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  1. Kurt, Florida Calaway Epic Sub Zero, Paderson KG860–D40 115–120, 8 9.5 degree, CK Tensei White X-Stiff Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. Kurt, 32 Miami, FL A heelie push-cut with my driver. Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. Kurt—Florida Epic Sub Zero Paderson KG860–D40 118 mph; 285 Twitter—KVHTheRed Instagram—KVH616 iPhone Thanks to Cobra and MGS for the opportunity.
  4. Kurt 8.7 Florida GPS: Golf Pad App on my phone. Tracking System: I have never used one. Thank you for the opportunity.
  5. 8.7 Florida SS 115; Carry 280 F7+ Thanks for the opportunity.
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