavier head weight and an alignment aid more to eye then that is an additional $110. This putter can fit any golfer looking to simplify their putting. Given that a golfer with Phil Michelson’s putting ability opted to put a DF3 in his bag for the Masters says a lot to me about putter. He can play any putter he’d like. I used to “window shop” Scotty’s all the time. I am on their email list for new releases, MOTO Mondays, follow their posts the offer a chance to buy a Circle T. I have been to the Gallery in Encinitas, CA. Since taking delivery of my custom DF3 and playing with it, I have stopped perusing Scotty Cameron. The DF3 checks all the boxes for me.

    I "Spy" a DF3 in my bag.
    The L.A.B. Golf DF3 is solidly performing putter. It should be considered when searching for a new putter. It offers the best-looking putter in the L.A.B Golf lineup. The feel is exceptional. There is a bit of learning curve to embrace the let the putter do the work approach to putting. This is good performing mallet. The stock version of the DF3 is right in the price range of mallets of this quality from any other manufacturer in the market. But those putters don’t offer this level of performance and feel. Take advantage of the remote fitting service L.A.B. Golf offers. Should you want to go custom then I would highly recommend doing an in-person fitting to really dial in your build and truly get the most out of putter purchase. Club Champion has L.A.B. Golf in their putter lineup.
    Final Score (99 out of 100)

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    goaliewales14 reacted to jbern in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    Thank you to L.A.B. Golf and the MGS Forum for this unbelievable opportunity to test the new L.A.B. DF3 putter!
    As a husband and father of 3 young children (Ages are 6, 4 and 1.5 years old) my main job is reading children’s books in funny voices and expertly applying superglue and packaging tape to broken toys! I have a side gig in building creative (and mostly safe) obstacle courses for the kids to jump around on. As a family, we also like going on hikes and bike rides. The photo below is from a local hike that has a viewing/learning area about farms and crops and their various growth stages (my wife and I decided not to put our kids on any social media, so you’ll just get the backs of their heads 😆)

    We live in an area of Southern Michigan that is known for having a lot of lakes, so we try to spend a lot of time in and around the water (in the summertime☀️) in this beautiful area. It's also a great area for golf and there are at least 12 golf courses within 20 minutes.

    My day job is working as an electrical protection engineer for generating facilities throughout the state of Michigan, protecting the people and equipment within the facilities. It’s an incredibly interesting job and I’ve enjoyed it for the last 10 years!
    As far as golfing goes, I started golf when I was 14 and played on the H.S. golf team. My peak handicap was 5 during that time. After high school I almost never golfed, playing 7 times over 15 years. I got hooked again in the fall of 2021 and haven’t looked back. I got my first ever fitting in the fall of ’22. I’m a proud member of the pushcart mafia and walk every chance I get (check out the Clicgear 4.0 review thread; in ‘23, I had lower scores when walking)!

    I’ve put in quite a bit of practice to get my HCP from 17 in ’21 to my current HCP of 7.4. Putting has improved, but my golf game has traditionally gone as my driver goes and putting has always been my biggest weakness. Being a weak putter, L.A.B. golf putters have been of obvious interest to me, and there seems to be excitement around these putters in everyone from professionals to weekend warriors.  I love that they're using technology and engineering to try to make putting easier. I’ve had about 100 different combinations of L.A.B. putters in my cart over the past year or so! That being said, I have never rolled a single putt with a L.A.B. putter… yet!
    I did a putter fitting in '22 and it was based on my static measurements and my putting stroke style. My putting stroke is straight-back straight-through so they recommended a mallet, face-balanced putter that is 33.25" long putter with a lie angle of 69*. We'll see what LAB recommends via their online fitting!
    My current gamer putter is a Sub70 AL-6 armlock putter that is 39.5" long with a lie angle of 72*. I did an unofficial review last year of the putter and switching to armlock. You can see the review here. I had significant improvement switching to armlock!


    Over the course of this test, I plan on putting the LAB DF3 through it’s paces in 3 main ways:
    The key testing method is going to be on the course. Before switching to the AL-6 armlock, my average putts per round was 38.7 putts. With the armlock putter over the last 9 months my average putts per round is 34.1. Will the LAB DF3 improve my putts per round? I’m going to keep more detailed records on my putting than ever before (e.g. length of putt, make/miss, long/short, left/right, confidence over putt). Tempo has been something that I’ve struggled with, so it’s what I practice most at home and so far that has consisted of rolling putts in my living room using a ruler to gauge my takeaway length and a mirror to keep setup consistent. This setup is easy, has worked and I’d like to see how quickly I establish a good tempo with the DF3.
    I will also be using the EXputt putting simulator, which should be arriving any day now, to compare my armlock putter stroke to the DF3 and get data on face, path, and speed control. As a side test, I’m hoping to go to a true putter fitting experience and get their thoughts on the DF3 vs. my gamer armlock AL-6 putter. I also want to answer the following questions:
    How long does it take to get used to the L.A.B. style of putting? Is going from armlock style to L.A.B. style more difficult than my transition from normal to armlock? Do I like the looks/feel/sound of the putter? How was the fitting and ordering process? Thanks again to the MGS Forum staff and L.A.B. Golf! Let us know if you have any questions that you’d like answered throughout this test!
    Fitting Experience
    In order to be fit properly for a L.A.B. putter, length and lie angle are critical. LAB has a system on their website (with detailed instructions) to submit videos of a single putting stroke online (video should be 3-5 seconds). From there, they analyze the video and provide fitting results via email. Our fitting results were delayed because of a hiccup in the computer system where they lost all video submittals. My fitting results took 12 days to receive. Below is the video I submitted:
    My fitting results came back with a length of 32.5" and a lie of 70*. At this point, I was able to respond back to the fitters at LAB with all of my questions. I had questions about the counterbalance option, alignment aids, shaft options, grip options, and the fact that 32.5" length is unusually short for someone 5'9". Their responses were quick and thorough! To sum up the replies, because my gamer putter is an armlock that has a putter head weight of 400g, they recommended the heavy head and the counterbalance option. The TPT shaft was recommended because it's the best at removing inconsistencies most golfers struggle with. For alignment lines, LAB replied that they are personal preference and can be combined if they don't overlap. I knew that I wanted lines from front to back, but also wanted something unique. See the final result below.
    Unboxing/Initial Photos
    The counterbalance option with the TPT shaft and Garsen Quad Tour 17 grip I spec’d out at 36.5" long and 70* lie angle. I decided on the blue DF3 color, with alignment lines: I (two lines), X (LAB logo), & G (line all the way to the back). This thing looks 🔥!!!
    Below is the unboxing video I recorded as fast as possible after receiving the DF3 from FedEx! 
    All of the testers decided to name their DF3 putters and I landed on 'Dory' because she's blue (like my DF3), has short term memory loss (necessary attribute for putting), and always finds a way to get things accomplished! Here are the initial photos of Dory right after the Unboxing!

    I cannot wait to get this thing out on the course and put it to the test! 
    First Impressions Write-up (16 out of 20):
    As you can see from the unboxing video and the photos, this putter looks fantastic! The quality of the putter head manufacturing, color, alignment lines is top notch. From the first time swinging the putter, you can tell that there is something unique about the weighting compared to traditional putters. At address, other than the looks of the putter, my favorite thing is the bottom pad that is manufactured into the putter. This pad allows you to set the putter down and ensure perfect lie angle every time.

    For me, coming from an armlock putter, EVERYTHING about my putting stroke has had to change. The setup (ball forward, tighter stance, arm position), grip (armlock claw to weak traditional), tempo, and follow through all had to change. Because of this, it’s been taking me quite a while to gain confidence, and it’s shown through the first three 9 hole rounds I’ve played so far. My putting stats have been slightly below average and I’m not making putts around 4-7 feet that I usually confidently make. I deducted 4 points since I've had to change my entire putting stroke and I haven't been confident with on course putting.
    Lag putting, partly because of the Exputt putting simulator practice and partly because of the nice weighting and feel to the DF3, has been and easy transition and I’m finding long putts to be closer than ever.

