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  1. 1. Pick the winner and final score Denver Broncos win 40-17 2. Tie breaker #1: SB50 MVP Peyton Manning 3. Tie breaker #2: TD passes for the winning QB 3 TD's
  2. Ray Alabama T.P. Mills #12 (David Mills handmade custom) Appreciate the opportunity to potentially compare/contrast the Carbon Ringo 1/4 to my all time favorite designed putter. Thanks
  3. I received mine a few days ago. Played one today for a few holes. It is definitely a premium ball. Unbelievable on putts regarding holding line on breaks. Its soft, not mushy (I use milled stainless steel face ANSER types). I loved the short flop shots with it, checked about like a PRO V1, maybe like NXT TOUR S. I compared it today to Bridgestone 330 RX and Nike 2011xi. I would take this prototype on putting all day over the other two, its still too early to make the call on chipping, pitching and flop shots. Plan to evaluate mid iron/hybrid shots in next few days, then fairway woods/driver ne
  4. Have you sold this yet? Do you accept paypal?
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