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  1. Grant/Scottsdale AZ 5 hcp 90 mph Titleist 816H 23 & 19, Diamana blue S 23-degree 200 yards 19-degree 215 yards
  2. Grant Dow (55) Scottsdale AZ 5-Handicap Taylormade 3-wood R-15, Speeder 67-S Titleist 816H 23 & 19 degree Hibrids, Diamana 70-S Driver Swing Speed 100 MPH Right Handed
  3. I would love to test the Ben Hogan Ft Worth Black Irons, as a 3 handicap my iron play is the weakest part of my game. Grant Dow, Scottsdale AZ Current set makeup: ALL grips are Golf Pride MC Mid-Red Irons: 4-Gap, Titlist AP-1 2 degrees upright, 1/2" over PRX Project X 6.0 Wedges: Titlist SM-6 56 & 60 Hybrid: Titlist H-816, 23 & 19 degrees Diamana S-70 Blue Driver: Titlist 917-D, Diamana Blue X Putter: Titlist Combi-Mid cut down to 34"
  4. My name is Grant Dow, I live in Scottsdale Arizona and I would love to test the I200 irons. I would even pay my own way down to the fitting center at PING and document the entire process then submit that on the forum. I currently play Titleist AP 1 Irons (5-Wedge) with Ping Tour Wedges (56-60) Odyssey two ball putter, Callaway Hybrid (19 degree), Titleist Hybrid (23 degree) and the world famous Nike Vapor Flex 440 that killed a club company. I'm a 5 handicap that plays once a week when I'm not out selling plumbing products. Thank you for your consideration.
  5. I didn't receive any question, comments or suggestions from other MyGolfSpy members so I will give you my final review. 1. I played in a Member Guest at Albuquerque Country Club in early June, we finished one shot out of the money, however I shot 75 when it mattered most. 2. Following the MG event I went on an eight week stretch where I played golf twice (damn work gets in the way) and not that well. 3. The Nike Vapor Flex 440 changed my mind about Nike equipment, the driver is well made and performs as advertised. 4. When I tested the driver at the PGS Super Store the outcome
  6. Stage Two - The Review I started with the driver set at 10 degrees loft, neutral face angle; the weight pod is set with the heavy end towards the back. One thing I did do was change the grip to a mid-size Golf-Pride grip Lots going on when the club sits at address, movable weight pod allows for lower or higher ball flight [Attachment = 38229: NVF 440 Bottom 2.JPG] Sets up really nice at address, hello ball... I went to the PGA SuperStore in Scottsdale, I was able to get on the simulator and hit a few balls, if you notice the shot dispersion here is rather wide, Brandon
  7. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the GolfSpy network of reviewers, it's a great honor & a little scary.. ● Handicap/average score: Current handicap is 5.3 ● Strengths of your game? My short game saves me from shooting 80, my strength is around the green (Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play and most days putting) 60 yards and in. ● Weakness of your game? The two way miss with my driver & long irons ● Typical ball flight? Depends on the day for years I played a slight fade, as I've gotten older I now try to play a small draw (how does that happen) ● Ty
  8. Grant, Arizona Taylor Made, R-1 KuroKage by Mitsubishi 50 gram Stiff 110 MPR Swing Speed, 270 carry
  9. New Traveling Member: In the attached picture you will see a bent Stiff Arm by Club Glove, all I can say is without it my Florida Golf trip last week would have cost me more then a few lost golf balls. I travel a lot for work, rarely to I bring my clubs along. this past week I played in a Custom Homes Builders event in Orlando. My Stiff Arm saved my R-1 and maybe some other clubs. If you travel with your sticks a $30.00 could save you hundreds...
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