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  1. Here are some pics of the progress and final product. The first pics are after hand sanding the dings out as much as possible. All in all I'm pleased with it for the first try. Will try to give the blackening another round. RB, did you do the suggested 50/50 prep of water and muriatic acid? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. 1. Adrian / Miami, Florida 2. HDCP: 8.2 3. Cobra Fly Z+ 11 Degree Setting with Matrix Red Tie X-Stiff 4. 106 MPH 255 yds Carry 5. Jim Furyk / Morgan Pressel
  3. Ahhh sounds goo RB.....sent you a PM with a link to the product I found. Can you confirm that is it? The more rounds in the ziplock I do will get it darker but will it stay with a matte finish or is there a chance it gets glossy? Thanks for the help guys, I will post pics of the work i have done on it so far hand sanding. Thanks!
  4. Ok so no paint, but what if I F'up the caswell blackening. Can that come off easy? I was thinking a matte black finish with orange lettering. caswell still the best way?
  5. Hey guys, refinishing a Scotty Stainless. Sanded down all knicks and its looking really nice. Question for the group is what is the best way to go about painting it matte black? I look forward to your suggestions and or tips. Thanks. Adrian
  6. Adrian B. Miami, Florida 8 HDCP (6-7 rounds per month, range sesh every week) Cobra AMP Forged One Length (want to see if they increase my GIR)
  7. Adrian Miami Lakes, FL Creative shot maker who likes to fly balls to hole and stop with plenty of spin. Strength is wedge game from 100 and in with many club combinations of swing tempo, open face and choking up. I would like the 52 ES, 56 SS and 60 WS set with 12 degrees of bounce on 56 and 8 and the 52 and 60.
  8. Adrian Baste / Miami, Florida / USA HDCP: 9 Accros 360 / Microsoft Band (Taylormade my round pro)
  9. The average number of rounds you play annually = 100 rounds a year Your current handicap = 8.3 Your Current Putter = Nike Method Core MC01
  10. Adrian Baste - Miami, Fl - 8 Handicap Srixon ZR-30 Driver 10* stiff Srixon Z F65 Fairway 15* 3 wood stiff Srixon Z 945 Irons 3-9 stiff Cleveland 588 RTX CB (48-8 2-Dot, 52-10 2-Dot) Cleveland 588 CG 16 (56-12, 60-10) Cleveland TFI 2135 8.0
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