    I'm very excited to get this putter out to the course more frequently over the coming weeks and really start to put Dory to work!
    Current Putter
    As mentioned in my intro, my current putter is the Sub70 AL-6 armlock that is 39.5" long with a lie angle of 72*. My average putts per round with the AL-6 is 34.1 (34.08 actually). This puts me directly in between the 5 hdcp and 10 hdcp stats provided by @Cfhandyman from Arccos. Since my hdcp is 7.4, this makes sense. If I want to lower my handicap, I'll need to improve my putting. This data is a good baseline and it's pretty nice to see it visually on a graph and compare to a statistical giant like Arccos.

    Ongoing on-course updates:
    LLHGC: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1070252 HHOTL video and IW https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1079253 HHOTL: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1081291 DR: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1081809 CLGC video and post https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1084305 BOGC: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1086102 DLGC and HHOTL post and gif: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1090941 HHGC: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/64035-lab-df3-putters-2024-forum-review/?do=findComment&comment=1091250  
    The Numbers (35 out of 40):
    Even though this section could get very complicated very quickly, I’m going to try to keep it as simple as possible. So far, main sources of data are from Exputt  “Analysis” sessions, Exputt practice sessions and on-course putting stat keeping.
    Exputt “Analysis” mode is a series of 18 putts of random distance between 5 to 50 feet in length on a perfectly straight, flat putt. At the end of the 18 putts, the software provides your average and standard deviation data for distance, face impact angle and path angle. Below is the screenshot of my scores for all of my Exputt “Analysis” sessions.

    As you can see, with the exception of a scary score of 63.7, the general trend line is WAY up and eventually got to my personal best score of 79.2! During that PB session, my face impact angle average was less than 0.25 degrees and a standard deviation of less than 0.7 for all putts. This just means that my face angle at impact was impressively close to zero.
    I also did a detailed Exputt Random distance (5’ to 50’) test, which I copied from @cnosil test of the Sacks Parente putters. Below is a link to the post of the session. I would like to do one or two more of these detailed sessions when I have time (they take a lot of time to log each putt into excel) and I will add a summary of the data from multiple sessions here.
    On-course Numbers:
    From the Ongoing On-course Updates section above, you can see that I logged 10 rounds, most of which were 9 hole rounds. I kept track of the distance, break and if I made the putt or where my miss was. All of this data gathering led to a more simple display of my putting stats with Dory the DF3 in the graphics below:

    Comparing the data from the “Current Putter” section above, my average putts per 18 holes decreased from 34.1 to 31.54. This puts me closely matching a 0 hdcp golfer according to Arccos! I significantly increased the number of one putts per 18 holes from 4.26 to 6.34, which is also in-line with a scratch hdcp. My number of three putts per 18 holes decreased from 2.28 to 1.89.
    My make percentages of putts inside of 5ft (96.5%) and 10-15 ft (37.5%) are in-line with tour averages! My make percentage from 5-10 ft of 41% is far less than tour average, which is 51-56% depending on the source. I have also yet to make an on-course “bomb” putt (any putt over 20 ft). I don’t have data from before the DF3 regarding lag putting, but with the DF3 my average leave distance on putts over 20 ft was 3.9 ft. Tour average is 2.8ft according to Golf Digest.
    It’s not lost on me that I do not have thousands of putts of data and some of the good and poor numbers could be blips in putting performance. I have also practiced my putting more than ever and in the offseason, I practiced my chipping more than ever. Both of these, I would assume, would lead to better putting statistics.
    That being said, the numbers are the numbers and there’s no denying that my putting is better now, with the DF3, than before using the DF3.
    I deducted 2 points for the 2-3 poor Exputt performances, 2 points for making 0 putts over 20 ft (so far), and 1 point because my recent overall short game practice likely contributed to better putting statistics.
    On the Course (10 out of 10):
    The best word to describe taking the DF3 to the course is “hype.” Everyone that saw me using it on the practice green came up to chat with me about it and most knew the L.A.B. popularity has been booming! I have never interacted with more strangers on a golf course than I have since receiving the DF3 for this test.

    Another on-course point of interest is confidence. The first two rounds with the DF3, I was really struggling and almost got to the point where I figured the DF3 was not going to work for me. I ended up changing my stance, ball position, putting stroke and putting stroke tempo and things started to fall in place. Once I started to get better Exputt scores I started to notice that in several of my individual on-course recap posts that I may have severely missed a putt, but it wasn’t due to lack of confidence! Once you start rolling the putter well, the confidence over every putt goes up quickly. Out of all putts, I would say I struggled (and have always struggled) with confidence most in the 5-10 ft range. This putting distance is unique because in your head you’re thinking EVERY putt from 5-10ft should be made. In reality that’s not the case, but it still gets into my head. On putts from all other distances, my confidence did not waver after getting used to the DF3.
    As for course conditions, I found the DF3 to work best on faster greens. I found myself coming up significantly short or long on slower greens. My best two putting performances were at courses with notably faster green speeds.
    I don’t often like to use my putter as a “Texas wedge,” but I did quite frequently for this test. I would say it performed admirably and was not a highlight or lowlight of performance for me. I had the best Texas wedge performance for shots where there was more fairway than green (e.g. if I was 30ft from the hole and 20ft was fairway, 10ft was green).
    Below are two videos of my on-course putts for an entire 9 hole round:
    The Good, the bad, the in-between (18 out of 20):
    I think I’ve made it clear throughout my posting history on this thread that it took me quite some time and practice to get used to going from an armlock putter to the DF3. Everything about my putting changed from the start of the testing period. I don’t know that most consumers would take the time and effort to make the changes necessary for the DF3 to improve their performance.
    I also mentioned that a lot of strangers approached me wanting to talk about the DF3 and L.A.B. One thing that always came up was the price. When I told them the retail price for my DF3 build and the price of a stock DF3 the responses were mostly “are you kidding me?” I would, of course, bring up all the technology and my putting performance improvements, but it seems like most people that talked with me could not get over the high price tag 🤑. I encouraged them to send in a fitting video to get their L.A.B. fitting specs and then they could look on the used market to save some money. I do believe there is a large subset of golfers, specifically those who don’t put a lot of time into putting practice, who could almost instantly benefit from the L.A.B. technology. Once people held it in their hands, EVERY SINGLE PERSON said something close to “wow, that has a great feel to it!”
    As far as durability is concerned, I have no concerns. It should be noted that I treated the putter like a 4th child and ensured it was in the putter cover AT ALL TIMES when it was not in use. I also already applied oil to the putter to keep the shine up. I had a few bits of sand get stuck in the face, but thankfully they have all wiped out with a towel. The Garsen grip is loosing its color around the very tip of the putter from going in and out of my bag. This could probably be avoided with a 14-way full length divider bag.

