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  1. Grant/Scottsdale AZ 5 hcp 90 mph Titleist 816H 23 & 19, Diamana blue S 23-degree 200 yards 19-degree 215 yards
  2. Grant Dow (55) Scottsdale AZ 5-Handicap Taylormade 3-wood R-15, Speeder 67-S Titleist 816H 23 & 19 degree Hibrids, Diamana 70-S Driver Swing Speed 100 MPH Right Handed
  3. I would love to test the Ben Hogan Ft Worth Black Irons, as a 3 handicap my iron play is the weakest part of my game. Grant Dow, Scottsdale AZ Current set makeup: ALL grips are Golf Pride MC Mid-Red Irons: 4-Gap, Titlist AP-1 2 degrees upright, 1/2" over PRX Project X 6.0 Wedges: Titlist SM-6 56 & 60 Hybrid: Titlist H-816, 23 & 19 degrees Diamana S-70 Blue Driver: Titlist 917-D, Diamana Blue X Putter: Titlist Combi-Mid cut down to 34"
  4. My name is Grant Dow, I live in Scottsdale Arizona and I would love to test the I200 irons. I would even pay my own way down to the fitting center at PING and document the entire process then submit that on the forum. I currently play Titleist AP 1 Irons (5-Wedge) with Ping Tour Wedges (56-60) Odyssey two ball putter, Callaway Hybrid (19 degree), Titleist Hybrid (23 degree) and the world famous Nike Vapor Flex 440 that killed a club company. I'm a 5 handicap that plays once a week when I'm not out selling plumbing products. Thank you for your consideration.
  5. I didn't receive any question, comments or suggestions from other MyGolfSpy members so I will give you my final review. 1. I played in a Member Guest at Albuquerque Country Club in early June, we finished one shot out of the money, however I shot 75 when it mattered most. 2. Following the MG event I went on an eight week stretch where I played golf twice (damn work gets in the way) and not that well. 3. The Nike Vapor Flex 440 changed my mind about Nike equipment, the driver is well made and performs as advertised. 4. When I tested the driver at the PGS Super Store the outcome was I needed an X-Flex shaft, once I change out the shaft I will be all set. I want to thank the MGS team for selecting me to test the Nike Vapor flex 440, it was a great experience and really fun to be part of the team.
  6. Stage Two - The Review I started with the driver set at 10 degrees loft, neutral face angle; the weight pod is set with the heavy end towards the back. One thing I did do was change the grip to a mid-size Golf-Pride grip Lots going on when the club sits at address, movable weight pod allows for lower or higher ball flight [Attachment = 38229: NVF 440 Bottom 2.JPG] Sets up really nice at address, hello ball... I went to the PGA SuperStore in Scottsdale, I was able to get on the simulator and hit a few balls, if you notice the shot dispersion here is rather wide, Brandon (club fitter) suggested we change the shaft. See, shaft deflection moved the face all over the place. No way was this operator error, when I get my fourth lever timed up it's a thing of beauty.. I changed to an X flex Diamanna Blue, now look at the difference. Increased ball speed, better carry yardage, and the dispersion pattern is much tighter. Guess I need an X-Shaft, does anyone have an extra? please. please, please Part of the Stage 2 review involves the range and actual golf course playability; let's start with the range review, shall we? While I'm sure my musing about the results is important (three balls on the range it went in my bag) I thought why not ask friends and strangers to hit it and give me some feedback, so that's what I did. Jon Lindquist: Jon was the first person I had try the driver, Jon is not a regular guy (okay, he really is a great guy) but he's the only guy I know that won the Ben Hogan award for best college golfer in the country in 1992, check out his Bio below. Now Jon just said, WOW… I think he liked it J 1992 Gustavus Adolphus Jon Lindquist The Next golfer William Oates is my regular partner each Saturday, his story is he was a college high jumper that held Texas records for years. Some of you may know this name Dwight Stone? Well, William beat him during his college days. William is 6'5 and really pounds it, he didn't like it so much, my opinion is the shaft was to short and too flexible. I then went back to my old Country Club to play in a skins game, some of the players there wanted to take it with them, Mike Goulet and Tom Joyce both liked it. Today (June 4th, 2016) I walked the range at Papago Golf Club after my warm up looking for (Flat Bellies) to give it a shot, you know the kind of guys that a young, flexible, strong and fearless. (Yes, I remember what it was like 20-years and 30 lbs. ago) Both guys knocked it off the planet but the comment was ‘I couldn't feel it hit the face” My turn, Range Review: The driver is very stable, through the ball is very consistent, ball flight is lower than the R-1 or for that sake my old Titleist 913 driver. The convincing factor to my putting it in the bag after three balls on the range was the FEEL, the feel is incredible, No it's AWESOME…. As different golfers read this review a few of you will be feel