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  1. Similar story to many listed above - I went to graphite shafts in irons not expecting to necessarily improve my game, but due to wrist issues. I've been using graphite for over 2 years now (and through 2 sets of irons), and my wrist issues have disappeared! During my last fitting I tested the 3 shafts listed and a KBS graphite shaft in TM irons. The Recoil 660 was my shaft in my last set of irons, and I loved them, so wanted to try them in the new irons during the fitting. I did not like the Steelfiber or the KBS at all - for me, I couldn't get a decent launch angle, and both dispersion and distance were poor. There was no feel for me - it always felt like a mishit, even when it was dead center. The Recoil felt good, ball flight was similar to my old irons with a little added length. The fitter then put in this wondrous shaft called the MMT that I had not even heard of until then. The feel was incredible - I could tell exactly where I hit on the face and the club just felt smooth throughout the swing with a butter strike. More importantly, my dispersion tightened up considerably and I gained 7-10 yards per club. My ball flight gained a little height as well, so I find that not only do I hit it longer, but I have more stopping power on the greens. I think the Recoil is the best looking of the four, but for me the MMT was by far the best performing. I also ordered my wedges with the same shaft, and I love them!
  2. I ordered Sim Max 2 irons on 8/15/2021 with the Mitsubishi shafts. At first, I was told a month, then shipping date got changed to 11/20/2021, then 12/22/2021. I just checked and it now shows 2/4/2022! What concerns me is that as the 12/22 date was approaching (same for 11/20), the components backordered slowly went away as expected (as things came in stock). On Friday, it showed my order was only waiting on 2 shafts. Fast forward to Sunday - a weekend and only 2 days later - and suddenly I need 4 shafts and 2 heads and the new date is 2/4/2022. I know they have heads as you can order a stock shaft and get your clubs in a month (I know some friends that have). I would expect that once they get heads for a given order, it should NEVER change to a backorder status on that component. I feel that TM thinks they have me locked in, and are selling the components they do have to new orders that they can fully fulfill. Bad way to run a business. I'm now looking at 6 months since they took my $$. This is my first TM order, probably my last, and I'm considering cancelling and going with another brand at this point. I would rather they tell me they can't deliver than to keep stringing me along.
  3. First name: LeRoy Home state/province/country: Georgia, US Current iron set, shaft flex: Cobra Amp Forged, Graphite Regular Current handicap: 7 I have always owned Cobra equipment - love it! I had the Cobra Amp Cells, then tried hitting the Amp Forged and fell in love! Better feel, better distance, and my handicap went down by over 3 points!
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