    One thing I haven’t mentioned much is the TPT shaft. The TPT shaft could be an unsung hero for DF3 putting performance. I’m not an expert on putter shafts, but during the testing period I rented a set of clubs and the putter that was part of the rental set was a Scotty Cameron Futura 5CB with a stock steel shaft. It seriously felt like I was trying to hit nail with a spaghetti noodle instead of a hammer. I could feel the shaft flexing and torquing, especially on the long putts!
    I took off 1 point for having to justify the price tag during discussions with strangers and 1 point for the Garsen grip deterioration.
    Play it or Trade it (10 out of 10)
    It safe to say that Dory, the DF3 is going straight into the bag without question. The blue color, custom alignment lines, premium feel/build quality, TPT shaft and Garsen grip are just fire! Not to mention my putting performance, consistency and confidence have all improved during this testing period and I’m looking forward to more great rounds with the DF3! I will not hesitate to play with it in tournaments and every round for the foreseeable future!
    Conclusion (TL;DR) [89 out of 100]:
    Facts: Putter per 18 holes went from 34.1 to 31.54. One putts per 18 holes went from 4.26 to 6.34. Three putts per 18 holes went down from 2.28 to 1.89. My overall handicap decreased from 7.4 to 6.9. Confidence is up. Swagger is up (well hopefully, there’s not real data around that one! 😂).
    It’s not lost on me that these numbers could be from the fact that I’ve put a significant focus on putting during this testing period and a multitude of other factors can contribute to better putting statistics.
    The looks, feel, design and build quality are all top notch (so is the ball picker upper😆)!
    The general golfing population that talked to me about the putter gawked at the price, but praised the easy, smooth feel once they got it in their hands.
    It took me a lot of putting changes and practice to get used to the DF3 and L.A.B. putting style.
    I would encourage anyone to give the DF3 a try, and if you’re struggling with it, reach out to LAB for assistance and questions. Their responses were concise and helpful when we were going through the fitting process and they have a desire to help you perform at your best.
    Not to mention, it passed the pontoon putt test on the first try 😉:
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    First, I would like to thank the MyGolfSpy Forum and Ghost Golf for this amazing opportunity to be a part of this test/review. This is a job I do not take likely, and look forward to helping everyone, including myself, see just how premium Ghost Golf is. 
    So many of you know me already, some may not. You can usually find me in the Good Morning Thread or in the thread “perfect UNPERFECT: Grinding for (NON)Perfection” as the guy always saying, “BE THE BLESSING” on the forum. I have been a regular on MGS since Sep 2023, and was lucky enough to be to choose to do a re-test for the Paradym driver. This forum and everyone in it have simply been amazing and has done nothing but make me fall in love with the game that we all play even more. Golf is what brings us here, and that bug has bit me again.
    Who am I, you may be asking yourself? Well, I am Sam, a.k.a. Samuel09152, I am a 33-year-old IT manager that works on gov’t contracts. I am married to a beautiful woman, who is my all, and we have a wonder 16-month-old daughter.  I am hoping she becomes a golfer! These two women are the reason for me getting up every day.

    My golf game is getting better, as I continue to grind. I only wish I would have picked up golf at a lot younger age. I currently have an 18 handicap. I try to play at least 3x a month and practice 4x a week. All my golf has been played down in the south, and every time I travel, I try to get a round in. My home is in N. Alabama, playing year around is usually not a big deal. I have also been focusing on my mental game a lot lately. So, this golf bag will be coming in handy, you know what they say, “Look good, feel good, play good.” I think this is true and the bag may make me have to elevate my game because of how it makes me feel.  We are currently grinding to become the best we can on and off the course. So 15 better be scared, I'll see you soon! 
    Ghost Anyday Bag:
    My expectations are that this bag is exactly as advertised, premium. As I am in the market for a new bag, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I chose the Anyday Maverick Black-ops Bag with 14-way dividers (see the picture Below). I plan on testing this bag against my current Taylormade Bag.

    The features I plan testing:
    is its weight for carrying/walking (I try to walk most of the time)?
    the comfort and quality of the straps?
    How well the full-length dividers work and if they are durable?
    Is the stand very sturdy, that will go with the base as well?
    Is the glove keeper able to keep the gloves clean and dry?
    How well do the water bottle sleeves work?
    Finally, as most people when spending this kind of money, we would like to know that our investment will last, I hope to test the durability by playing a lot and using it a ton!
    First Impressions: (18 out 20)
    Long travels turn into an exciting night. After what felt like forever in a car coming home from the land that Bobby Jones helped build, The Highlands, NC, I was elated to see my Ghost Golf Bag in the office. Shoutout to my parents for staying at my house and making sure nothing was stolen. The First thing that caught my eye, was the themed box. “Talk to me Goose”- Maverick, that is right, the box is “Top Gun” themed. The grey box with the Ghost logo looks great but was even happier with how they packed everything. This could be common (I don’t order a lot of things), well cutting the box open, the extra piece of cardboard to make sure I didn’t cut the velvet was a very nice touch. I am the guy that cuts to deep on tape and would have destroyed the box.


    Where to start, is it how awesome this synthetic leather feels and looks or what I wish this bag had. I say let’s start with the negative (if you can even call it that). As much as my initial thoughts are this bag is fantastic, I keyed in right away that I think I would have done different, or possibly add. The lack of places to hang anything is hard for me. I sweat a lot and usually hang 2 to 3 towels from my bag for wiping off grips, face, and arms but with only the one towel hook that is going to make it hard. I also typically hang my Gramin R10, a Dart 2.0 speaker, and a bag badge/tag, but I don’t think I will be able to. Right above the one clip is a patch of Velcro for the glove, I feel as if this needs to be bigger.  I love the fact there is insulated pockets but worry because they close by one small magnet. Love the ease of access, but in my experience in N. Alabama, you got to trap the cold in the summer no vents allowed. While I love the saddle pocket (more to come), I fear I will miss the big side pocket. I know the ball pocket is made to be interchangeable, but I do wish I could hide the Velcro on the bottom just a little better (just nit picking, but also, I do).  For these reasons, I give it a minus 2. (Pictures for this coming soon)

    Let make you forget that stuff and get to the good stuff, right? This bag seems to be made from a quality synthetic leather. It should be easy to clean and tidy up when it gets dirty. The legs and base seem to be very sturdy, the legs being made of carbon fiber, and the base out of a very tough plastic. The bag is lightweight, which I was worried about, and the straps are like pillows on my shoulders. The saddle bags seem to have enough room for all that I usually carry and love the personal pockets on the top. The magnet pocket on the front is awesome and is strong. The ball pocket is big and holds the balls I use plus some. On the outside of the ball pocket is two water bottle pockets, this is something I missed in looking at it, but I love it. The strap system is easy to use and seems durable, this system will also make going from on strap to two with ease. I have never had a 14-way divider, but I have already fallen in love with it. From the velvet top to the full-length divider, this club handling system is legit.

    If you dont feel like reading, check out the video.    
    This bag looks great. It was made with premium materials and is symmetrical in its look. From the handle on the bottom to the velvet covered club dividers, you can tell this bag is as good as they get for the most part (we will get to the negatives soon, but it was not in the aesthetics). Some people have said the amount of Ghost Golf logo’s is a little much, but I don’t think so, to me it’s kind of a flex. People always come by to look at it and makes comments on how nice it looks. So, from an aesthetics point of view, this bag is as beautiful as they get. It truly is a thing of beauty. I give it a 20 out of 20.
    Now let’s get to the brass tax. Things can look pretty but not perform and vice versa. My honest opinion is that this bag is as good on course as it looks, while for the most part that is. At the beginning of this review, I set the expectations on what I was going to review by listing questions and here are my conclusions.
    Is its weight for carrying/walking (I try to walk most of the time)? This is an overwhelming YES for me. It was very walkable and fit perfect on my pushcart, and the straps for walking are amazing!  It also fit perfect in a cart for those not wanting to walk. What is the comfort and quality of the straps?  The straps and their system were amazing! I can not express this enough. How well the full-length dividers work and if they are durable? Well, the full-length dividers did work and seem durable, I did find them smaller then expected. The putter well was my biggest problem as it was a tight fit, and I did occasionally have to kind of wiggle my clubs to get them to sit properly at the bottom of the bag.  Is the stand and base sturdy? The stand components of this bag could not be better. The hidden lever to make the carbon fiber legs fold out is easy to use and fits seamlessly into lines of the bag. Huge upgrades form my previous bag. Is the glove keeper able to keep the gloves clean and dry? This was a let down for me. The patch is very small, and my glove was in no better shape then me putting it up like I usually do. This is a deduction of 1 point. How well do the water bottle sleeves work? I can not express how very very disappointed I was with “cooler pouches”. As many of you have read the post, this is a draw back for me. I live in a very hot and humid area, and these “cooler sleeves” are no better than the Koozie I put on my beers. I was hoping for a little more, and with a closure that would keep cool temperatures in. This was by far the biggest let down to me. This is a deduction of 2.5 points. Finally, as most people when spending this kind of money, we would like to know that our investment will last, I hope to test the durability by playing a lot and using it a ton! So far, this bag has held up very nicely to all the weather in North Alabama, as well as my dogs and 16-month-old daughter. The bag is performing great in that aspect; however, I do think it will take some time to really know how this bag will stand up versus the amount of money spent on it. I give the on-course performance a 16.5 out of 20.

