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  1. Yes indeed I do, in fact, I have (3) that fit that description... My 2011 Cleveland Niblick 'Hybrid Wedges'
  2. A rules change to allow 16 clubs is unlikely to happen, but if it did, I wouldn't be put off by it. I seriously doubt it would have much of an effect on scoring.at the Professional or 'Better Amateur' level anyway. As for typical 'recreational' golfers, some 'weekend players' carry more than 14 clubs now, and very few people really care. When was the last time you actually counted how many clubs were in your buddy's bag? So, as a 'recreational golfer', if you 'think' an extra club or two helps you play better, or if it just makes you 'happier', or feel more confident, then I say go for it. At the recreational level, enjoyment of the game is the paramount consideration...
  3. This latest TM Driving Iron announcement makes me feel even better about my original TM UDI's...
  4. SO, MR MILLENNIAL.. Which one is YOU jlukes!...
  5. Some of our Millennial Golfers WALK, but seldom TALK because they are too busy texting, checking facebook, or taking a selfie.. . Kind of funny when they walk into trees or fall into fairway bunkers because with their heads down, focused on a smartphone, they often don't see where they are walking!...
  6. Nope! None of those 'crack-prone' multi-material clubheads for me! I'm using a 2015 9.5* TaylorMade SLDR-C, (with 'custom' 45.5" Miyazaki Kusala Black 61s Shaft tipped 1/2"). As good as it gets!..
  7. My Driver!...Extra long off the tee today!..Guess the back was a bit looser than it's been in a while...No doubt the the Aleve I took before playing helped!...
  8. I think because there is still plenty of available land for development in Central Florida, the situation is just not the same there. The scarcity of land ;for development here is South Florida is a huge factor! Keep in mind that we are squeezed between the ocean and the everglades while facing huge population growth. The demand for affordable housing is extremely high! With play on the decline, (for multiple reasons), struggling course owners and operators are getting offers from developers that are simply too good to refuse. Of course, there is a lot of HOA and Homeowner backlash from the surrounding golf course communities, but ultimately the big money wins out!
  9. There have been quite a few courses shut down in South Florida. The hot and humid rainy season seems to get worse and last longer every year so it's becomes difficult for courses to remain financially solvent. Pressed for money, many courses have to cut back on course maintenance and the result of that is courses that go downhill fast, because neglecting proper course maintenance makes them less desirable for golfers to play during 'good weather' months, (December through April). Sadly, previous damage from past hurricanes is also still evident on many of the courses down here. The cutbacks on course maintenance leave no budget for any widespread tree restoration or replacement. The neglect makes for ugly courses and ugly courses tend to get less play and less respect by those who do play them, you often hear something like.. "Why even bother replacing divots or raking traps at this 'goat track' of a golf course with all it's fallen trees, weeds and and fire ant infestations that seem to be everywhere?". (A downward spiral indeed). I now know many avid golfers who have virtually stopped playing from May through November now, (that's 7 months out of the year). Those that do still play year-round learn they mustn play before 8am or after 4pm to have any chance of enjoying the experience. It's a very sad downward spiral! Eventually the course owners and/or operators are forced to give in to the inability to profit from their golf course operations. And if that wasn't enough, consider the fact that there is a very high demand for more available home development land in South Florida. Acquiring golf course land is the best way for a home/condo/apartment developer to acquire some desirable land for housing development. Selling a money-losing golf course property for a very attractive price to a home developer soon becomes a no-brainer. Of course it doesn't make homeowners who bought into a lovely golf community very happy when their lovely golf course views suddenly become views of new condo construction, but that's the scenario that keeps happening here in South Florida, and once golf course land is gone, you can never get it back.
  10. Clubs that are rare, custom, and unique are usually the most 'interesting', especially when they perform extremely well!... Such is the case with my TaylorMade Rescue Fairway 'Strong-3' with 42.75" Fuji Vista Pro 90 graphite shaft. (Reshafted from the original TM stock steel shaft). It's actually a combination of a hybrid and a fairway wood, which also makes it quite 'unique'. It's kind of like a Rescue-Mid Hybrid on steroids! (As you can see below, it looks like a blown up Rescue-Mid due to it's larger, Fairway Wood-sized head). I find it so very easy to hit, even from difficult lies in the rough or a fairway bunker...in fact, it just may well be the easiest-to-hit 3-Wood ever! Note: The stock Rescue Fairway 3W is shown in pic above, (not the more rare 'Strong-3', but aside from the loft variable they look the same).
