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    mscall got a reaction from Woody83 in 2023 MGS Forum Test: Titleist T Series Irons   
    The T series looks amazing and the older versions were what I was looking at when I purchased my Mp-20 Irons SEL.
    1.  My dream specs as shown below would actually be a mixed set. I would want the T150 irons from wedge to 5 iron-GW. I would want my 4 and 3 iron I would actually like the T200. Finally the  U505 1 iron (and maybe 2 iron). If I was unable to mix the set I would go all T150 in the spec below from 3-GW. The reason I say this is that my current set of MP20 SEL are pure blades from PW to 5 iron. I hit them well but they are for sure not forgiving. Because of this like the idea of the T150 being slightly more forgiving then a true blade not not unworkable like the some of the game improvement irons. I would be scared to do the T200 in scoring irons as I saw a great dispersion in distance with hot clubs like my 2017 Callaway GBB OS irons. The MP20 HMB 4 and 3 irons are easy to hit and more forgiving which is why I like them at the top of the bag and would like the t200 at the top of the bag. Having the game imporement with the longer irons helps ensure that those longer shots are still good when you do not have a pure strike. Same reasoning for the U505 1/2 irons, the more forgiving shot you can have on a longer shot the better. I have a U510 1 iron which is also super forgiving and I would love to see the difference between the U510 and the U505.

    2. Preferred utility and specs from titleist.com. 

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    mscall reacted to GolfSpy_APH in Full Bag Reviews: Cobra Connect 5   
    mims are available LH, it was only on release they were RH only! Since the copper release they are now available LH for both.

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