    The Good, the bad, the in-between
    What this bag does good, it does great. Rather it is the little details in the looks, the handle on the bottom, or strapping system. My favorite part is probably the sleeper part for most, and it is the handle on the bottom of the bag. That handle has really saved my back and the bag itself form being torn up being put in my car after a round. I cannot stress this enough on how much I truly love it. I love the looks and materials used as well, and the ease of cleaning the bag. I also believe this is the best strapping system I have ever had (granted I have only had 4 bags but still).
    UMMM… It’s not me, it’s you? The bad as stated above, I really am disappointed in the cooler sleeves, insulated pockets. They just did not keep things cool for me. As mentioned in the thread, it seems to me the cooler system is just there to insulate the bigger pockets from condensation and not to keep things cool for a longer period. I also don’t know if the glove holder is something to really highlight in the marketing campaign. The patch of Velcro is small, and my gloves are no better off then before.
    I’m not flashy, but I’m not dull is what these pockets yell to me. Well, they look good, nothing really is special in fact if I packet my bag with more stuff, I will need bigger pockets. Overall, the space utilization is to be expected. I have seen worse, and I’ve seen better.
    The good, the bad, and the in-between is all about perspective, and this bag while has some disappointments to me, the good out-weighs it. It does everything I had before and a little more. For this matter I give it an 18 out of 20.

    Play it or trade it?
    Compared to my other bag, which does not have what I considered disappointments, this bag is more then an upgrade. IT WILL BE PLAYED!  This is a 20 out of 20 for me!
    In conclusion, this bag is amazing for me. It has its quirks with the “koozie” pockets, small Velcro patch, and skinny putter well, but it shines and out does all my other bags regardless. I absolutely love the lifting handle on the bottom, the PU leather looks great and cleans easy, and quite frankly has the best strap system I have ever used. From its awesome design to the functional use, this bag is a PREMIUM BAG and there is no denying that! For me the ANYDAY 5.0 GOLF BAG MAVERICK is what it claimed to be. It is premium and continues to work well for me.
    Final Score
    Sam’s final score for the bag is a 92.5 out of 100!!

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    0.0 - TL;DR - FINAL REVIEW (June 11th, 2024)
    Ghost Golf's Anyday Ronin golf bag is simply stunning. It's a great premium stand bag that combines style to practicality. It ensures that you will enjoy carrying your clubs while generating compliments from your playing partners about its look.
    First impressions: 20/20 Aesthetics: 20/20 On-Course: 16/20 The Good, the Bad, the Inbetween: 20/20 Play it or Trade it: 20/20 Total score: 96/100 Enjoy this in-depth review and don't forget to follow the links to the various posts from the testing period in the "Updates" section at the end.

    1.0 - INTRODUCTION (April 16th, 2024)
    Greetings fellow Spies,
    I’m Shlax and I’ve been a regular on the Forum since April 2023. I’m mainly involved in the various threads about recent performances and individual achievements (MGS Virtual Tour, How’d You Play, How’d You Practice, etc.) and anything about drills, swing thoughts or other threads related to one's continuous journey toward improvement.
    I'm a certified gear nerd and love reading all the ins and outs regarding new equipment, technologies and apparel on the market today. I read most, if not all, of the Forum and HQ reviews about the shiny new stuff released every year. Unsurprisingly, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to test what appears to be a very nice golf bag after being lucky enough to test the Caley 01CB irons last year!
    1.1 - Who am I?
    I am a 32 years old geotechnical engineer from Montreal, Canada. I've been golfing on and off since my early teenage years and truly fell back into the rabbit hole following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. I now play 35+ rounds per year (between April and early November) but wish I could play even more often! 2023 was a record year during which I managed to log 52 rounds!
    1.2 - What about my game?
    I'm a 8-10 handicap and mightily struggle with consistency off the tee. Consequently, approach shots are my strength as I’m about equivalent to a 2-3 handicap player in this area of my game according to Shot Scope. I have what I would qualify as an average short game and average putting skills, but this is hardly relevant in the context of a golf bag test right?
    1.3 - Where/how do I play?
    I almost exclusively play on weekends with the occasional 9-hole round after work. For this reason, I play irrespectively of the weather: Hot, cold, wind, rain, hail, doesn't matter. If I planned on playing on a given day, I WILL play😜.

    I walk for roughly 95% of my rounds and have been using a push-cart for the last few years. I only ride when I play courses where a cart is mandatory. I don't have a membership at any specific club and usually alternate between the five or six decent courses in my area. I also try to squeeze in one or two range sessions per week to keep my game as sharp as it can realistically be.

    I used to live close to a very nice par 3 course and back then, I carried my clubs as I usually walked to the course. However, for standard 9-hole and 18-hole rounds, I haven't carried my clubs for quite some time now. It is the main reason why I went for a cart bag when I got myself a new Ogio bag back in 2022, but I must admit that I miss stand bags on occasions.
    With the current stand bag test at hand, I do intend to carry my clubs as much as I can in order to fully assess the various features of the bag (and because it might also provide additional physical exercise which is something that I need more and more as years go by😅).
    1.4 - How do I intend to test the bag?
    I opted for the Ronin with 14-way divider. Now all that's left is to wait for the bag to arrive up North🤩!

    The way I see this test going is by putting its key features to use and appreciate their true impact on the comfort level and efficiency of my rounds, pure and simple😁.
    Are the shoulder straps comfortable? How spacious, protective and easily accessible are the pockets? Is the bag in its stand configuration stable? Do the dividers succeed in minimizing clanking between clubs? Is it waterproof? Is the lined water pocket efficient in keeping my drinks cool? What about the true usefulness of the various attachments/accessories? How does it look and what is the quality of the finishing/assembly? These are all questions that will be answered and elaborated on during this test!
    2.0 - UNBOXING AND FIRST IMPRESSIONS (April 24th, 2024)
    SCORE: 20/20
    Following a small hiccup related to delivery logistics, a quick intervention by Ghost Golf's stellar customer support and here we are: I just received the bag today! Upon first impressions, all I can say is that the bag is absolutely STUNNING🤩. I haven't had the time to bring it out in the wild, but I really wanted to share a few pictures right away.
    2.1 - Box and packaging
    I won't spend too much time on this aspect as it's not what the current test aims at reviewing, but it's worth mentioning that packaging is as good as it gets. As I presume that most orders will likely ship from California, fear not potential worlwide customers such as myself: The box is sturdy and the bag was wrapped so that it can’t hardly ever be damaged during normal transportation procedures.

    Ghost Golf also included some nice surprises in the package. Namely, their cart strap sleeve, their magnetic caddie towel and their magnetic greenside towel. Also included were a few additional components such as a rubber bag tag, extra zipper pullers, a ball marker and its guide and an alternate carrying strap which is a standard single cart bag strap.

    2.2 - Straps
    The straps on the Anyday Ronin bag are astounding. They are definitely the most heavily padded straps that I have had and the single cart bag strap is even more padded than the straps on the carrying harness. Both straps feature 4 adjustable fasteners. We'll see if the quality and thoughtful design of the straps translate to an adequate comfort level during a 4-hour+ round of carrying my clubs.

    2.3 - Pockets
    The bag has 5 zippered pockets, a closed magnetic pocket and 4 other pockets that close via hidden button magnets including both cooler-lined pockets. The closed magnetic pocket and two zippered pockets above the main pockets on both sides of the bag are soft-lined.
    The ball pocket is HUGE. I estimate that you could easily fit anywhere between 30 and 40 balls in there if you wished to transform your rounds into a real farmer's carry workout💪. The ball pocket has velcro adjusters so that it can be tightened or loosened as deemed necessary. Along with the 2 main pockets on both sides, it is lined with polyester (I think) showing the Ghost Golf logo, yet again😅, in a mosaic pattern.