players, some of you will be mechanical, some of you are an auditory player, and some of you just see ball, hit ball, find ball, hit ball again until it's in the hole. And that's the way you should be, my heightened sensory is feel. My Range Score: 18 On the Course Review: Eight rounds in different conditions on three different golf courses over six weeks: Round One, Papago Golf Club, Phoenix AZ www.papagogolf.com May, 7th 2016 The day was cool for us (80f) with winds gusting to 25 mph, maybe it was like a first date, the first day of a new job or the first day of school. I hit the ball where I was looking, 11 of 14 fairways, 15 of 18 greens, and a final score of 73 with cash coming my way. Papago Golf Club, May, 14th 2016 The honeymoon was over she cheated on me, stole my money and broke my hart… Okay, not that bad. Another windy day in Phoenix, what I like most about this driver is the ability to play the ball down in windy conditions, I learned not to try and hit the driver “HARD”, it goes sideways when you do. Shot 80, does she love me, does she not??? Wickenberg Ranch, May, 21st 2016 www.wickenbergranch.com Let's get down to business, one of the top new courses of 2015, this was a fun day. Playing a golf course for the first time with new equipment in a 20 MPH wind scares me every time, this was no exception. 9-fairways hit, 11 greens, 32 putts and 84 shots later I was paying up. This was not the drivers' fault I did have second thoughts and could hear my R-1 calling from the garage. What got me during this round was playing an unfamiliar layout in gusty conditions and seconding guessing where to hit it, the times I saw the landing area and the shot shape matched what I was thinking it worked great. Papago Golf Club, May 28th 2016 Calm day, 90 degrees, light winds, firm fast greens, 13 fairways, 14 greens, 25 putts, 75. Cha-Ching…. Good day to work the ball different ways, high draws, high fades, low draws, low fades and a pop up too. To play Papago well you need to work the ball around the track, it's not overly long from the Blue Tees 6775 but a good test built in 1963 and remodeled is 2008. Arrowhead Country Club, May 30th 2016 Okay, it's Memorial Day a day you should be with your friends and family searing meat on a grill and consuming adult beverages that came later. I mentioned in the range review a few guys I know really liked the driver, today it was my friend again. One key point I have to make when playing with a new longer driver, “don't hit driver form the white tees” it will mess you up…. Hazards come into play, 50-60-70-80 yard approach shots to mounded Arnold Palmer Designed greens will eat your lunch, AGGGGHHHHH….. Deep Breaths, Deep Breaths, Deep Breaths. Bye, Bye $40.00 skin moneyL Papago Gold Club, June 4th 2016 Playing at home again brings a ‘Happy Dance” and cash coming my way, good thing my partner William Oates putted well today, me I hit 12 fairways, 14 greens and shot 75 (how well was I putting today 30 putts, no birdies, no three putts) it was only 105 when we finished today. Course Score: 17 Subjective: Looks The NVF 440 sets up nicely with the blue topline against the white ball and green grass, it really squares up easily. I'm not crazy about the seam between the face and the crown; they could have cleaned that up a little more. The standard lie is a little upright was my initial impression, but as the club swings it shortens and flattens so at impact it all good J Looks Score: 15 Sound and Feel The driver sounds like a Persimmon Driver of old, it's more of a “Twack” or “Splank” sound (think about dropping a cantaloupe on the kitchen table) verses a ‘Tink”, “Tank”, “Poink”, “Doink” or the famous “Boink” of dropping a golfball on a beer or soda can. The driver feels very soft at impact, when hitting the rock range balls it's okay, I play a Titlist ProV-X and you can feel it come off. For giggles I had a sleeve of Noodles from some golf tournament so I wondered what it would feel like with a ‘Super Soft” golf ball. Now imagine if you can hitting a marshmallow with 105 MPH club head speed and think the ball stuck to the face then turning your head to see the ball soaring down the fairway a solid 200 yards, Ickey…. Sound and Feel Score: 17 Likelihood of Purchase If I was looking for a new driver NIKE would not be on the top of my list, growing up in Phoenix with the PING factory and fitting studio a few miles away they were my first choice. Titlist, Taylor Made then NIKE. Understanding that the new M-1 is made in the same fashion I would give it strong consideration along with the NVF 440. LOP Score: 14 Closing Observations: I didn't want to like this driver. To me NIKE was always style over substance. That changed once I hit it on the range and in play. As I mentioned earlier they could tighten up the finished product, it looks a little cheap where the crown meets the face and the weight pod could get damaged with one untimely slam to the ground. The other players I had hit the driver all liked the ball flight and performance but the feel turned them off, it doesn't bother me but I like the feel, the control and the slightly lower ball flight. Would I recommend this driver to everyone No, but if you're looking for a controlled lower ball flight that stays closer to the fairway then GIDDY UP, see your local pro get fit, get a NVF 440 and get out there. Total Score: 81 NIKE Vapor Flex 440 Download Attachment Available until Jul 15, 2016
