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  1. tribota

    JPX 921's

    Just saw the WITB for Paul Casey: 3 & 4 iron in the HMP. Interesting. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Congrats! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Tim, Roseville iOS 14 (iPhone 11 Pro) Outdoors No.
  4. Tim/Roseville, CA No, never used a hitting net for golf. Don’t own a LM, (yet). Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. tribota

    JPX 921's

    Ditto! Tim Miz MP-32’s DGS300 Miz MP 52, 56 Wilson FG 62 Callaway 2H tipped stiff Miz F-15 3w 13.5 deg. Exsar stiff Cobra F6+, Matriz Ozik Xstiff TM SLDR FUJI speeder TS
  6. tribota

    JPX 921's

    Okay, I feel compelled to update, as my giddiness from the 921 HMPs is ridiculous (cue inner child giggles). As stated earlier, I’ve played “players” clubs for years and wanted/needed to get some distance back. Well, distance is not a worry any longer. These are hot. Yet, I don’t feel like anything is extraordinarily extreme in feel, sound, or ball flight. I do feel a slight “trampoline” effect, but it’s negligible and was easy to get used to. Look, center hits on most clubs feel sweet anyhow, so that’s not something I feel is a major issue. As said before, I wasn’t looking for forgivene
  7. tribota

    Srixon Sale

    Love that deal!! The value is there. Been playing with the Z-Star XVs since March. Enjoy them a lot. Spin well on wedges/approach shots, and is long enough on the driver. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. tribota

    JPX 921's

    Just finished my first round with the JPX 921 HMP. Enjoyed getting some distance back, and was able to get a feel for the ball flight on a course. I picked them up last Friday and hit 25 balls at the range. However, I was hitting off mats into a 15 mph headwind, so not much to consider other than feel (with range balls). Today, they felt solid. They flew really straight. Really straight. I picked up a lot of the distance I've lost this year. I was able to hit the ball, for the most part, where I wanted. I typically play 2 deg flat on Mizs, so a pulls were attributed to "toe up" strikes.
  9. Tim, Roseville, I don’t Narrow, boring, unrealistic rolls Medium
  10. Tim, Roseville, CA. USA Taylormade Spider X copper I’d be interested in the Tyne 3. I moved to the Spider X a few months ago and my long putts are significantly more stable; hence, more “on-line” and better distance control . I’d like to try the Tyne 3 for the same reasons. I putted with it at a local shop and was really impressed with the stability on 15 footers.
  11. Tim, Roseville, CA 8.2 Combo: Wilson FG-V6, C300 forged
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