    Of interest, the bag doesn't have a full-length pocket on its left-hand side (i.e., the side that would rest against your back if you were carrying the bag with the club heads on your left). It is definitely something that differs from most stand bags available on the market. As someone that carries his clubs to his right, I would have liked to have a "standard" full-length pocket, but the upside is that this bag is ambidextrous I guess. Swap the straps and there you go. It will definitely be much appreciated by the share of the market that prefers carrying their clubs on the left-hand side.

    Despite the lack of a full-length pocket, I was easily able to fit all of the items and gear that I require during a round with LOTS of room to spare. The bag in its playing configuration (i.e., 14 clubs, 9 balls, tees, ball markers, divot tools, gloves, full 32oz rambler, snacks, towel, sunscreen, etc.) weighted in at 29.0 lbs on the dot. My big and heavy 32oz insulated rambler easily fits in the cooler-lined pockets and seats deep enough so that I don't have to worry about it falling out. Also, the main pocket on the left-hand side has an access to the bottom of the bag in case of an item being dropped from the top of the bag.

    2.4 - Materials
    The main body of the bag is made of what appears to be PU leather and a nice one at that. The finish is amazing and premium in all its forms. The handle is made of leather and VERY sturdy which makes carrying the full bag quite easy.
    The difference between the Ronin and Katana is that the Ronin has carbon fiber accents around the ball pocket and above the water bottle pockets on both sides. It's most definitely a matter of personal taste, but I dig it. I feel like the carbon fiber accents give some favlor to an otherwise subdued all black bag. Also, the backrest on the Ronin is made of webbed nylon whereas it is made of leather like the rest of the bag on the Katana. I think that the nylon will help with sweat and comfort during those hot summer rounds. I'm generally a heavy sweater so the webbed nylon's breathability will be put to the test that's for sure 🥵.

    The 14-way divider is lined with velvet. It basically looks more comfortable than most of the slippers that I have ever owned. Your clubs and shafts will definitely rest peacefully and be well protected in this bag. The rain hood unsurprisingly fits perfectly on the bag and I like that it fits relatively tightly around the clubs as it slightly helps in preventing the clubs from moving around too much and banging against each other during transportation. It is made of a thick nylon that I would deem water resistant. We’ll see!
    The top of the bag also includes attachments for the various accessories. Namely, a velcro glove holder, a towel carabiner ring and an additional hook. There is also an umbrella loop. I would have liked the velcro glove holder to be bigger but this is of minor importance.

    2.5 - General impressions
    As mentioned, the bag is premium, very well designed and assembled majestically. I can't wait to bring it out on the golf course! In the mean time, here is a summary of some of the key features that came to mind during unboxing.
    Positives Great look and quality Premium components Heavily padded and adjustable straps Plenty of storage space Protective divider and rain hood Negatives Small velcro glove holder Lack of full-length side pocket Remaining to be tested Stability and sturdiness of the legs Deployability of the stand Comfort level carrying clubs during full rounds
    3.0 - AESTHETICS (SCORE: 20/20)
    This bag is simply stunning. Purely on the basis of looks, it's a homerun: 20/20. I had a few playing partners, friends and strangers alike, comment positively or being intrigued by the bag. The general opinion is unanimous however: Everyone liked the Ronin!

    The carbon fiber accents complete the all-black leather look beautifully and add a little dash of spice to the the design. The red zipper pullers also provide contrast and add a touch of modern. About zipper pullers, if I'm being honest, the "Play Fearlessly" motto is not really my jam and I almost find it a bit lame, but I quickly replaced these zipper pullers with the provided simple "Ghost" ones and all is well. I'm not removing any points because of this😃.

    I like the carbon fiber legs and the fact that the stand/rotating base is embedded in the bag. It removes some of the outer workings/mecanism that other stand bags have and can seem clunky at times.

    Ghost Golf's logo can be found basically everywhere on the bag. Anywhere you look, you'll either find a small white Ghost logo or the word "Ghost". It's the first golf bag where I've seen that much branding all over but once again, it's done beautifully and in a way that it's not overwhelming or tacky at all: Sometimes they used tone-on-tone colors, sometimes the sizing of the letters is just small enough so that it doesn't grab the attention, etc. I'm also not removing any points because of this. If anything, it's a positive!

    4.0 - ON-COURSE (SCORE: 16/20)
    Here is where I provide answers to the key points that I formulated in section 1.4 - How do I intend to test the bag.
    Are the shoulder straps comfortable? They're CRAZY comfortable. Getting this bag made me fall back in love with carrying my clubs mainly because it's no way near a hassle like I remebered in the past. The harness provides stability and the various adjustability features ensure that fit and comfort are up to your standards.
    How spacious, protective and easily accessible are the pockets? The pockets offer a lot of storage space. However, it has been mentioned a few times during the testing period that this bag lacks a full-length side pocket and I fully agree. The lack of a full-length pocket makes this bag effectively ambidextrous, but once you've chosen the side that you like carrying your clubs, you basically find yourself with wasted/unused space on the opposite side of the backrest. I removed 2 points because of this aspect.
    Also, the space required to carry bottles in the cooler-lined pockets encroaches on the available space in the main side pockets. I didn't experience any issue with regards to storage space, but it's definitely something to keep in mind if you're carrying a lot of extra gear in your bag. Once again, a full-length side pocket would have at least partially remediated this issue.
    Is the bag in its stand configuration stable? As stable as any golf bag can be. I was very confident placing the bag on steep inclines or uneven terrain. Do the dividers succeed in minimizing clanking between clubs? Totally. The 14-way divider works well and protect the clubs. Unsurprisingly, the irons clank together a little while walking, but nothing worth nothing or out of the ordinary. The plush soft-lined divider is premium. Only time will tell if the liner remains in good shape. So far, it's still in pristine condition.
    Is it waterproof? No! It is however water-resistant. It has been the subject of recent discussions when I played a round under moderate rain. At first, the pockets successfully remained dry but when I went to play another round the day after, I found that water had evidently permeated through the external pockets, mainly the soft-lined pockets and the balls pocket. There wasn't any standing water in the pockets per say, per the liners were definitely damp and any piece of gear that could soak up water (e.g., gloves, towel, shirts, etc) would have done so if I had some in those pockets. I removed 2 points because of this. I truly expected a premium leather bag to capitalize on the waterproof feature.
    Is the lined water pocket efficient in keeping my drinks cool? To some extent. Of course, the cooler-lined pocket is opened to the atmosphere so the laws of thermodynamics state that an uninsulated bottle stands no chances under July's scorching sun. As other testers mentioned, the liner is more effective in keeping condensation from permeating to the adjacent main pocket and keep your gloves or piece of clothing dry. It's worth noting that the cooler-lined pocket is however very spacious. It didn't have any issue holding my 32oz insulated rambler + a 710 ml Powerade. A breakfast burrito can also be kept on the side of the balls pocket in case of an emergency 🤣.
    What about the true usefulness of the various attachments/accessories? They work just fine. As the other testers, I also wish that the glove holder would have been larger to provide more security. How does it look and what is the quality of the finishing/assembly? Everything is PREMIUM. It is evident that quality-control is a priority for Ghost Golf and the finished product is a testament to the manufacturing process. I am confident that this bag will last a long time.
    5.0 - The Good, the Bad, the Inbetween (SCORE: 20/20)
    I honestly don't have much to highlight other than what has already been mentioned in the main sections. Consequently, I must give a score of 20/20 for this section.
    6.0 - Play it or Trade it (SCORE 20/20)
    It's no surprise to anyone that I elected to keep this bag! As a matter of fact, I parted ways with my old bag, which was a very good Ogio that I had for just over 2 years, the very next week after carrying my clubs for the first time as part of the testing period!

