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  1. I am authorized 7000 pounds of weight on my return shipment back to the states, but that isn't until 2018. Since there is a post office here on post, I could probably get 4-6 dozen into a medium flat rate box. I might have to go to Costco this Friday and see if they have any.
  2. I am on a second tour to South Korea and am able to play a bit more golf than I did on my first tour. There is a new course being built on Camp Humphreys that is going to be a bit challenging. It is being built on old swamp land, and will have a lot more water than most other courses on the peninsula. I am amazed at how much the Koreans love their golf. Even though I have a 9 hole course on the base that I am stationed, it will be nice to get out onto a longer and tougher course once in a while. Hopefully it will be completed and opened for play before the end of Summer.
  3. I am currently stationed in South Korea and didn't have a problem finding these golf balls. I gave them a try, and they were very firm. I kind of got used to the Callaway Chrome Soft. I also noticed that his ball didn't spin as well on green side shots. I will be sure to hit the local Costco and see if the new balls are better or worse than the original. Considering that these balls are most likely being made by a plant here in South Korea, I don't think I will have a problem finding them when they are reintroduced.
  4. I won this shaft in a giveaway on another website during a Masters giveaway. This is one of only a handful of shafts painted like this. I liked the look of the shaft and had it equipped with a Titleist 913/915/917 tip in the A1 position. After giving it a try during two rounds, it just isn't for me. It is in perfect shape. Weight is 75g, and is X-stiff flex. This is the green version, which is categorized a low launch and low spin. Asking $175 $125shipped OBO. I just want this to go to somebody who will use it. Would consider a trade for an Aldila Rogue MSI 125 or 110 in 70
  5. Jim Camp Walker, South Korea (US Army post that has US Post Office) Strength: trajectory control, and distance control Weakness: spin control (too much spin on occasion), digging into the turf. The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game 50*/SS 54*/SS 58*/SS All Shafted with DG X100. Gripped with Ping 5L in gold color code
  6. James Georgia SS 115 mph Avg Titleist 913D3 9.5* Diamana Ahina 70x stock tipping Thanks for the opportunity MGS
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