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  1. Woulf love to try the new Precision Pro rangefinder especially as how I just kost my rangefinder last evening during league play at my regular course. I am currently sporting a 12.2 index in the state of Idaho. I play regularly (usually 3-4 times weekly) and work as the sitting starter and marshall at my home course. Lots of time spent involved with golf one way or another. The old range finder was a White Hot laser. You can contact me thru my member number (61007). Thanks for any oppurtunity to be of service. Harry Woodruff
  2. Living in the Pacific Northwest and would love to try the Snell in our cool spring climate. Still looking for the perfect ball for those wet and cold Idaho mornings. Swing speed is 85-90 and handicap index is currently 12.2. Thanks for any consideration!
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