    TOTAL SCORE: 96/100
    First round carrying the bag (April 25th, 2024) Push-cart round (May 3rd, 2024) Late round (June 2nd, 2024) Round in the rain (June 9th, 2024) Follow-ups regarding water resistance (here and here)  
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    Who am I?
    Wanted to say upfront thanks to the mod team for selecting me to test this product and to Ghost Golf for providing the bags for us to test.    I’m Chris and live in Newport News, VA; which is about 20 minutes from MGS headquarters.   I have been playing golf on and off since I was a teenager (I am now 57) and prior to actually getting out on a course I remember getting my hands on some clubs as a preteen with my neighborhood friends and hitting balls in a cemetery near the house where I grew up.  I started playing on a regular basis in about 2000 when a friend invited me to play in his weekly group.   The group has shrunk in size since then but I still play with a few from that group and play in my company’s golf league.   My game has gone up and down through the years with my handicap getting as low as a 4 and is now about a 7.   I am basically a huge golf junkie and love learning about products and all things golf which is why I volunteer my time to be one of HQ’s most wanted testers.  Being a most wanted tester lets me hit a wide variety of clubs on the market but also lets me get access to see and touch lots of unique products in the golf world.  
     Current Bag:
    Since we are testing golf bags it is probably a good idea to talk about my bag.   I use a 2020 Callaway Fairway 14 which is a hybrid stand bag.   It has numerous pockets to include one for pens, valuables, balls, cooler, phone, and general storage.  

    What's in the bag?

    Based on a discussion in one off the forum threads,  I weighed my current bag with everything in it and it came out to 27 ½ pounds.  I carry the following:
    See my signature for the clubs Alignment sticks Lightweight rain suit Tour Striker SmartBall Shot Scope Rangefinder Sunglasses Club cleaning brushes Valuables bag with ball markers, tees, divot tools Lots of balls Towels Extra gloves Planned Testing Approach:
    First, I guess the biggest question to answer is why did I apply to perform this test.   As mentioned above I am a most wanted tester so I am at MGS HQ quite frequently.  One of the times I was there I Adam made the comment that I really needed to get a better bag.  My typical approach to picking a bag is looking at the bags storage and evaluating if I think I can fit my stuff in the bag and finding the bag that is the least expensive.   Until the Ghost Bag I have never owned what would be considered a premium golf bag.  So, the main question I want to answer for myself and for the readers is whether a premium bag is worth the extra cost.    I currently have several bags that sit in my golf club storage room holding backup clubs and I’ll be comparing the Ghost Golf bag against and identifying pros and cons to each.  I don’t go through bags quickly and my current bag has been used for 4 years and shows minimal wear.  
    Some of the things that I will be considering as part of this test:
    Storage Weight Stability of stand Add on features (cooler, glove holder, pockets, etc) Overall quality/value for the price Walking ability Push cart fit Driving cart fit General functionality As of the writing of this intro, I have spent some time on the Ghost Golf website and social media accounts.  I know it was named the best premium bag during stand bag Most Wanted Testing and those on the forum that have the bag think it is great.  Reading the Ghost Golf mission statement and about us information, they seem to be on the young trendy hip premium side of the golf fashion arena.  On one of their Instagram videos the reviewer considers the bag to be “new school.  Ironically that isn’t the side I typically lean toward; I am more on the old casual jeans and tee shirt frugal side 😊  
    Intro Wrap-up:
    As I go through my review, I’ll be posting more details about my experience with the bag.  Let’s see if testing this premium bag can convert me from a buy the cheapest bag you can find to appreciating and wanting the premium product in the future.   It also kind of makes me wonder if the premium bag will draw more attention to the bag and increase the chance of theft.     
    That wraps up a quick intro about me and what I am hoping to learn and accomplish, but these reviews are done for you the MGS readers.  Leave comments and ask questions about me, my thoughts, and what interests you with this product and if possible, I’ll give it a try and get you the information you need to make your own purchase decision.  
    First Impressions (17 out of 20)
    Bag arrived!!!    I am going to take a little different approach to the photos that are posted as part of the first impressions.  While seeing the entire bag from different angles is nice,  I wanted to post pictures of some of the more subtle bags details.    
    Golf bag claims are generally about the features of their bags.   The  first impressions are based on observations my initial thoughts after pulling the bag out of the box and comparisons after looking at the website claims/features list.
    Aesthetics  (18 out of 20)
    My initial impression of the bag was WOW this is nice; even my wife commented that the bag looked really nice.   The overall quality of the bag is high and premium.  I was concerned when the package first arrived due to the condition of the box.   Fortunately, there was no damage.  One of the nice features was that the top had an extra piece of cardboard between the flaps to help prevent a knife from damaging the bag

    Below are the features listed on the website and my observations
    Lightweight: Get ready for the ultimate golfing experience with our lightweight design that weighs just 6.5 lbs.
    7.8 lbs. with dual strap.   My expectation with weight is that it includes the strap.  Could be that the 14 way is heavier than the 7 way?  (Minus 2 points) Velvet Wrapped Dividers: Protect your premium shafts from unsightly scuffs with our luxurious velvet-wrapped top dividers.
    These are nice and go quite deep into the bag.  Should provide protection to the shafts.
    14 Way:  Dividers with 14 full-length, fully enclosed dividers.
    Dividers are full length and go to the bottom of the bag.  Access to the inside of the bag is provided in one of pockets.  Normally this access is to allow access to get something that is dropped inside the bag; however it will be interesting to evaluate how easy it is to get a glove or something dropped to the bottom of the bag since they do go to the bottom.   I felt around and not sure I could actually get something. 
    Large Putter Well: Our separate putter well accommodates even the fattest grips.
    I wouldn’t consider the putter well large enough to accommodate the fattest grips.  I don’t have a large grip like a SuperStroke 3.0 but believe it would be possible but difficult to put in the bag.   I did have a 1.52 Rosemark grip and it was a tight fit and I felt like the rubbing would wear on the bag material.    (Minus 1 point)
    Dual Straps: Enjoy ultimate comfort with our two convenient strap systems - single and double, with easy-release clips for quick strap adjustments or removal. It's a true ambidextrous strap system that adapts to your needs.
    Seems like a great strap system that can easily be converted from right to left handed.  Conversion is done by unhooking the strap and simply turning it the other way.  Shown below is right and left hand configuration of the dual strap.  
    Stable Stand Base: Our Rotator Stand System provides maximum stability to the bag, ensuring that it stays put no matter where you place it.
    Like that the stand base is internal to the bag.   I believe this allows for a more complete base that should stay upright when the legs aren’t used.  Legs deploy easily and there is a stretchable band that holds the legs in place if using on a cart and you don't want the legs to deploy.
    Magnetic Pocket: Get quick access to your rangefinder with our magnetic and velvet-lined pocket, complete with a pull tab for ultimate convenience.
    Large deep pocket which also includes a webbed accessories area.  
    Water Bottle Sleeves: Stay hydrated on the course with our large cooler-lined water bottle sleeves on both sides that keep your beverages perfectly chilled. Our additional thermal-lined side water bottle sleeves with bungee cords provide even more storage space for your drinks.
    Nice addition and great for carrying water if you are walking and don’t want to consume internal bag storage areas.  Should accommodate large bottles.  Has magnetic closure and a strap to keep the bottles secure.
    Personal Pockets: Keep your valuables safe and secure with our waterproof and velvet-lined personal pockets on both sides.
    2 velvet lined pockets of good size to store things like keys, wallet, phones, etc.  Customizable Ball Pocket: Customize your bag with our removable ball pocket panel - make it uniquely yours!
    I’ve seen the forum customizations so this is obviously possible.  I also like the look without having any customization. 
    Pen Holder: Never lose your pen again with our convenient pen holder.
    Only concern is that the pen holder is on the white part of the bag.  Could it get stained by a sharpie marker?
    Line Marking Aid: Get perfectly aligned putts every time with our Golf Ball Line Marking Alignment Tool.
    Nice tool with various markings.  Snaps to bag which allows for easy removal. 
    Glove Keeper: Keep your gloves clean, dry and accessible with our towel carabiner ring with Velcro.
    The Velcro will be fine,  but seems a little small.   The carabiner is metal which is a nice touch over the normal plastic towel holders.  
    Carbon Fiber Legs: Our carbon fiber legs provide ultimate durability and strength, ensuring that your bag will last you a lifetime.
    Legs seem sturdy and have the appearance of carbon fiber. Rain Hood: Don't let the weather get in the way of your game - our all-weather rain hood keeps your gear dry no matter what.
    Nice rain hood.   Probably one of the best I have seen provided with a bag.   Material is thick unlike the typical thin nylon covers normally provided.   Only negative is that there isn’t a dedicated storage area for the towel.  My prior bag had a pocket behind the side padding that rests against your back when carrying the bag.
    General first impression thoughts
    There are lots of Ghost logos on and in the bag.   While most bags have logos, these bags do have them everywhere; including the rivets (most are in various orientations and not straight up and down).   The logos/badging are plentiful but not overwhelming; maybe just a bit more than subtle.   I like that none are really “huge” other than the single strap.  In the bag photo you can see the ghost name or logo on the plastic handle, the badge over the middle handle, each of the shoulder straps, where the straps cross in the back, two on the rangefinder pocket, and the two ball pocket zippers. 

