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  1. Phil Sussex, NB Adams A12OS irons 3-w 4,5,6, hybrids regular shaft 7 iron 145 Would love to have these irons to improve my game along with my G30 driver and fairways
  2. This club suits my game ambitions and age. Would love to have in my arsenal to continue improvement! Phil New Brunswick Ping G30 10 degree D4 reg tour 65x shaft Swing speed 95 handicap 15 Carry 225 Can't wait for my confirmation call/email!
  3. Phil - Sussex, NB Canada Ping G30 driver Adams - Speedline 12 fairway woods Adams 12OS irons Ping Anser outter Handicap 17.5 Objective: Continue to work towards 12 handicap over next 6 months. The Cobra set would be a huge advantage in attaining that goal and playing consistent better golf.
  4. Phil New Brunswick Canada 18.0 Adams A12OS 4-PW Ping G30 driver. Irons would match up nicely!!!
  5. 12 Sussex, NB Canada 90-95 230-245 Would love to compare the F7 with my Ping G25! Perhaps you could pick a CANADIAN for a change?
  6. Phil Sellars Sussex, NB 15 handicap Strength: Middle Irons, fairway woods Weakness: 75 yards in Set: Adams A12OS wedges regular A set of these Ping wedges would complement my Ping G30 fairway woods which I love. 52,56,60 color code gold, shaft XP95, flex R300, length-1", grip 5L, Grip color code white
  7. Phil Sussex, NB Canada 14.4 Have an inexpensive wrist unit that does not have the capabilities this finder has. Would love to be able to lower my handicap even more with the increased accuracy!
  8. Phil Sellars - Sussex NB Handicap 16.5 I am currently using an Izzo wrist model that was passed on to me by a relative. Would like something that has more functions and this new product seems to fit the bill.
  9. Phil Sussex, NB Handicap 17 My Ogio bag is getting frayed and is too heavy. Something lightweight like this Sun Mountain bag would be perfect!
  10. Phil Sussex, NB Handicap 17 Would love to replace my Adams A7's with these great looking irons!
  11. Phil, NB Canada Ping G25 8.5 regular Handicap 21 95 mph Looking for an equal or better to my current equipment. Love Callaway 60 degree black wedge in my bag!!!
  12. Sussex, NB Canada Ping G25 8.5 Speed 95 Ping retail shaft regular Adams Blue 3 wood regular
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