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  1. I have a V2 shaft lying around the house that I really want to put on my R9 but now I just need to find where to buy the ferrul and adjustment sleeve for it! I know there's many places online but want to buy from the most legit. Thanks
  2. Well I need two new wedges for sure so the decision now I guess is should I go with the vokeys or get the mizuno mpt 11
  3. So with my terrible luck I seem to have lost my 54 Vokey that I bought last year and now with my 1st tournament of the summer approaching I gotta act fast with what to do. My other 2 wedges are 58 and 60 Vokey but they're quite old, one being 4 years old and the other 5. So my question to you guys' is... should I just buy another 54 vokey? Or maybe even look into replacing the old ones with a new set of wedges? And if I replace them should I stick with vokey? maybe go to mizuno? callaway? Please Mygolfspy help me! Stats about me for more decision helping: Handicap - 7 height - 6'3" swing speed - >110
  4. Abasolutely love them! when buying them it was between these the TM tour preffered's and Callaway X-Froged and these just felt so much better and plus for the price definitely a better deal
  5. My Dream Bag Driver = Titleist 910 D3 8.5* Proforce V2 shaft Wood = Titleist 910 F 15* V2 Shaft Irons = Titleist MB 3 - 9 project X 5.5 Wedges = Titleist Vokey 46*, 50*, 54*, 58* Project X 5.5 Putter = Scotty Cameron Newport 2 And any Titleist Stand Bag!
  6. UPDATE: I cut down my Cameron and tossed on a white iomic grip, got a 58* Vokey (bent to 57*) and soon to get all red tour velvet cord grips for the set
  7. I have heard many different things about grips and who should use what kind of grip. I've heard faster swingers should use a firmer grip and I've also heard it's entirely preference. So mygolfspy what is your opinion on this topic? I am really asking cause I'm looking to regrip my set but have no idea what to get! Stats: 7 handi, 110+ swing speed. I do like chord grips such as the golf pride tour velvets but I'm open to other options! Also is how think your grip is all preference as well?
  8. I am actually just about to take pictures right now! And ya I was debating on a third wedge for a while but realized I probably wouldn't use it that much, so whatever will help me with distance will be nice I was thinking just a regular taylormade rescue.
  9. So I'm extremely bored so I thought I'd add my contributions to this! I'll probably make a video of my bag fro youtube sometime soon so I'll post that here after. Anyways here it goes! Bag = Ping Carry Bag (blue) Putter = Scotty Cameron Squareback No. 1 Wedges = 54* Titleist Vokey + 60* Titleist Vokey Irons = 3-PW Wilson Staff Pi7 3-wood = Wilson Staff FyBrid Driver = Taylormade R9 There's a brief run down on what I'm playing! I am missing a club just trying to find a 2 hybrid to toss in there! And I'll have more in detail explanations in my video As requested here are some pictures!!
  10. Hey MGS! So this summer I am looking to get a new driver. right now my preference is a 910 D2 but at the same time I'm being offered a like new R9 supertri fro relatively cheap. Although I would maybe lean towards the super tri I was curious as to if it's possible to switch shafts between clubs? I would want to put on my V2 from my old driver onto the supertri but I have no clue if that is possible... Thanks!
  11. I was curious to if anyone has used true's shoes yet. I'm really considering to get some cause they look really nice but I feel as if the treads would wear out real fast.... Just curious if anyone can give me a review!
  12. Hello Everyone! My dilemma today is that currently, I am playing with only 13 clubs and am looking for something to fill that last spot. I am currently playing; Driver, 3-Wood, 3-P irons, 54*, 60* and putter. So I am turning to you guys for advice on what should fill my last spot. I was currently leaning towards a 2 hybrid maybe and if not then another wedge. Thanks!
  13. I have not hit any of the 910`s yet but from my experience with 909`s I love titleist`s. As said above titleist you`re going to lose a bit of distance but the accuracy is great so it really comes down to what you want in a driver. P.S. I`ve heard that the R9`s are longer then the R11`s so really just try both drivers and pick which you like best
  14. Great Video thanks!! I would love to have this job. Wondering if anyone knows what it takes to get there too? I am planning on taking engineering next year in university and obviously may be a stretch but my dream job would be an engineer at a golf company
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