    The materials seem top notch and provide the impression that they will hold up well.    The overall look of the Oreo bag is amazing and glad I picked this over a solid color.   Looking at the website I saw a white/blue combo which might be the only combo I might be willing to switch too.  
    There are numerous pockets but will have to load up the bag with my normal items to see how it all fits.   The magnetic closure on the cooler pockets is a nice touch.  

    The zippers seem solid.  The pull straps are either material or plastic.  A bag of replacements and a name tag were provided.   The bag tag is a little much for me and probably won't be used.   

    Aesthetics Summary
    The overall look is amazing and I think people will definitely take notice of the bag.  Based on @Rob Person comment about hanging lots of things on the bag, I would say there are not a lot of places to attach things on the outside of the bag.  But I think if you did it would take away from the premium look/nature of the bag.  Looking forward to getting it setup and out to the course.   While not officially part of the bag review, I will probably wait for the cart strap and towels to arrive before I put the bag into play.  
    On-Course (20 out of 20)
    My primary usage for the bag was via push or riding cart; I  am not a walker and as I get older wouldn’t consider walking with a carry bag.   I did carry about 500 yards at Kingsmill when I walked between the condo to the pro-shop.  I exclusively used the double strap and balance was good once the straps were properly adjusted. The leg system works well and bag can stand on the end or can be pushed down to deploy the legs. For those that want full length individual dividers, this bag has it and the clubs stay separated and don’t get hung up. For me pocket space was the biggest negative.  While there is adequate pocket space and I can put all the things I want in the pockets.  However, there is no organization to the items and it often requires removing things and hunt/peck to find what I want.   I’d personally add a few more small pockets beyond the valuable pockets. The bag fits well on my push cart and even though the legs rest against push cart support rails the bag is secure and doesn’t twist.  Since riding carts are different the fit will depend on the cart.  I found cards that had a drop down towing bar which results in a tighter fit that made it more difficulty to get to the pocket facing the middle.   The cart fender made access to the outside pocket tight. 
    Final Performance Comments:
    Overall, there are no complaints about its performance.  It functions as it should, but doesn’t necessarily meet all my personal preferences.   In future generations I’d eliminate one of the cooler pouches on the side.  They are not very functional, and if the side pockets are full, it further limits capacity.  I don’t use cooler pockets so it isn’t necessarily a huge negative. The bag is functional but no more than any other golf bags.   I have been a hybrid bag user for many years and can’t say any one is better than any other bag I have used.  What ultimately separates this bag from others is the quality of the materials.  While there are some things about the bag that aren’t my preference, I really can’t take away anything score wise for the on-course performance. It is a golf bag and performs pretty much how I expect a golf bag to perform. 
    The Good, the bad, the in between (16 out of 20)
    The bag is definitely in the premium category; all the material and components appear to be high end and perform flawlessly.   I really like the functionality of the legs; they don’t deploy unless you press the bag down.    Appears to be better than the nylon ripstop type bags when it comes to keeping things dry in the rain but I never exposed the bag to a heavy downpour or for a long duration (15 minutes of light rain was max).  The narrow rain hood keeps clubs from clanking together when the hood has been zipped up. Bad: 
    Storage space and cooler pockets.  The putter pocket while large does not appear as if it will accommodate the larger grips in the market.    If you regularly carry an umbrella, it doesn’t seem to fit well on the bag.   I’d add a strap midway to better support the umbrella and reduce the size of the nylon strap that holds the umbrella tip.   
    In Between: 
    Weight (even though it is a hybrid  bag it is heavier  than others in the category). Inability to see bag in person prior to purchase.   The bag draws attention and people often comment on the bag;  it makes me wonder if it increases the potential for theft.   The reduction in score is because of the storage and the cooler pockets. 
    Play it or Trade it? (15 out of 20)
    This is probably the hardest product I have had to review.   At the end of the day I simply view this product as a golf bag and it performs that function adequately.   I currently have my items loaded in the bag and have no intention to transfer everything back to my old bag.  While the cost for the product is high and it doesn’t appear that they offer discounts it is probably a fair price considering the construction and when compared to other bags on the market.    
    The real question would be would I purchase this bag when I need a new bag?  The answer to that question would be no.   This bag is really designed for someone that is a bit more stylish than myself.  The younger trendy early 20's age group seems to be the OEMs target marker based on their marketing and social media presence.   I am in in my late 50's and more of a khaki shorts and basic polo shirt kind of person.  I am also a bargain shopper that typically purchases a prior season’s model to save money.  
    This is a high-end premium bag that is marketed towards people that are stylish; not really the type of bag I see the average golfer using.  If you want to be noticed on the course this is probably the bag for you.  There are lots of Ghost logos and the word “Ghost” on and inside the bag so people will definitely know what brand of bag you are carrying.   Basically, I consider Ghost Golf to be a fashion company that sells golf bags, clothing, and accessories. 
    For those wanting storage be warned, storage is a bit on the small size.  In my opinion, the bag could be improved with a larger side pocket to store things like a rain suit and some smaller pockets items that will most likely fall to the bottom of the existing pockets making them difficult to find and remove.   The cooler pockets sound like nice addition, but size is very limiting.  
    This is not the bag for a bargain hunter or someone that is going to throw the bag into the back of a truck and letting is slide around or buys from the post season closeout sale. 
    Final Score (86 out of 100)
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    goaliewales14 reacted to GolfSpy_APH in GHOST Golf ANYDAY Bags - 2024 Forum Review   
    In the most recent MyGolfSpy testing for stand bags, the Ghost Golf Anyday bag was named Best Premium Golf Bag. It was a great showing for a newer company that their founder, Anand Nalia, says is simply  “a humble towel company.”
    Who is Ghost Golf?
    Founded in 2022, Ghost Golf actually did start as a “humble towel company.” Their first innovation was a magnet that made the towel significantly more user-friendly. They then branched into other areas such as belts, clothing, bags and other accessories. With an ever-expanding lineup, Ghost Golf looks to make a significant impact by providing premium quality products that have an elite level of attention to detail. Their prices may be high but so is the quality of their products.
    Please welcome and congratulate our four testers!
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    goaliewales14 got a reaction from JFish350 in Garmin S70 Golf GPS Watch - 2023 Forum Review   
    Hello fellow spies!  I want to thank MGS and Garmin for this amazing testing opportunity!  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike, or Goaliewales14.  I live in Indiana with my amazing wife of almost 11 years. 

    I have been playing golf for about 9 years now.  Over those years, I have had some of the best experiences including review things such as the Spornia SPG8 XL hitting net and Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker Academy.  This is the first year where I’m actively getting into tournaments while even becoming a member of a course for the very first time.  I even won my first ever scramble and the very next day placed T-10 at a brand new event!  This has really forced me to step up my game which leads me to the Garmin Approach S70.

    I have always been curious about the Garmin watches, but never pulled the trigger on one to try it out.  I currently use an array of different distance measuring devices that include, Bushnell V6 Shift, Arccos, and the GHIN app.  Most of the time I just stick to my rangefinder as I’ve played most of the courses around here, but if it’s a new course, that’s when I break out GPS.  I want to get a clear picture of the hole in my mind before teeing off and also make sure I know what my carry distances I need to be clear of trouble.

