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  1. I would love to test these irons. I'm retired, so I'll have lots of time to test and write a comprehensive review. thank you. John D., Pahrump, NV I play at Mountain Falls golf club, the jewel of the desert! 16 handicap - almost fully recovered from a torn meniscus. either one length or variable, as I'm flexible here. I tried the one length Tommy Armour's back in the late '70s and really liked them, but switched back variables in the mid '80's. right handed Thanks guys and gals!
  2. I would love to do a very thorough test on these clubs. I'm retired, so I have lots of time to compare and review these bad boys! My handicap is high this year due to a torn meniscus last Thanksgiving, but it's finally healed enough to let me get out and play 2 or 3 times a week. John Pahrump, NV 16 Callaway irons
  3. Handicap - 12 Swing speed - mid 80's Carry distance - 200-230 Preference - F7 Location - Pahrump, NV
  4. John (pictured with drinking buddies, er, I mean golfing buddies, I'm the one on the right) Pahrump, NV Strength - Course management and drinking beer while driving the cart. Weakness - Consistency and drinking beer while driving the cart. Wedge specs - 52/ss, 56/ss, 60/ss Grips - 5L Orange Shafts - CFS Graphite r70 Length - standard
  5. John Parhump, NV in-cart GPS - only shows middle of the green distance. , where I play year round. Also play a lot in Las Vegas.
  6. Hi guys, I'm John Deahl, from Pahrump, NV, with a handicap of 18, and I think the Pro fitting experiance would be GREAT for my game. I currently have Callaway x-series N415 irons, 2 Cleveland wedges, and an old but true putter. But, I would love to have your entire line of new Z65 driver/FW/hybrids/irons, including the RTX wedges and the Huntington Beach putter!!! Please select me!!!!!.
  7. John Pahrump, NV 15 handicap Cleveland wedges - 56 and 60 degrees, that are so well used the grooves are almost gone. Would love to try a new set to see if they are as good as the old ones.
  8. John D Pahrump, NV 14 I play a couple times a week, here and in Las Vegas. A rangefinder would help.
  9. John, Pahrump, NV 18 handicap I hope this tool will help me have a more even impact on my long irons and give me a little more distance on all my shots.
  10. Hi, I'm John, currently living in Pahrump, Nevada, USA, close to Las Vegas. Playing Ping Eye 2, regular shaft. Handicap is 18
  11. hi, I'm John, and I live in Pahrump, NV. I use ping eye 2 irons, calaway driver, ping putter, all regular shaft. My handicap is 18.
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