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  1. Tim, Glad to hear Wayland is doing well, Here's to a speedy recovery, Hope everyone is ok, talk soon Regards Mark
  2. Got to be honest, until i see one in the flesh i'll withhold judgement
  3. I have allways found these guy's to be good and they will match any price on TSG http://www.progolfjapan.com but if you are looking for the best japanese Forged club's look no further than Scratch Golf great deal's on the wedges at the moment, custom stamping, Custom finish, Custom ferrule, built to your spec's the right grind's to get the best out of your wedge play, drop Ari an email and you won't regret it.
  4. I have become Good Friend's with Tim and can honestly say that he is a great guy and kudos to him for this Thread, I was also a Dealer for Scratch Golf product in the UK and As a product rank it up there with the best, if not the best, Ari is a Top Guy to deal with and considering he is a CEO Of a fast growing US Golf Equipment Company, He is allways available to talk to, Answer queries and his Input into all the Golf Forum's is second to none ( it's a wonder he get's any sleep) I don't know this Chris guy from TSG, But he as obviously targeted the US Market with Japanese only product, selling Gold's factory putters at Scotty Circle T prices ( any Tour pro's using Gold's Factory) I personally Know of a couple of European/Challenge Tour Player's using Scratch Wedges and they love them, they don't get paid to use them, That say's it all really. Whilst Ari is Bringing much needed job's and Support to the US economy, I can't say that this Chris guy is doing the same, Well Done Ari and may your Success long continue, here's wishing Scratch Golf,Ryan and Christie all the very best for 2010.
  5. what did you fall asleep? LOL

  6. Tim Great Bag, get them cally's shafted up, oh and them TM TP "B" Heads, hahahaha you are a serial HO
  7. Hello my Welsh com padre' Muy Bein, timatao

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