    For my review, I’ll start out on my home course to test the yardages and functionality.  I’ll be comparing the yardages to all of the other devices to ensure accuracy.  To me distance accuracy will be the #1 most important feature.  After that, I want to make sure wearing a watch doesn’t cause a problem.  I’ve never worn anything on my wrist, so I don’t know how that will feel.  While we’re completing this review, please make sure to check out the review that MGS already did!
    MGS Garmin Approach S70 Review
    First Impressions (9 out of 10)
    After reading the MGS article and doing a little homework online, I was nothing but excited to received the S70.  The list of features on this watch goes on for days!  When selecting which watch I wanted to review, there was only one choice for me, black 47mm.  You can see from the picture above that there were three color choices, black, gray, and white.  The other two options are only available in 42mm. 
    Upon unboxing, the watch was perfect.  The black and red was a perfect and the fit was good.  The watch is very light weight compared to my Samsung Galaxy watch.

    Getting the watch setup took multiple tries as the watch and app kept not being in sync.  After two to three tries I was able to get it set up and working.  The watch has a ton of customizable features that lead to hours of fun playing around.
    Aesthetics (7 out of 10)
    As I mentioned above, the fit was good, but what I ran into was my glove kept hitting buttons.  There were a few times during my swing where the watch vibrated in my backswing because my glove pushed the power off button.  That to me is a huge downside for a watch that’s supposed to be a golf watch.

    The huge upside to the Approach S70 is the amount of customization you can do with the watch face.  You can take any picture and make it a background while adding in different features such as battery life, steps, and calendar date.
    The Numbers (15 out of 20)
    The most important feature on a GPS watch are the yardages.  The non adjusted yardages were very accurate when compared to GHIN, Arccos, and confirmed with a Bushnell Shift V6 rangefinder.  I actually loved having the front/middle/back numbers on all of the holes.  This allowed me to know exactly what number I needed to get to the green.  When I’m having a rough round, I just want to hit the middle of the green rather than actually try to hit the proper tier.  I did find myself using the rangefinder along with the S70 to confirm the pin position. 

    The yardages that were hit or miss were the “plays as” yardages.  The S70 is supposed to factor in weather and other factors to give you an adjusted yardage.  There were a few times it was spot on, but others when it wouldn’t register or completely off making you a full club long or short at best. 
    On-Course (15 out of 20)
    Being that this was the first time that I’ve ever worn a watching while playing golf, I knew there would be an adjustment period.  The first thing I wanted to check was does it affect my swing?  The answer was yes and no.  The watch didn’t hinder my swing at all, but as I mentioned earlier, my glove did hit the power button causing it to vibrate during my swing. 
    The new routine that I adopted with the S70 that made me better was to shoot the pin with my rangefinder on all of my approach shots and then check the S70 to see where it’s located on the green.  This allowed me to make a more informed decision on where the safe miss was for the shot.  If I only had a few yards to the back of the green, then I would just go for the middle number and club up to allow for it to release back to the pin.
    The routine that I kept trying to adopt was getting carry yardage over a fairway bunker or to have certain distance into a pin.  While the S70 can do this, the functionality seemed a bit labored especially compared to other apps out there on your phone.  Whenever you trying to get a number, you had to zoom in and out to find the spot you wanted and if you drug your finger on the screen, the cursor read a bit ahead of where you’re actually pointing.
    The Good, the bad, the in-between (10 out of 20)
    For this section I’m going to focus on the “lifestyle” side of the S70.  For me the whole point of a smart watch is to not look at your phone.  With the S70, I felt like I was able to view things like text messages, but if I wanted to reply, I had to get out my phone.  With my first-generation Galaxy watch, I can reply directly on the watch.  That’s a watch that is five years older than the S70 and was half the price. 
    The other thing I noticed was that the calibration of the step count and heart rate were always above that of my Galaxy watch.  For example, when walking from my car in the parking lot to the clubhouse, which is approximately 400 feet at max, it recorded close to 1000 steps.  The average stride is around 2 – 2.5 feet.  That would make it 200 steps at maximum.  I did record my height and all other factors into the app correctly before allowing the step counter to activate.

    Play it or Trade it? (10 out of 20)
    With everything considered, the S70 will not replace my Galaxy watch in my normal day-to-day.  With the interference with my golf glove, I will not be wearing the watch on the golf course.  However, what I did find out I like is making it a fancy version of the Bushnell Wingman.  I have wrapped it around my Bluetooth speaker that I use on the golf course and check my yardages for my approach shots, or if I need to lay up. 
    Overall, is the S70 worth the $700 price tag?  My thoughts are no.  If it were up to me to go out and buy this after this review, I wouldn’t do it.  I’d rather have my Galaxy or Apple watch and just use one of the GPS apps that are out there in the stores.  At the end of the day, it won’t replace my rangefinder either.
    Final Score (66 out of 100)
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    Congrats testers!!!  This should be a ton of fun!!
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    Congrats testers!!!  This should be a ton of fun!!
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    goaliewales14 got a reaction from MIGregB in Vokey SM10 Wedges - 2024 Forum Review   
    Congrats testers!!!  This should be a ton of fun!!
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    goaliewales14 got a reaction from VernL4 in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    I'm really curious to see what the testers think after all this!  I just received my DF3 this week after doing their online fitting.  It took about a month to receive it which is earlier than I thought as I believe I was quoted at 5-6 weeks.  I will say that my first putting session with it was the best putting session I've ever had.  This was such and easy transition and no way I'm taking it out of my bag!

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    goaliewales14 got a reaction from FromRightToLeft in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    I'm really curious to see what the testers think after all this!  I just received my DF3 this week after doing their online fitting.  It took about a month to receive it which is earlier than I thought as I believe I was quoted at 5-6 weeks.  I will say that my first putting session with it was the best putting session I've ever had.  This was such and easy transition and no way I'm taking it out of my bag!

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    Congrats testers!!  Definitely jealous as these bags are amazing!!
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    goaliewales14 got a reaction from Steve F in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    I'm really curious to see what the testers think after all this!  I just received my DF3 this week after doing their online fitting.  It took about a month to receive it which is earlier than I thought as I believe I was quoted at 5-6 weeks.  I will say that my first putting session with it was the best putting session I've ever had.  This was such and easy transition and no way I'm taking it out of my bag!

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    goaliewales14 reacted to Cfhandyman in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    I’m a bit biased as I have been using a BGT Stability shaft for the last 5 years and love it. Having said that my order of preference with respect to the putter shafts offered by L.A.B. would be TPT, then Stability, then Accra and finally steel.  TPT makes great shafts and then I would rely on L.A.B.’s assessment as they would have done extensive testing with all the shafts and have the corresponding data to back it up. The downside, the cost. Both the TPT and Stability are on the pricier side.  The Accra shaft offers good value as its significantly less than either the TPT or Stability 
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    goaliewales14 got a reaction from Indy_Oz in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    I'm really curious to see what the testers think after all this!  I just received my DF3 this week after doing their online fitting.  It took about a month to receive it which is earlier than I thought as I believe I was quoted at 5-6 weeks.  I will say that my first putting session with it was the best putting session I've ever had.  This was such and easy transition and no way I'm taking it out of my bag!

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    goaliewales14 got a reaction from Steve F in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    I absolutely love the blue!  Luckily I have a PGA Super Store close to me and they had some of the colors there in the standard setup so I could see how I liked it in person.  
    In terms of the alignment line, that was never discussed in my online fitting.  I went through all of them and made the choice on which one I felt the best with.  I've started to notice that having some sort of T line whether it's on the ball or putter has really helped me.  I didn't want the T like to go across the entire face though as it felt too much for me.  
    I love your setup and I'm curious to hear what you guys think about the different shafts!  I'm not sure if I would have done a different shaft if the wife would've said you can go as crazy as you want, but I definitely would have liked to look at all of them closer. 
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