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  1. Mike Leon 20 handicap Lake Kiowa, TX Now that I am retired I am just returning to the game after a 12 year layoff. I currently have no shot tracking system. Trying to learn a new set of clubs plus not being consistent right now would make this device a godsend for me.
  2. Mike Texas Currently have a Garmin wristwatch type rangefinder which works fairly well on the course. However I am trying to learn the distances that I am hitting a new set of clubs and the Garmin is useless on the driving range. I need a rangefinder which will let me see how far I am hitting each club. At my age I have lost a lot of my depth perception so I am very dependent on knowing how far I hit clubs. :-)
  3. Mike / Lake Kiowa, TX / 20 What a fantastic opportunity! I would be thrilled to take whatever clubs that Srixon deemed best for me.
  4. Mike Lake Kiowa, TX Callaway X Series 1' over, 2 degree upright, oversized grips, regular graphite shafts. 20 handicap. I am retired and could really give these clubs a test.
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