  11. Here you go, but you better hurry because it's the very last 'new' 9.5* loft available... New TaylorMade SLDR C 460 Driver (9.5-) - RH- TaylorMade SLDR 57 Regular - eBay
  12. What used to be called a 2-Wood is today's Mini Driver... SLDR Mini Driver (260cc) - The new 2-Wood
  13. For those of you interested in improving your 2013-2014 SLDR Driver's Forgiveness by applying 'The SLDR Fix', I am providing some links to the supplies you may need such as the weight kit and the peel-and-stick rubber/tungsten weights. SLDR Weight Kit (ebay) US 10g Blue Golf Movable Slide Weight Replacement Set For Taylormade SLDR Driver - eBay 10g Blue Golf Weight Movable Sliding Slider For Taylormade SLDR Driver Head New - eBay Below is a link to the GolfWorks rubber/tungsten peel-and-stick weights if you choose to use that method for 'the fix'. Rubber Tungsten Swingweight Tape Golfworks #GW0054 Finally, here's another link to the instructions for 'The SLDR Fix' in case you need it. Click below and then scroll down to Post #77 for detatiled and illustrated instructions! SLDR Anonymous Meeting - Equipment - GolfWRX - Page 3
  14. These SLDR Irons are! (In a combo set with several TM UDI's) 'The Ultimate Driving Iron' Note the consistent 4* loft gaps achieved with this particular combo! #1 UDI -- (16*) #3 UDI -- (20*) #5 SLDR (24*) #6 SLDR (28*) #7 SLDR (32*) #8 SLDR (36*) Note: I use KBS C-Taper Lite 110's in both my SLDR irons and the UDI's. (It is the stock shaft in the UDI's)
  15. What's the loft? What the shaft and flex?
  16. Here are a few examples of SLDR Drivers with 'The SLDR Fix' applied! As you can see, there are several ways you can apply it, (you can use rubber/tungsten peel-and-stick weights, extra blue sliders and a toe screw, or some high density lead tape). CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW and SCROLL DOWN TO POST #77 for complete details on just HOW to apply 'the fix' and how it resolves the original (Retail) SLDR's forgiveness issues! Applicable to the original 2013-2014 SLDR Retail models only!. (Including the 430, 460, and the Silver 'S' Model). This 'Fix' is not applicable for Tour-issued SLDR's or the 2015 SLDR-C model as those drivers have different weighting schemes. SLDR Anonymous Meeting - Equipment - GolfWRX - Page 3
  17. Yes there is, and it's EASY TO FIND!.. Just click on the link below, then scroll down to Post #77 for detailed and illustrated instructions on how to apply 'The SLDR Fix'. Note: 'The SLDR Fix' applies to 'Retail only' 2013-2014 SLDR Drivers, (the 430, 460, and the Silver 'S' Model). The SLDR Fix is not applicable for any of the Tour-issued models, or the SLDR-C model, as both of those have a different type of weighting scheme. SLDR Anonymous Meeting - Equipment - GolfWRX - Page 3
  18. OK 'Mr_Theoo', (A better screen name for your 'SOUR PUSS' posting would be CeeLo Green's Cat's name, 'Miss Cleo', and it even rhymes with 'Theoo')... CLEO 'THE CAT' A DEMEANOR Not only will I 'IGNORE' your rude post above, but I'll place you on my 'IGNORE LIST' as well...and feel free to do the same for me!..I don't want to read more of your rude posts and I would be equally glad to have you stop viewing mine!... NOW LET'S GET BACK TO THE TOPIC, (THE SLDR DRIVER).. Below you'll find a LINK TO 'THE SLDR FIX'...JUST CLICK ON IT, THEN SCROLL DOWN TO POST #77 to find detailed and illustrated instructions on how to apply 'The SLDR Fix' to improve your SLDR Driver's forgiveness!.. I PROMISE that if you follow directions precisely as instructed when applying 'THE SLDR Fix', you'll be much happier with the performance of your ORIGINAL, (2013-2014 Retail), SLDR Driver afterwards!.. SLDR Anonymous Meeting - Equipment - GolfWRX - Page 3
  19. Sounds to me like you are a great candidate for 'The SLDR Fix'...(See Post #211 on the previous page (15), for a link to the full details on just why it works, and precisely how to apply it! The very common 'low hook miss' this driver is known for will be gone for good once 'the fix' is applied, and launch angle will be improved as well! The 'Fix' is simple and effective!..
  20. I knew that statement had to be an error! Thanks for making the correction to Post #221..
  21. So you're back to 'stir the pot' again as in Post #31, PMookie, (aka Kieldog)?.. NEWSFLASH: Using a different screen name won't keep you off my ignore list ...there's room there your 2nd screen name as well!..
  22. Indeed, it does work, and 'The SLDR Fix' has been applied by many people already who enjoyed great success with their original SLDR Drivers once 'the fix' was applied'. Please follow the directions precisely as instructed in the post, including the initial slider setting that is recommended there. To learn how to apply 'The SLDR Fix', just click on the link below then scroll down to Post #77. SLDR Anonymous Meeting - Equipment - GolfWRX - Page 3
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