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  1. Jimmie/Walters, OK 440 CC preferred 100 MPH swing speed
  2. Jimmie/Oklahoma +3.3 I have never but need help. Averaging over 31 putts/round and strokes gained putting is embarrassing.
  3. Your first name: Jimmie - State/Province/Country: Oklahoma, USA - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup: Titleist AP3, AMT, Stiff - Your 7-iron distance: 170 yds
  4. First name/home state or province: Jimmie/Oklahoma Current driver/shaft combo: Callaway Epic SubZero/Project X Hazardous Yellow Swing speed/handicap: 102-104/+4.2 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft: 9.5/MCA Tensie Blue
  5. Jimmie, Oklahoma Callaway Great Big Bertha, Speeder 665 Stiff 102-4 MPH, 265 yards Facebook: Jimmie Dedmon Android
  6. Second, in this thread, leave a comment providing the following information: Your Handicap: +1.4 Your State/Province: OK Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance: 103 mph & 260 yards Your Preference (F7 or F7+): F7
  7. Jimmie Walters, OK Strength: Touch on chip/pitch shots weakness: Lack of spin and inconsistent on 85-120 yard shots Wedges Glide 2.0â„¢ [52/SS, 56/WS, 60/WS]
  8. Jimmie, Oklahoma Callaway Great Big Bertha, Fujikara Motore Speeder 665 Stiff Shaft 102 MPH 250-255 yards
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