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  1. Dave Quebec City Canada Odyssey Lucky 777 crank hosel Definitely a strength. Good luck everyone!
  2. Dave Quebec City, Canada Handicap: 5 CUrrent set is Adams MB2's w/ KBS tour stiff I'm intrigued by the I210's.... never been a PING guy but I'd certainly put these thru their paces! Good luck to all!
  3. I don't always throw my name into these contests because I'd really only want to test something I'd think about buying anyways.... And I'd buy these. Dave, Quebec City Canada, age 40. Handicap is 5. Currently playing Adams MB2 tour issued black heads in KBS tour shafts. Set is 4-GW. Ive owned 6 different sets of Hogan blades over the years; and these look just as good as any of the old classics. Would love to have a chance to thoroughly review a set. Good luck to all! Dave
  4. Quebec City Dave Adams mb2 stiff kbs tour black 7 iron 155 6 hdcp Great opportunity! Good luck to all.
  5. Great giveaway! Dave, Québec City Currently gaming a 2016 M2 9.5 w/ accra tour z stiff 75 Cap is 6.8 I play 3-4 times a week and could provide thorough reviews. The model that looks right to me would be the 9.5 in stiff flex. Its a beautiful looking club for sure. Bon chance to all!
  6. Tier 1: Rory McLroy Tier 2: Stenson Tier 3: Hadwin Tier 4: Kizzire Tier 5: Ross Fisher Winning Score: -13 Low AM: +6 Awesome contest!
  7. Well this is a doozy of a contest! Dave, located in Quebec City, Quebec. Member at a club and play 3-5 times a week. Current handicap is 5. Usually log about 90-100 rounds a year. Current set makeup is as follows. Taylormade M2 (2016) 8.5* w/ accra z stiff Taylormade M2 (2016) 4 wood w/ matrix HD10 Taylormade Aeroburner 5 HL (21*) w/ matrix black tie Cobra Fly Z pro combo 5-pw w/ S300 Cally MD3 50-56-60 Lucky 777 Odyssey 7 Goals for 2018 would be to improve my iron play especially, but also looking for better results in my 80-30 yard shots. Im a very consistient driver of the ball but can always be better. The chance to play a full set and use the Arccos system for an entire season to see real data would be amazing, and i would certainly do whatever was asked of me in terms of updates and data sharing..... I mean who wouldn't! Great opportunity for sure. Good luck to all!
  8. 1. Dave, Québec City, Canada ​2. Your current gamer: Odyssey lucky 7 3. Custom fit - yes 4. Preferred putter - Queen B 9 This is my first season in 10 years wherein haven't gamed a betti exclusively. This could get me to switch back!
  9. Dave Quebec City, Quebec 5.6 Cobra Amp Pro I really dig the 900pros, and since I play a lot of golf I'd be happy to post a through review. Great opportunity for sure! Good luck to all!
  10. Dave Quebec City Bettinardi JAM LN Huntington Beach 6C looks awesome to me! Great opportunity MGS! Thanks!
  11. State or Province: Quebec, Canada Driver Swing Speed: 108mph Typical Ball Flight: high Current Driver/Shaft Combo: M2 9.5 set to 7.5, Matrix 6Q3 at 46.5" Were you professionally fit: No I've been playing matrix shafts for over 10 years, still have a black tie HD10 Fw shaft that finds its way back to the bag all the time! Would love to try a white tie in a flex between s - x or a stiff Black tie to get my trajectory down a bit. Thanks MGS and Matrix. Superb opportunity for some lucky Golfers!
  12. Dave Quebec City Short game is pretty strong, could be better from the sand. Specs... 50SS 56ES 60TS Wedges look great, a nice offering from ping that would have me considering them even if I don't win a set!
  13. Dave Quebec City Hdcp: 4.8 Play 5-6 days a week and would definitely put these through their paces. My first 5 sets of irons were all hogans back in the day... Would love to see how the brand has changed since their long hiatus. Since my course is windy, the low/mid trajectory profile would suit me. It is cool that they have designed sets to suit the individual preferences for trajectory... Something I consider to be exceptionally important to lower scores. Good luck everyone!
  14. Dave, Quebec City, Canada 105 MPH, X stiff Kiyoshi purple, Adams XTD head. Thanks for the opportunity to both Mizuno a MGS!
  15. Dave, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Current Setup: Adams XTD 9* set to 7.5*, Oban Kiyoshi Purple 75 05(x), 46.5". SS: 115mph, Carry Distance 270 average, 4.5 HDCP. Never been a Nike guy, but this one seems pretty cool. Since I'll be playing every day this season, if be sure to put it thru it's paces if selected. Thanks for the opportunity. D
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