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  1. All time fav was the real deal Fuji 757 Speeder that TM matched with the R510 TP. Heavy, low torque, low spin.
  2. Played with Lamkin Tour full cord for years, then switched over to the GP Tour Wrap (liked the tackiness). Recently I purchased a used Mizuno Type ll driver and it came with an Elite grip. Similar to Iomic in terms of tackiness but firmer. Liked it so much, I purchased 2 dozen. Unfortunately I had to import them from Japan (couldn’t find a dealer in North America). A bit pricey like Iomic, but I think they were worth it. They come ribbed and non ribbed.
  3. Looking to have a couple of older putter heads refinished (carbon and s/s). Anyone have experiences or suggestions on reputable companies out there? Thx much.
  4. Would love to see Mizuno up their game, but I suspect Cobra will continue to set the bar in terms of highest ball speed.
  5. Don’t forget about the big plate of “crow” Bryson ate last week with a Keopka cupcake for desert.
  6. Your wife is truly an incredible and understanding person. May she be a true inspiration to all wives out there. Best of luck with your search for the perfect driver. ️
  7. Keep practicing my friend and go dig it out of the dirt. Stay positive and you will see positive results. ️
  8. Why do people seem to think TW invented the stinger? Let’s go way back to the Jones, Hogan, Nelson era. Or perhaps most players from Texas in general. They knew how the play in the wind, ala stinger. TW simply put the stinger in his bag because like the classic players, they had that shot when needed. Leave the 4 iron as is. Grip down 1/2 - 1” and swing away.
  9. Good advice. Leave as is and simply grip down 1/2””. No brainer.
  10. Holy putter Batman. The Byron looks sweet, love the Laguna profile look. Cheers.
  11. Would be interested to hear a name if he claims to have worked with Hogan. Most of the people who did have since passed.
  12. Michael. Ontario, Can. RH - yes. 1st choice - VKTR hybrid reg flex. 2nd choice - GS53 fairway week reg flex. currently play a 21* hybrid.
  13. Mike, Ontario, Canada current putter - Hogan BHB01 putter of interest - Tyne 3, would like to try something with more MOI.
  14. Mike, Ontario Canada. never used a GPS device. current method - the old fashioned way, yardage markers.
  15. Couldn’t agree more. Shame Lamkin stopped producing them and only Undersized and Oversized avail on EBay.
  16. Always been a Lamkin fan. iline was the closest thing to an Iomic grip without paying the premium price. Not saying Iomic isn’t worth the money, buy dang the iline was a great grip. Just a bit firmer than an Iomic but still has that certain level of tackiness that Iomic is famous for. All time fav is Lamkins Tour Cord. Hogan clubs came gripped from the factory with them and always remember that feeling. Stay safe and healthy , MrHogan
  17. Hey all fellow equipment junkies. I need help locating a forged blade style putter like a Tommy Armour Iron Master, Wilson 8802. My son was unfortunately inflicted with lefties syndrome and has become obsessed with finding a forged blade style putter. Plenty of righties available and so very few lefties out their in EBay land. Anyone know of a company or supplier out there producing this style putter either just the head or assembled? On the positive side, because he a lefty I don’t have to worry about him demoing my right handed clubs. Stay safe and healthy MrHogan
  18. Best part of my game will be my appreciation for the things i have in life. Getting a bit emotional here and by that I mean, my patience will be better and I think I will become more appreciative of what I have. Missed putts, strayed drives, bad lies and poor weather will no longer be something that will dwell on. I will definitely take the time to appreciate my family more, playing partners and stop periodically to smell the roses. I really believe my game will improve with a clearer mind. With cabin fever setting in, I think my putting will be the best part of game. May have to bring the mower inside to level out my downstairs carpet because I’m grooving a runway from putting practice. Stay safe and healthy everyone. MrHogan
  19. Mike Ontario hdcp 11 Hogan TK 15 irons 7i. 148
  20. Mike Ont, Canada hdcp 11 Shut the front door, this is exactly what I've been looking for. I've used everything from 2x4's to mirrors to buying a new putter to try to improve. Case in point, I've bought a new Hogan putter. Love the idea and concept of a this device, and the best part is, it looks like it would make practice fun. And being from the Great White North also means I can practice all year round.
  21. Mike Ontario, Can Hcp 10 Current irons- Hogan FT Worth 15 Mamiya Recoil F3 Ping choice - i500
  22. Michael/Ont Ping G400 LST/Veylix Alpina 573 reg SP 90/hcp 11 Pref loft 12.5/shaft Tensei Org.
  23. Michael Ontario Current wedges - Hogan TK. 15 Strengths - full & 3/4 shots Weakness - sand, knock down partial shots Hdcp - 11
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