  7. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the GolfSpy network of reviewers, it's a great honor & a little scary.. ● Handicap/average score: Current handicap is 5.3 ● Strengths of your game? My short game saves me from shooting 80, my strength is around the green (Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play and most days putting) 60 yards and in. ● Weakness of your game? The two way miss with my driver & long irons ● Typical ball flight? Depends on the day for years I played a slight fade, as I've gotten older I now try to play a small draw (how does that happen) ● Typical miss? More than likely it's right of the target ● Current comparable equipment? I'm testing the NIKE 440 Vapor Flex, my gamer is a Taylor Made R-1 ● Swing tempo? I play fast so I would estimate my swing tempo is also ● Driver swing speed? 100 MPH ● Video of swing? golf swing.MOV ● What makes you love the game? The personal responsibility of the game, you have no one to blame if you hit a bad shot and you get the credit when you hit a good one. ● How long have you been golfing? From the time I was “Knee High” to a Grass Hopper. I started playing with my father and grandfather when I was about 10 years old about 43 years ago. ● What kind of golfer are you? Focused when required (60-seconds before the shot) and relaxed and easy going when not. I enjoy the companionship, the struggle to stay within myself, the competition, the time in nature, the interaction with your playing partners, the fact that some day's golf has nothing to do with it. ● What's your story? The short version: I grew up in the building trades, my grandfather was a master carpenter and I became a plumber. With being in the trades in Arizona the day starts very early so you're done most days by 2:00-3:00 PM so I had to do something with my time. I played golf at a young age but started playing again about the age of 25 and thought I was good. When the building crash hit in 1986 I had a friend who was a teaching pro and he talked me into getting into the golf business. I started out cleaning clubs at a course in Scottsdale called Orange Tree (we wore the ugliest orange pants) working in the bag room. A year or so later I moved to another course (Lookout Mountain) then to San Marcos (I did pass my PAT, you folks in the golf business know what that is) along with the business schools then to Las Vegas C.C. I finally wound up at a golf school called Exceller Golf. My golf career ended in 1994 when the golf school closed. I started selling plumbing stuff (22-years ago) and it continues today as a Division Manager with a company called ACO Polymer Products, Inc. Now I play golf once a week, my work schedule keeps me busy (travel and office) so I don't have time to practice any more. ● What is in your bag: -Snacks, Bluetooth Receiver, Sunscreen, Bug Repellant -Nike 440 Vapor flex Driver (in the bag after 3-shots on the range) -Titleist 913 3-wood & 5-hybrid -Callaway HX-2 Tour Highbred 20 degrees -First generation Titleist AP-1 irons (5-Gap Wedge) -Ping Tour Professional 56 & 60 degree wedges -Titleist Combi-Mid cut down to 34” (cut down in 2012, way ahead of the anchor ban) it's much easier to throw now also, more aerodynamic -Titleist Pro-V1X (Red line through the Titleist logo) sorry Titleist always low numbers. I really don't have any number hang ups like some folks who only play high numbers, or never play a three, or a one for round one, two for round two, three for round three, reeeely (come on) you don't keep them that long anyway! It's not like the old balata balls that grew a beard after three well struck irons with the old square grooves (kids, go ask your mom or dad what a balata ball and square grooves were) ● How did you choose them? I play what feels good in my hands ● What region do you play out of? Desert Southwest (Arizona) ● Are you a tinkerer or a set and forget it type? With the exception of re-gripping clubs every six months I leave things as they are. Sorry if this offends anyone, it's not the arrow… golf swing.MOV
  8. Grant, Arizona Taylor Made, R-1 KuroKage by Mitsubishi 50 gram Stiff 110 MPR Swing Speed, 270 carry
  9. New Traveling Member: In the attached picture you will see a bent Stiff Arm by Club Glove, all I can say is without it my Florida Golf trip last week would have cost me more then a few lost golf balls. I travel a lot for work, rarely to I bring my clubs along. this past week I played in a Custom Homes Builders event in Orlando. My Stiff Arm saved my R-1 and maybe some other clubs. If you travel with your sticks a $30.00 could save you hundreds...
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