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  1. Ric Castillo Rancho Murieta, CA Forecaddy Smart Cart I walk 2-3 times a week
  2. Ric California 1.7 HCP PXG Gen1 0311T 4-W 176 yards
  3. Ric Castillo II Rancho Murieta, CA Index 5.2 Current Irons - PXG 0311T Gen1 w/ DG X100 Iron Choice - Ping i500
  4. Ric Castillo, California Taylormade P750 4-PW Soft Stepped DG Tour Issue X100 +1" & 1* Strong Custom fit at iFit Golf (Folsom, CA) 7-iron carry distance - 176
  5. - Ric, California - TM Driving 2 iron with HZDRUS 6.5 Black. TM M2 4 23Hybrid with HZDRUS 6.5 custom fit. - Strengths of my hybrid game is hitting it high and getting it to cut. My weakness in my hybrid game is getting it to turn over and hitting it out of our CC second cut.
  6. Ric California 5.4 Hcp TM PSI 4-PW X100 Weakness: Flighting long irons and distance control.
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